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Caring for Josh’s loveable mutt to caring for his rambunctious kids Soon Grace is playing house with the sexy single dad With so many people depending on Forever and Epubhim Josh has no time for anything outside of his clinic and family–until Grace arrives. Originally from New York Grace Brooks applied for a banking job in Seattle and when that didn't turn out she drove until she ended up in Lucky Harbor Washington That night she met friends Mallory and Amy in a diner where they were stuck waiting out a freak snowstorm Dr Josh Scott has his hands full With working in ER and his medical practice looking after his twenty one year old sister his five year old son and a new puppy the man seriously has no time for anything else Accept this is Lucky Harbor and he needs a dog walker and a nanny Guess who applies Ever felt alone Over the last couple of months I've read great reviews about this second trilogy of Lucky Harbor and been really looking forward to reading I've only read a few Jill Shalvis in the past and while I considered them okay they didn't rock my world Unfortunately not much has changed And I really feel the odd one out here as everyone has loved this series and this book in particularYou know there's something wrong with the romance when I love the bromance than what's happening between the Hh This is what happened here When the boys get together I really enjoyed the story I love their interactions This is a strength in Jill Shalvis's writing her heroes Each of them in all three books were great But I had real trouble liking the heroines of the first two books though Grace was likable here in this book Perhaps that's why Forever and a Day worked better for meHere's a thought How about for a change not have the characters fall for the old 'it's just sex right' plot Just for once can I read a contemporary romance where they fall in love first Or is that just too difficult to write I have no problem with love scenes in my romances but Jill Shalvis's approach is so heavy handed And predictable The humour is in your face than subtle and while that does work for me on occasion I do prefer a understated approach She tends to overdo the cute factor For instance in Lucky in Love there were over 40 references to the hero Ty as Mysterious Cute Guy or MCG or cute guy That's about 39 too many Thank goodness that had dropped to only 18 for Matt referred to as Ranger Hot Buns in At Last and for Josh in Forever and a Day there were only two references to Dr McHottie Is this a Jill Shalvis thing Does she use nicknames in every book for her hero Admittedly I read ARCs of these books and hopefully some bright editor picked up on the overuse of these cutesy monikersThis third book Forever and a Day was definitely the best of the three yet I can only give it three stars Lucky in Love 2 stars and At Last 25 stars I found these three stories formulaic and cliché Suffice it to say that Jill Shalvis's style of writing simply doesn't work for me I'm in the very small minority here Jill Shalvis is a very popular author so her books are going on my everyone loves but Jill shelfSteam 35 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley

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Forever and a DayIn town Now this brainy blonde is turning his life inside out and giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “good bedside manner” Josh and Grace don’t know if what they have can last But in a town like Lucky Harbor a lifetime of love starts with just one da. Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceBooks from Jill Shalvis always make me feel like I'm visiting really good friends There is true comfort a sense of camaraderie and just plain silly joy that comes from reading one of her stories I could add that I'm a big fan but that's probably glaringly obvious at this pointThat said Forever And A Day while it still managed to hook me early and reel me in did not end up being a favorite as the other books in this series haveGrace Brooks found her way to the charming seaside town of Lucky Harbor after the disappointment of what should have been a new job and a new start in Seattle After four months in Lucky Harbor her finances were dwindling and she was despairing of ever finding a job in her field Taking on temporary jobs around town meant she eventually found her way into the life of Dr Josh Scott single father caregiver to a handicapped sister and town heartthrob What's a girl to do when a temporary job suddenly becomes so much Dr Josh Scott worked workedand then worked some In between what little time he had was devoted to his five year old son and his twenty one year old sister who was confined to a wheelchair after a car accident which killed their parents years before A new puppy for his son nicknamed the Antichrist and a slight mix up with flyers meant the lives of Dr Josh Scott and Grace Brooks were about to collide What's an overworked single dad to do when his dog walkernanny suddenly becomes so much Forever And A Day was a sweet snappy sexy fast paced read Josh and Grace were an engaging couple one the reader could feel for and cheer on The story was simple but lovely and easy to read I have to add that this was a very good story about family responsibility and knowing when to say when We also saw some old friends in this installment and fell a little in love with the town of Lucky HarborSo then why only four stars Why not five For me personally I was not overly fond of reading the rather caustic relationship between Josh and his sister Anna I could understand it but it got old after only a short time Mostly though my main disappointment was the lack of the author's special brand of humor Don't get me wrong There were some humorous moments in this book However when Jill Shalvis is 'on' her sparkle her whit can light up a story It leaps out at you with abandon For me this story just didn't leap with that much loved abandon The sparkle was somewhat toned down It may be that I'm in the minority on this and that's okay The great thing about reading is that it allows for a whole variety of opinionsI will say though in the end even when in my opinion this author isn't uite on she still manages to give us a book that is so worth readingThankfully we have at least three stories to come in this series And with Jill Shalvis writing them I know we're all set to continue this wonderful visit with old and new friends alike4 Happy Stars

