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Junípero Serra kindle Ë Indians and the Transformation of a Missionary Download È Join or create book clubs Í ➵ [Reading] ➷ Junípero Serra: California, Indians, and the Transformation of a Missionary (Volume 3) (Before Gold: California under Of Serras letters and sermons which allows his voice to be heard in adirect and engaging fashion Serra spent thirty four years as a missionary to Indians in Mexico and California He believed that paternalistic religious rule offered Indians a better life than their oppressive exploitation by colonial soldiers and settlers which he deemed the only realistic alternative available to them at that time and place Serras unswerving commitment to his vision embroiled him in freuent conflicts with Californias governors soldiers native peoples and even his fellow missionaries Yet because he prevailed often enough he was able to place his uniue stamp on the first years of I found this book a good insight into person of Junipero Serra Much of the book was a compilation of letters written by Father Serra to his superiors and government officials In his own words it was clear that Serra held the interests of Native Americans as he saw them of highest importance The book reveals that Serra was almost obsessed certainly driven by the desire to spread missions throughout Alta California in as many numbers as he could convince the authorities were feasible I found it interesting how he along with Spanish authorities believed that the Native Americans would one day become loyal Spanish subjects on eual footing with settlers from outside the area He saw saving their souls and teaching them skills brought to them from Spain as promoting their general welfare Protecting them from settlers and soldiers was his primary concernPeople interested in learning about early California history would gain a wide perspective by reading this book

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Franciscan missionary friar Junpero Serra 17131784 one of the most widely known and influential inhabitants of early California embodied many of the ideas and practices that animated the Spanish presence in the Americas In this definitive biography translators and historians Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M Senkewicz bring this complex figure to life and illuminate the Spanish period of California and the American Southwest In Junpero Serra California Indians and the Transformation of a Missionary Beebe and Senkewicz focus on Serras religious identity and his relations with Native peoples They intersperse their narrative with new and accessible translations of many I knew little of Fr Serra and the little I did know was of the controversies surrounding his life and ministry in the context of his impending canonization I do know a fair bit about missiology the study of mission This book has drawbacks but I think it is an absolutely penetrating study of the ambiguity of mission done in the shadow of the colonial project Christianity has already been in Mexico for than two hundred years when Junipero Serra arrives so he is participating in an ongoing work and in the second half of his life in Spanish North America he is one of the pioneers of Franciscan Catholic missions in what would become Arizona New Mexico and the center of his life CaliforniaHis personal sanctity and honesty come through clearly But his conscious participation in the Spanish Colonial project is just as clear Spanish culture and Catholicism were interchangeable even if there were massive conflicts between the civil and religious departments Serra is shown as a proponent of the goal of making Christian Indians into Spaniards who would be reliable sources of labor for Spanish ranchers farmers and other businesses But it is also clear that he really believed he was there to save souls from hell He had the misfortune to work alongside colonial administrators whom one can only call small minded and cover their butt bureaucratsThe core of the book are the letters that Serra writes to three groups of people his Franciscan and ecclesiastical superiors and confreres; administrators in California and in Mexico; and to family and friends in Majorca and elsewhere The authors have an annoying habit of introducing the material in the letters by summarizing them instead of placing them succinctly in the context of unfolding events They do so with uotations from the letters and other documents themselves which means you are reading the same things much than necessary They also repeat themselves I think a good editing could have made it a better book But I also think you will go far and wide and never find a book so interesting and so filled with multi layered content

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Junípero Serra California Indians and the Transformation of a Missionary Volume 3 Before Gold California under Spain and Mexico SeriesCalifornias history Beebe and Senkewicz interpret Junpero Serra neither as a saint nor as the personification of the Black Legend They recount his life from his birth in a small farming village on Mallorca They detail his experiences in central Mexico and Baja California as well as the tumultuous fifteen years he spent as founder of the California missions Serras Franciscan ideals are analyzed in their eighteenth century context which allows readers to understandfully the differences and similarities between his world and ours Combining history culture and linguistics this new study conveys the power and nuance of Serras voice and ultimately his impact on history Thr intention of the authors was to present Junipero Serra as a man above all They used his letters and sermons as the means to convey his feelings and thoughts throughout his life As such the reader has a remarkable collection of primary documents to judge by him or herself the source of the missionary's activities and his viewpoint on the people and circumstances he met on his religious career The authors provide an even handed judgment of this historical figure This is an engaging read for those who want a historical approach to a man who has become controversial despite the fact that he never intended to be so Recommendef for general readership