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Read ePub ✓ Season of the Sandstorms Hardcover µ eyltransferservices ↠ [Reading] ➸ Season of the Sandstorms By Mary Pope Osborne – Jack and Annie travel back in time to a desert in the Middle East at the behest of Merlin who has given them a rhyme to help onStorms here’s another Magic Tree House filled with all the mystery history magic and old fashioned adventure that kids love to read about Jack and Annie went to the time of the Golden Age in Baghdad They landed in a palm tree near a spring They needed a magic rhyme right at the beginning of their mission They used one to bring help A magic sandstorm came and brought help from people who were going to Baghdad They were surprised and excited when they saw the helpers that got into the sandstorm but then just got blown near the spring They finally knew the name of one of the helpers which was Mamoon They also rode on two camels with Mamoon Bandits came at a later time and only stole a little bit of cinnamon and other spices After the bandits were gone a sandstorm came and Mamoon Jack and Annie got separated Soon when they got to Baghdad they finally noticed that Mamoon was the Caliph A Caliph is a leader of Baghdad They also went to a place called the House of Wisdom which was a library They finally used the last magic rhyme they could which was able to make a magic carpet They got to the Magic Tree House before the moon rose I liked this book because Jack and Annie had a fun time riding the magic carpet reviewed by an 8 year old typed by his mama

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Jack and Annie travel back in time to a desert in the Middle East at the behest of Merlin who has given them a rhyme to help on their missi The book was about to kidsJack and Annie that were brother and sisterthey went on a mission to help the caliphkingfrom Baghdadin the past I think that the book is one of the best books I've read so far It is full of surprises and adventure I recommend this book to people who would like to read it because they will enjoy it

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Season of the SandstormsOn There they meet a Bedouin tribe and learn about the way that they live From camel rides and oases to ancient writings and dangerous sand This was interesting in that the author was inspired by her trip to IraI've seen this series at the book store and it looked cute but I wasn't familiar with the story lineSo I found it surprising and uite far fetched how this magical treehouse just appears on top of that Morgan le Fay yes that Morgan le Fay from Camelot is a magical librarian and they get missions from the magician Merlin That's uite a taleThey mentioned how they were just in Venice and I'd be interested to read that one There's poems they can only use sparingly for help I found all of them to be weird and just ridiculous sounding 'From far beyond send helpers hereHah ee by hah ee keer'This seemed incredibly dangerous in that you're sending two white kids to places they might not have been to with modern things like their glasses and dialogue Didn't anyone wonder at their modern speech? Modern glasses? How they knew things they wouldn't have then?They have to come up with flimsy excuses of why they're there like their family left them behind in the desertIt's just absurd to think these two kids would change the course of history The author painted a romantic picturesue scene of the desert camels being ships of the desert Reading the stars; telling the constellations for which directionsThe illustrations of the desert and them riding camels was niceI wish to be reading the wind and the starsHow do you read the stars?They have their own languageWe must head east toward the morning sunThe whistling sands made by sand settling on the dunes We have learned the whistling is made by sands settling in the driftsOh said Annie I'd hoped it was magicLearning the reasons for things is magic said Mamoon True knowledge brings light to the world And that is a magical thing no?It was also interesting to learn sandstorms make a moaning soundThey have this handy research book that contains anything they want to look up Their task the poem they follow was like a premonition because everything happened exactly like the poem said They didn't have to do much at all they found themselves acting out parts of the poem like riding ships of the desert To help someone spread wisdom they end up with Mamoon's book of Aristotle's wordsThey're at an outdoor market in Baghdad don't know what it is so they look it up How would you even do that? Look up Baghdad and hope a market comes up? Or specifically look up Baghdad's markets?It was ironic Annie said This part of the mission is easy In reference to seeing the third walls they had to pass cause I was thinking everything had been easy Then they easily see the horse on the domed roofPerhaps Annie bragging to the boys about them being special and saving the treasure was used to show kids not to brag cause otherwise idk why it's in here because it made Annie not likableThen there's their very handy friends Teddy and Kathleen who gave them a magical book apparently with rhymes they can use for help Ones called Mend What Cannot Be Mended so they easily fix the torn book the camel ate'Heal what is broken beyond repair Avi bree all Fen a mare'Harry Potter this isn'tThe pieces on the ground swirled together to reform the book Not sure how the pieces inside the camel came outThe Room of the Tree was cool with a big tree with silver leaves and gold birds who sang a wooden black chair with jewels in itThey're in the stables and a girl gets them and brings them to the very room they needed to find As if she knew they were in the stables and knew they were coming there It's later explained the servant girl and boy were probably Teddy and Kathleen which makes sense considering it was so unusual And it explains why Mamoon asked how they got into the throne room But by the end I had completely forgotten who Teddy and Kathleen were It was mentioned in the beginning but I forgot because it took my three days to read it More background needs to be given for people who haven't read others in the seriesIt was a surprise that Mamoon ended up being the caliph I liked that the poem 'Greet a friend you once knew And a new friend to be' turned out to be the same person I expected Mamoon would be the old friend but not the caliph alsoMamoon being the caliph tied into Merlin's letter Remember that life is full of surprisesDuring the golden age of Baghdad they had good hospitals an excellent police system and public schools libraries stores and a zoo with a hundred lionsThis painted a different picture of Baghdad than we know today so that was interesting to see what it once was But I didn't know when exactly their golden age was because the author never came out and said the year this was set inIt was interesting that al Khwarizmi was in the library the guy who perfected the Indian numbers we use today Arabic numeralsThey have thousands of books and scientists and scholars come to learn and share their wisdom Like al Kindi the scientist thought knowledge shouldn't belong to any one person or country the world is only wise when wisdom is shared That was a nice conceptHe shows them a book of the Tales from the Arabian Nights When they say they've read it he says sometime from his land must have traveled to theirs and shared their stories he hopes their stories will make it to them And that he hoped their land will hear of Aristotle's writing He's gonna have it copied and share it's wisdomThere again they don't even try to be historically accurate How could they have read it at that time? It's a flimsy excuse that someone from his land traveled to the US and told the storyThey use the magic book right there in the library don't even try to find a private place so everyone sees them fly out the library on a carpetSail through the sky where you wish to goSawn ee fore sawn ee rowBoy these are badMy favorite part of the book'The carpet soared over the House of Wisdom over the caliph rising back to his palace in his carriage and over the camel stableThe carpet zipped over the green dome with the horse on top It flew over the courtyard where the boys were still playing ball over the third wall and past the green field and the grand avenueThe carpet flew over the second wall the houses the hospitals and the hundred lions in the zoo It flew over the first wall the arched bridge and the moatThe carpet zoomed over the bazaar with the maze of stalls the shoemakers porters and weavers It sailed high over the road to Baghdad Below Jack and Annie saw the men driving donkey carts the boys leading sheep and the women carrying pots The carpet flew faster and faster and faster over the river the grazing fieldsand the dunes with the whistling sandsover the red glowing deserttoward the setting sunand the small oasis in the middle of nowhere'It was nice how at the end they wanted to go to the library and see Aristotle's book of wisdom after all they had done concerning the bookThey said they had two missions and five rhymes How did they know how many missions he'd send them on? What were they talking about?They said this was their second mission so I thought this must be book two but it's 34 I'm so confusedIt didn't help that I started work and barely had any time to read so a book that could have taken less than a day to read took me three It never helps to be dragging out a book you're not enjoying reading in the first place It ambled along with no real di