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Download Falling for the Ghost of You ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ã ❰EPUB❯ ✹ Falling for the Ghost of You Author Nicole Christie – Seventeen year old Violet Mercer returns home from her summer vacation in Hawaii to discover her boyfriend's cheating on her with aEnough to tear them apart if Violet ever discovered the truth about him Her suspicions keep her from trusting him completely She's been burned before is she willing to take that risk againAs she and Zane spend time together Violet realizes it's too late she's fallen for the beautiful boy with the big secret Will she get her heart broken twice in one year or will her love survive the truthFor readers seventeen and older due to sexual situations and langua. Falling for the Ghost of You tells us the story of Violet Zane Violet's mother is about to marry Zane's fatherViolet is just back from her summer vacation and she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her so she's sad and depressed when she meets Zane for the first time but the she talks to him the she realizes she doesn't miss her cheating ex anyWhy didn't this work for me you say It wasn't the writing or the plot per se but the sweetness of the story I loved some parts like the pool scene but once they got together I was bored and rolled my eyes so much it hurt I was about to DNF but this one was recommended by friends I really trust so I kept reading and around 7080% something happened that made it even worse for me unfortunatelyDO NOT OPEN THE SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKview spoiler So he is her favorite singer and she didn't recognize him in months COME ON How can I buy it SHAKES HEAD hide spoiler

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Seventeen year old Violet Mercer returns home from the Ghost Kindle #210 her summer vacation in Hawaii to discover Falling for Kindle her boyfriend's cheating on her with a friend As if that wasn't bad enough her mother's for the Ghost PDF #186 marrying a man she just metThings take an awkward turn when Violet meets her rich new stepfather and his gorgeous son the hot guy whom she made a fool of herself in front of earlier that day Zane O' Connor is se. I LOOOOOVE this book SO much that I need cute little expressive onion heads for this review or else I won't be able to convey the level of joy and satisfaction that I feel right now THE STORY This is the story of a girl Uh I mean this kind of girl Her name is Violet seventeen years old beautiful but doesn't know it big boobed clearly every boy knows it hence her reputation as a secret porn star; she fakes having natural brown hair color dresses in jeans and large tee shirts avoids high school social activities like the plague and has only one best friend Lauren who is as much of a recluse as her She just came back from her holidays in Hawaii where she worked as a waitress in a bakery with Lauren and spent her free time doing leisurely activities So it's in a carefree state of mind that she goes to a restaurant to meet her boyfriend for the first time after two months of separation She didn't miss him that much in fact she didn't think of him at all but that doesn't mean she is less shocked or furious when she discovers that he cheated on her After showing him how unforgiving she feels rightfully so she tries for a theatrical exit but instead trips over something on her way out Luckily she doesn't crash face first into the ground in front of everybody Instead she gets to have a private encounter right by the threshold of the restaurant with a Mister Hottie Hot Guy who chivalrously offers her much needed help Too bad her fall left a split on her pants and now her panties are showing displaying all the cute bunny patterns on her butt for Hot Guy to see Poor Violet Little does she know the humiliation doesn't end here since SURPRISE Who shows up at dinner the same day as she meets her mother's fiancé for the first time Hot Guy And he is her future stepbrother YepLadies meet officially Zane O'Connor He is tall dark haired dark eyed older than Violet by a few years has an easy smile good sense of humor oozes sex and charisma works as an engineer is terribly rich and lastly not suprisingly he is a womanizer Okay he sounds like nothing we've not encountered before but TRULY he is SO NICEAnd pardon me you gotta admit that HOT AND NICE is just an ass kicking nose bleeding combination So yeah I'm in love But I LOVE Violet even Due to some circumstances the details of which I will pass Violet is forced to cohabit with Zane in his luxurious home without her mother knowing How convenient huh Never mind this is where the REAL FUN begins THE FEMALE LEAD VIOLET IS AWESOME She is HILARIOUSSSS She is SO effortlessly funny She can't help being very self conscious of her dorkiness and clumsiness