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A Kiss for Little Bear Download ☆ 102 ☆ ❅ [KINDLE] ✾ A Kiss for Little Bear By Else Holmelund Minarik ➞ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Little Bear is so pleased with the picture he has drawn that he asks Hen to take it to his grandmother Grandmother is so happy with it that she sends him back a thank you kissHow the Little Bear is so pleased for Little eBook #8608 with the picture he has drawn that he asks Hen to take it to his grandmother Grandmother is so happy with it that she sends him back a thank you kissHow the kiss is passed from Grandmother to Hen. Love this book I hadn't read any of the Little Bear books in ages maybe since I was a kid but now I want to read the entire series I just loved the fun the humor the easy flow of the story and the beautiful illustrations that are at once so accurate in portraying animals looking like real animals yet also with the most telling expressions Oh gosh The exasperated expressions on the animals just cracked me up This is at once a very sweet very funny story that can be appreciated on many levels I think children will enjoy seeing how the traveling kiss unfolds and parents will have an extra knowing nod to other aspects like the speedy romance and the interesting illustration Bear draws for his grandmother ; No wonder the Little Bear series is a classic Highly recommended

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To Cat to Little Skunk to a pretty girl skunk and back to Little Skunk and how eventually it comes again to Hen and finally to Little Bear will delight children just learning to readElse Holmelund Minarik and A Kiss PDF Maurice Sendak the creato. First published in 1968 this fifth and final early reader devoted to the childhood adventures of Little Bear opens as its eponymous ursine hero is painting a picture one depicting a monster who looks uite a bit like one of the Wild Things from illustrator Maurice Sendak's own classic picture book Where the Wild Things Are for his grandmother Giving the painting into the keeping of his friend Hen Little Bear asks her to take it to Grandmother Bear which she faithfully does receiving a kiss for Little Bear in return Slightly less faithful in this second delivery Hen gives the kiss to Frog who in turn gives it to Cat setting off a chain that eventually leads back to Little BearUnlike the four previous books in this series Little Bear Father Bear Comes Home Little Bear's Friend and Little Bear's Visit which each contained four brief stories or chapters A Kiss for Little Bear contains one single story It is a sweet tale highlighting the love between grandson and grandmother and concluding with an amusing wedding that is brought about by the passing of Little Bear's kiss Sendak's artwork here is top notch with many little expressive details I loved some of the facial expressions from Hen's much put upon disgruntlement at being made a messenger to Skunk's outraged visage when confronted with Little Bear kissing his bride All in all another lovely Little Bear book one I would recommend to all beginning readers as well as to fans of Maurice Sendak's work

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A Kiss for Little BearRs of the first Little Bear book for beginning readers once again blend their extraordinary talents in a tender story filled with warmth and laughterThis beloved classic is an ALA Notable Children's Book and a New York Times Best Illustrated Boo. Reading with my nephew again Of course he loved it