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DOC ↠ READER In Search of Thursday FREE Æ PAUL TRAYNOR Æ [Read] ➼ In Search of Thursday: Diary of an Undergraduate at the University of Venture Capital ➹ Paul Traynor – What do entrepreneurs and cockroaches have in common How do you persuade WHSmith to sell pornogWhat do entrepreneurs and cockroaches have in of Thursday PDF #10003 common How do you persuade WHSmith to sell pornography Which isimportant for a career in venture capital commercial judgement or interrupting skills Do In Search PDFEPUBlemons make better investments than plums Discuss the value in investment analysis of ‘putting one’s cock on the block’In at the age of long before Dragon’s Den was a Search of Thursday PDFEPUB #182 thing Paul Traynor had a fantasy about demolishing would be entrepreneurs’ business propositions with a sharp uestion and a sceptically arched eyebrow So he joined i an investment firm which was Search of Thursday Diary of MOBI #190 known affectionately as the University of Venture Capital because it trained several generation Anyone interested in the origins of the UK private euity industry or the art of investing will love this book Paul tells the entertaining story of how he learned to invest in the nascent PE industry of the early 80’s Packed with characters and funny anecdotes it conveys the stomach churning awfulness of a deal going wrong and the pure joy of one going right Slowly and painfully the lessons emerge on how to do a deal and how to get Investment Committee to do a deal that remain as true today as in the analog age And for anyone who was lucky enough to have been at 3i in this wonderful era you will recognise the love of an organisation in the throes of change as the modern PE industry begins to evolve A really great read with laugh out loud moments

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S of young men and women to become venture capital and private euity investors A posting to Silicon Valley would have been nice Instead he was sent to Birmingham given a fast car a telephone directory and told to go and find some companies to invest in It all worked out very well in the endWhat readers say about In Search of Thursday “Compelling expose of venture capital the world of speculative finance is made as accessible to us as shopping at Sainsburys Wittily written with an appropriate cast list of monsters and saints the journey from office boy to guv'nor contains enough pratfalls to keep you laughing and to downplay the modestly described triumphs Good fun”“Extremely well written and amusing and despite having no background in finance I had no difficu 3i taught the UK to do what we now call Private Euity Paul's book rides the curves of ignorance and power with humour and self deprecation that not many of us displayed at the time The only distraction was working out who was who in the pseudonyms and why some people DS were named but not shamed

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In Search of Thursday Diary of an Undergraduate at the University of Venture CapitalLty in grasping the terminology The narrative is completely charming and the anecdotes Search of Thursday Diary of MOBI #190 compelling – a great read”“Once I started it I couldn’t put it down It was characteristically funny and acerbic in eual measure”“Very lucid and amusing There is such a wealth of stories and characters that I wonder if there is a script in it”“Just brilliant it zips along and there are moments you need to re read bits as they are such a joy The bit about projections and why you shouldn’t fund a start up is sheer genius”“Outrageous and well written as ever I particularly enjoyed the pen portraits There were several situations which produced a suitable mixture of laughter and tears A great memento of a very different era” As a character mentioned in the book Stephanie is my nom de plume who came out with reputation intact I am slightly biased but I thought this book was wonderfully entertaining and insightful Following my experience with Paul 30 years ago I went on to work with private euity as chairman on a wide range of MBOs and MBIs and I can vouch 100% for Paul's analysis and advice on what is a frighteningly hit and miss investment processIs there a seuel based in Paris