so she is always cursing her natural penchant for humiliation However she is completely unaware of how adorable she actually is because of it And I absolutely ADORE that about her Obviously Zane loves this side of her personality tooEven when she doesn't speak the voice she uses inside her head sounds deadly serious I can imagine the kind of expression that she makes on her face something between resigned and sarcastic But her internal debating often is about silly hypothetical situations It provides such a contrast with the serious tone she uses that the result is simply hilarious Plus she has this damned cute habit like her mother of blurting out stupid nonsense everytime that she is nervous Here's one of those great memorable moments Violet is having dinner with her mother and her future stepfather and stepbrother; she is so taken aback by Mister Hot Guy's sudden appearance that she barely speaks Her mother tries to make light conversation read at your own risk I know Mom is waiting for me to elaborate but I don't I can feel her growing and flustered by my unfriendliness “Yes she worked as a stripper in her grandmother's baker” she blurts out What It's so unfortunate that my mouth is full of rice right now Why did I take such a big bite It's taking forever to chew“Stripping in a bakery huh” Zane says with a ridiculously adorable half smile “That's pretty awesome”I just keep shaking my head in a tiny mortified sort of way “I don't I'm not a stripper” I stumble over my words hideously embarassedMom's eyes are huge right now“Oh no” she gasps “Did I just call you a stripper”Indeedly doodly Mother The best thing about this is that Violet is capable of even WORSE than thatSometimes in order to hide the living situation with Zane from her mother she is forced to lie on the spot and of course since it's Violet the stuff she comes up with is always absurd and nonsensical The poor girl has no talent for good improvisation She has lots of imagination though that's why she ends up sounding ridiculously dramatic You have to be blind not to see through her lies For example Violet is getting a phone call from her mother who surprises her with an early return back home “I'm not really there at Jane's Physically I mean” I think furiously “What I mean is I'm at Lauren's”“Oh okay” she says and I can hear the puzzlement in her voice at my weirdness “Bill go to my apartments instead” I hear her call“No wait” I blurt “I'm actually spending the night Lauren is she's really upset She uh she just found out she has a secret half brother”WhatThere is a long pause at my mom's end“Really Wow that's unexpected”Right now I'm smacking myself in my fool head That girl is just an evil GENIUS There is actually much to Violet than this joking humorous side of hers We have the opportunity on several occasions to witness that she's also a thoughtful caring and compassionate person throughout the entire story we can see how much she values her mother's health and happiness or how serious and dedicated she is about her part time job as an assistant to the elderlyWell sometimes she can be overly concerned especially when her best friend's interests are at stakeI'm refering to this episode when Violet learns that Lauren has been wronged by someone She doesn't know the guy's identity so she promptly assumes that it is one particular person who did it whatever his name is he looks very guilty to her When she comes across him at school she marches straight to him plants herself in front of him and threatens him in a calm serial killer way managing to convey through her burning stare a full warning such as Don't you dare hide yourself from me I have my eyes on you from now on Apologize to Lauren right now before I plan on murdering you in your sleep She's very scary and protective like that Unfortunately what Violet doesn't know is that she is threatening the wrong guy Right Violet is a girl who acts however she likes and says whatever she wants She doesn't care about the rumors spreading around about her there is a bunch of them When she doesn't agree with something or worse hates it she demonstrates her disapproval in a colorful manner Afterward she's like Yeah I'm a bitch but you deserve it ABOUT THE STORYLINE The storyline includes a bit of a stressful situation conseuence of a secret Zane is unwilling to share with Violet Don't worry though it's not something horrible not a shocking I am in fact a Dominant and you should run for the hills because I want you now as my new Submissive kind of secretI wasn't exactly impressed with The Secret issue or the last turn of events nor entirely satisfied with the conclusion of the story Honestly though I found that it was the development that mattered the most Violet and Zane getting acuainted learning about each other becoming friends and then falling in love not to mention Violet's tribulations which are all priceless Their story is one of sweet tender love complete with witty flirtation funny bickering and sizzling passion My only disappointment is the lack of explicit sex But THAT is because I am a greedy pervert Overall it was an excellent read the most entertaining I've had in a while which I won't soon forget When I do forget about it because of time and memory fades it will be actually wonderful because it means that I will be able to enjoy reading it a second time So until thenWarning Don't start reading this book at work school or any public area You don't want people to think you're mentally deranged when they see you laughing your ass off

