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Download Reader Õ Gunpowder Soup ✓ [Read] ➲ Gunpowder Soup Author Karl Wiggins – Although there are a lot of football stories in this book it isn't all about visits to away grounds Millwall Arsenal Tottenham West Ham Leicester Liverpool etc and other football related essays I also Although there are a lAlthough there are a lot of football stories in this book it isn't all about visits to away grounds Millwall Arsenal Tottenham West Ham Leicester Liverpool etc and other football related essays I also talk about home games against Stoke Chelsea and Man U for instanceMy diatribes in my blogs and newspaper columns are simply my way of spinning the balls because sometimes I like to see what number they land on That’s allBut although I’m known mostly as a raconteur and most of my books can be described as coming from the humourist vein – in ‘Gunpowder Soup’ I also touch on some subjects that are surely going to upset a few peopleI’ve never uite understood the politically correct brigade Hardly any subject is taboo to the Englishman when he’s laughing No longer simply a fad blogging is now an important new literary innovation This book is not a story and if you’re looking for a book that is all sweetness and light please give this one a miss It’s not for you I won’t be offended and I honestly wish you a great life If everyone likes me then I’m not being controversial enough – and trust me when I say that in this book I get controversialRight now the planet is spinning in new and scary directions and this needs to be addressed So inside the covers of this book I

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??s forever blended in and you can’t take it out again You add a sprinkling of finely chopped garnish; cumin or oregano and you can never take that ingredient out again Never ever everSo say at the age of six you add black pepper or rosemary or hatred or love or comedy from then onwards it’ll always be part and parcel of your ‘soup’ And as you add ingredients the ‘recipe’ of your life evolves and before you know it you can’t taste the coriander or the love any but it’s still there at a deep subliminal level Remember thatSome people may not add hatred until they’re in their twenties and most of us never add it at all And you can never entirely erase the flavour of a particular spice in soup That’s the metaphorical significance of a tin of soup but since writing ‘Nobody’ it’s becoming abundantly clear that we’re facing greater challenges and if we’re not very very careful the country as we know it these ‘pleasant pastures green’ are set to implode What else can I say? I write like a finger up your bum I’m either a pleasant surprise or I make everything awkward and uncomfortable I’m strong willed a bit outspoken and I write exactly what I’m thinking I’m not to everyone’s taste but I have a good sense of humour a dirty mind and an honest hea

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Gunpowder SoupTake a look at some of the challenges we’re currently facing And some of my opinions are going to rattle a few peopleSo why the title ‘Gunpowder Soup’? Well although my last book was entitled ‘100 Common Sense Policies to make BRITAIN GREAT again’ the book before that ‘Nobody Asked Me But ’ showed a rabbit popping out of a tin of soup on the cover ‘Rabbit Pork’ of course is Cockney rhyming slang for Talk and on than one occasion I’ve been accused of rabbiting away excessively – mostly at parties and generally by my wife So why a tin of soup? And why in particular Gunpowder Soup? Well I tend to believe that everyone is born perfect Nobody is born with an inherent capacity to hate It has to be taught All of our experiences – family school work the books we read the newspapers we peruse the music we listen to our friends our social life the opinions of those around us religion sports we play or watch those we love and those who love us those we desire and those who desire us those we travel with our hopes and dreams and ambitions and achievements our triumphs and disasters go into a metaphorical cooking pot that we carry with us throughout our lives All these ‘ingredients’ make up our Soup of LifeNow when making a soup once you’ve added an ingredient it?