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mobi Ø Orion Star Guardians Ù eyltransferservices ò ❰Read❯ ➵ Orion (Star Guardians, #1) Author Ruby Lionsdrake – Tattooed muscled and fierce they look like felons but these highly trained agents are humanity’s protectors the only ones standing between Earth and theTh He didn’t expect to meet someone as funny sexy and determined as Juanita among the victims He wants to protect her from the thugs molesting her but that could blow his cover and jeopardize his mission He must choose between keeping her safe and dooming Earth to be a target for slavers forever Not bad but I got bored around 70% mark so I put it down and grabbed the second book The male mc came off like a whiny baby sibling and the chicks actions were a bit juvenilesome might say TSTL? But it showed that the series had promise And it does I'm on book three now Kindle UL

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G kidnapped by slavers from another planet? Not so much If she’s lucky she might be able to convince the hot guy protecting her from the others to help her escape A bounty hunter allied with the Star Guardians Orion is undercover on the slavers' ship plotting to end their kidnapping trips to Ear This book was not really for me Here is the story of geeky Juanita and bounty hunter Orion Juanita is kidnapped by slave traders but rescued by Orion and the Star Guardians Why only two stars?Well the plot was nothing original The world building was sparse It all felt borrowed from television series I guess that was one of the main elements of slight comedy in the book Geeky Juanita kept comparing things to sci fi tv shows from earth I actually found this annoying but I can see that most would find it funny Juanita was plucky I give her that She didn't wait to be saved and had some kickass moments of bravery whilst retaining a high level of optimism throughout every traumatic event thrown her way But she also came across as a bit silly and immature When asked if he likes the alien planet she is on she replies 'The green sky is neat' What is she? 12? She had no real concept of danger which made the whole story seem a bit farcical I like some brevity in my stories not endless witty remarks But again that's just my preference Orion was pretty alpha hero swoon worthy but his banter also seemed to make the whole sci fi nature of the book not seem real to me He also falls for the h instantly Sigh another connection which doesn't seem based on very much I found myself skipping through the story looking for the 'erotic' parts of the story which were sadly few I am not totally against reading by this author but I might have a rest and see how I feel about it later

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Orion Star Guardians #1 Tattooed muscled and fierce they look like felons but these highly trained agents are humanity’s protectors the only ones standing between Earth and the threats of the galaxy They are the Star Guardians A born geek Juanita has dreamed of exploring the stars for as long as she can remember Gettin Adventure of a lifetimeIf you enjoyed Ruby Lionsdrake's Mandrake Company series or if you are a fan of Anna Hackett I predict you will enjoy this book The irreverent banter between the galactic soldiers is back and as entertaining as ever RL can also write an incredible series of original and daring action scenes She spices them up with exotic locales and a mix of smarts and low tech and high tech solutions I will pickup an RL book for the fight scenes aloneI also like how there is a linked past between the captive women the slavers and the Star Guardians The little glimpses of connection Olympics anyone were inspired It will be interesting to see this angle explored in future booksThe romance between Orion and Juanita didn't have the same punch for me that some of RL's other romantic couples have had in other books Orion didn't have the presence that I expected and maybe this was hampered by his ongoing rivalry with his older brother Juanita was such a Star Trek fan and referenced it so often that I was rolling my eyes like her fellow captive Tala While I loved Juanita's sense of adventure she seemed a little aimless at the same time This book is one episode in the saga of the kidnapped Arizona women The next book takes up immediately in a continuous time frame with a new couple I felt like the story of Orion and Juanita was unfinished but perhaps we will see of them in Book 2 The book I really want to read is Tala's and Sage's since they both need to relax a little make that a lot RL could have so much fun making that happen35 rounded to 4 starsBook source Kindle Unlimited subscription