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Forever and a Day review ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ò ➸ Forever and a Day Free ➮ Author Jill Shalvis – LOVE CAN HAPPEN IN A HEARTBEAT Grace never thought she’d be starting her life over from scratch Losing everything has landed her in Lucky Harbor working as a dog walker for overwhelmed ER LOVE CAN HAPPEN IN A HEARTBEAT Grace never thought she’d be starting her life over from scratch Losing everything has landed her in Lucky Harbor working as a dog walker for overwhelmed ER doctor Josh Scott But the day his nanny fails to show up Grace goes from. Forever and a Day tells the story of Grace Brooks who came to Lucky Harbor when her banking career went kaput and a job interview called for fringe services she wasn't willing to offer so she got stranded in Lucky Harbor in a storm and has been there for the past four months forming the Chocoholics along with Mallory and AmyBoth her friends have their life sorted now but Grace is still applying for jobs and her savings are soon dwindling and she is doing everything she canShe likes the town of Lucky Harbor and its residents but it cannot give a her a high flying career in her field which she needs because she was adopted by the Brooks family and both her parents are successful in their field her mother is a rocket scientist and somehow she has always felt that she doesn't fit the Brooks name and has to be something to pay her parents It isn't something that comes from the side of Grace's parents but from her so she is lying to her parents telling them that she took the job she interviewed for in Seattle Grace isn't normally one for deception but when she gets a call from someone offering her a dog walking job mistaking her to be someone who put up a flyer she agrees and runs into disaster because the puppy Tank seems to be a monster who runs away and makes her call the owner who turns out to be McHottie Dr Josh ScottJosh is the Lucky Harbor good guy and hot as hell and over run He has an eighty hour a week work day working at the ER his love volunteering his time at HSC as well as running his father's private practice that doesn't leave him much time to spend with five year old son Toby as well as dealing with his trouble maker 21 year old sister Anna whose only job in life seems to be making his life hell first with her good for nothing boyfriends bunking her classes at the junior community college and then getting Tank the menace Five years ago fresh out of residency Josh a former nerd had his first one night stand leaving him with Toby since his mother ran out and then a month later his parents died leaving him with a confused sixteen year old sister who survived but was a paraplegicSo Josh is barely surviving and the last thing he needs is a woman in his life then he sees Grace all drenched in water because of Tank which makes his body very happy but he sends her packing Grace too isn't looking for something for one she isn't staying another Josh is too perfect and she has spent her life striving to be that so she doesn't want to be with someone like that plus her heart has been broken enoughThen circumstances change and Josh needs her back to walk the dog but he has to apologize to her first and this apology takes place when Grace is posing for all the senior citizens of Lucky Harbor including Lucille Grace makes him suirm and says she will do it for a kiss a kiss which makes them both shiver and is captured on cameraThis book brought a smile to my face it was that good I liked Grace a lot she had spunk and was amazing She somehow managed to connect with Toby when she is handed the temporary job of baby sitting him making him speak in English instead of his doggy language and even connected with Anna not treating the girl like glass instead talking to her straight about how she deserved better than her loser boyfriend and how her life isn't over just because she is a paraplegic and that she could still learn whatever she wanted to Grace didn't mind speaking up to Josh either when it came to Anna and soon kind of formed a family unit with themJosh too was an incredible hero dedicated to his profession as well as grappling with what he felt he owed his father so it took him a while to let go off the practice to carve out time for his son Toby He was a great father as well despite not getting as much time with Toby as he wanted and a concerned brother even if he didn't know how to get to AnnaI totally loved the romance between Josh and Grace it was sweet and sexy and it wasn't casual at all It was so frustrating that these two always got interrupted when they were right in the middle of things especially poor Josh I consider a book awesome when by the end of the book I still have a smile on my face and this book accomplished that There were so many awesome moments in the book like when Grace took care of Josh in way than one when he was drunk then also when Josh fell down and Grace kept on waking him up and the moment outside when these two finally do it and Anna arrives also when they both can't wait to get home and everyone keeps stopping them all of these and such moments were truly memorable I found Toby adorable as well like how he wanted to be the best Jedi so that he could get a mother and even Anna grew on me since she was just so confused and acting out of painThe romance was totally swoon worthy and I loved the last chapter set a year later This may by far be the best book in the series it made me laugh cry and root for Josh and Grace they were just so perfect together they grew as individuals as well with Grace finally finding herself and Josh letting go of some things and they were a perfect fit ARC provided by the publisher courtesy Netgalley