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Falling for the Ghost of YouXy and charming and way out of her league He makes her forget her ex boyfriend even existed But there's no way she'd ever have a chance with himrightThrough a strange turn of events Violet finds herself living with Zane for a month Somewhere between the fighting and flirting they become friends And it isn't long before that friendship blooms into something elsesomething powerful than Violet anticipated But Zane is hiding something from her something big. Continued reaction throughout the novel WowWowWowSeriously you guys This novelI adored it Completely Madly Deeply PAfter reading such trashy romance novels supposed to be YA and all swoony this novel sticks out like the jem it isIt's like stuffing your face with plain old chocolate ice cream and ice cream and even that you're sick and tired of it And then you are handed a cup of Ben Jerry's chocolate ice cream You are eyeing the cup warily but then give in to temptation and take a bite albeit cautiously and VOILA Best ice cream you've ever had It restores your faith in ice creamsAnd I'm sorry if it was a poor analogy and you didn't understand jackNo bad boys with broken pastsokay maybe a little no whiny dumb as fuck heroines no unbelievable romances no insta LUURRRVVVE no ridiculous twistsThis is basically what high schools relationships be like awkward nervous and exciting as hell Great points Violet Birthday surprises Bunnies Dumpy teenagers Violet Violet Did I mention Violet Characters Violet Violet is H I L A R I O U S Not just regular funny but laughing your ass off so loud your mom comes in your room funny She is awkward and so socially inept it's a wonder when she gets out two lines without messing it up When nerves hit her she is rambling and babbling all sorts of nonsenseAnd her fascinating weird penchant of inserting the word 'penis' in regular conversationsOh My GodNothing like penis to stop all the talking and swivel all heads aroundIt was so refreshing to love the protagonist for a change For a while back there I started imagining I was being too judgmental and bitch to heroines But no shit The girl is remarkable But under the sunny smiles and embarrassing conversations lies a steely resolve and indomitable will When her mother was diagnosed with cancer instead of bitching about how fucking unfair life was she took to self publishing her novels How uber cool is thatShe works as an assistant to the elderly and there we get to see another side of our girl Her compassion and dedication It was humbling to see the respect and love she exudes And I'm likeShe is not whining or flailing about like a helpless chick or throwing her problems on an unsuspecting boyfriend And it was adorable to see her relationship with her mother and her best friend Lauren She was so fiercely protective of them and soso gentle she gained my instant respectShe messes up big time She says uncomfortable things She stumbles She can't wear a shirt without first sticking her head in wrong holes She's dorky and a complete klutz She's like that And that's what makes her perfect Zane O' Connor Dude this guy AWESOMEWhy can't all love interest be this greatHe is the cliched player love 'em and leave 'em types But that's where it ends He is caring and sweet and soso swwwooooonThat's it That was the guy Enough to say he complimented Violet perfectlyTheir relationship wasAnd I think it's definitely something when my gushing over the heroine is than that over the guy And that too when the guy was pure perfect and swoon worthy Conclusion It is a story of sweet magical love witty banter and sweet moments complete with sizzling chemistry The story and plot itself were mediocre at best and hackneyed at worst It was the characters that breathed life into the whole affair making it as magnificent it was If you have been going through a lot of heavy stuff or stupid unhealthy psychotic relationships and are need of a light fun read go for it This novel is guaranteed to coax a smile outta youGo and read it alreadyWarning Don't read it in a public place for fear of being labeled completely deranged owing to your maniac laughter on reading the book