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Deacon AUTHOR Kristen AshlIns in the Colorado Mountains and finds they have new owners One of them is Cassidy Swallow a young woman willing to work hard to live her uiet dream in a house by a river surrounded by aspen and pineSuddenly Deacon finds he’s at war Cassidy’s pull for him to connect is strong He fights it but he loses This was “typical” KA Has the term “KA” been added to any official dictionary yet? It should be Halfway through I was wanting something to happen I think I had a hankering for the exciting stuff that happened in the Colorado series I read one review that said it was a “slow burn” Jennifer I think and yes it was But when we got to about 80% it all sort of took off and we got to know about Deacon and why he was the way he was dead man walking Yes I love all the flowery descriptions that come with a KA book Descriptions of the clothes the interiors the sinks evenThe sex is HOT “Badasses know what they want definitely know what they need and don’t settle for anything less” Loved that we got to meet characters from previous books “It was my turn to let my eyes travel over his features Take in his male beauty Memorize it Do it knowing that as crazy as it sounded I’d never forget him For reasons I didn’t know and would never have the opportunity to understand there would always be a part of me that would long for him There would always be thoughts in the back of my mind plaguing me haunting me making me wonder if he let me in even just a little how it could have been I stopped thinking these thoughts when the pad of his thumb whispered across my lips That was when the tears pricked my eyes Because I knew that was when he was going to let me go For always” The story focuses on their relationship On how Deacon wants to be the man for Cassie but is convinced that he can not beHe is an ass at times But he does redeem himself Aw I loved himI found her to be a very strong character She took no shit from him She was independent ran her own business Strange how life connected like that I know some reviews hinted that Deacon was not really an “anti hero” like Knight maybe TBH I have read the other books but cannot really remember them Need to do a re read maybeAny author that incorporates music and lyrics into a book is usually a winner for me I am a Rock Chick at heart Eventhough I have not read that series BTW Happy Birthday The Boss – yesterday he turned 65 Looking good old manYes I got my epilogue but it was of a prologue for the next book well I thought soKA is an auto buy for me One or two of her books I have been a bit disappointed in But overall this author can do no wrong

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Deacon has an ugly history a history that broke him leaving him a ghost of a man Out of necessity he left the normal world to descend into the criminal world and found he fit So he stayed Cold as ice and living off the grid Deacon has no intention to connect not with anyoneThen he returns to some remote cab FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 45 STARS My casting for Deacon ; Kristen Ashley does it again And now we have a new badass Alpha male hero to swoon over DMeet Deacon Tall Dark Rugged Cold on the outside Closed off from the world Cassidy could tell with one look that this man was alive on the outside but dead on the inside And she wasn't wrongHer whole life she dreamed of owning cabins in the mountains and living a life there And being the can do type of woman that she was she did just that She followed her dreams and made them her realityThis was where Deacon entered her life He came every few months and rented cabin eleven Each time it was the same cash few words nothing else and then he was gone again Outwardly he showed no sign of either caring for her as a person or noticing her as a woman except for a few fleeting moments when something slipped and she knews that somewhere deep down he cared even if he hid it from the world He scared the heck out of me But this was only part of the reason he scared the heck out of me The other part the bigger part was even feeling all that I had a nearly overwhelming urge to go to him and wrap my arms around him Tight And maybe never let go For eternity So their relationship grew over the years It was a slow burn and a beautiful build up No insta love but rather a genuinely believable progression His job took him away freuently for weeks or months at a time and even though it seemed that he wanted nothing to do with her the they got to know each other the it became clear just how much this badass man really cared for her I'm away Cassie do not ever doubt this is precisely where I'd rather be Cassidy was an absolutely amazing strong woman and one of the best heroines KA has written Oh my gosh this girl was AWESOME She was in charge of her life earning her way following her dreams and her heart and making something beautiful out of itI loved the way she saw right through Deacon's cold distant aloof badass exterior and wasn't intimidated by him It's like she instinctively knew he was a good man no matter how dangerous he seemed It really warms my heart seeing such strong heroines who aren't afraid to go toe to toe with the Alphas So he was scary So he was badass So he was closed off in a way that he'd made clear than once he was never going to openI didn't careI had this one shot the only one I knew I'd ever get so I was going to take it Beneath his stone cold exterior Deacon was a wonderful hero Such a good guy He was really deep respectful kind caring protective and everything you can imagine from a genuinely good person He lived in a dangerous world but it didn't define him His actions defined him and that was enough for me Not easy fightin' your pull Wantin' to be right here Knowin' I was no good for you Prayin' you'd get a man so when I'd come back I'd have a reason to stay away Cassie's on going list of badass do's and don'ts throughout the book were too funny Not to mention the Badass Zones and Badass Boundaries all of these kept a big smile on my face for pages on end Don't be playful when I'm feeling emotionalYou get I'm a badassHard to miss DeaconThen don't tell me when to be playful Badassess don't like that shit I loved their dynamic and the way they always worked towards trying to find a balance between finding euality in the relationship while still respecting each other He let her be who she was but was always there to have her back and support her without being over bearing Deacon had somehow found the perfect Alpha balance And in turn her strength and kind heart was his perfect match He glowered at meThen he grinnedTotal bossA girl has to be when her man's a badass Not to mention that this is definitely one of KA's hottest books There's all manner of kinky bondage in it but you'll have to be patient cuz it's in the second half First comes the relationship development then comes the kink But yeah I was definitely fanning myself Hot hot hotttttt Love is trust Cassie you taught me that Overall this is a uiet book Don't expect edge of your seat drama that's not what this book is about It's a love story It's a romance Just a damaged badass and a big hearted gal falling in love in the Mountains Both Cassie and Deacon were really sensible people Him with a lot of damage and emotional scarring from his past Her with a big enough heart to just love him for who he was I loved the way they completed each other And I loved watching their relationship grow and develop with every new page As I said it's a slow burn But it was realistically paced Totally awesome Oh and kinky too Don't forget the bondage ;There are many different kinds of Alphas and as long as they have respect for their women I love them all But I feel like I had an extra understanding for Deacon Everything about him made sense He had no real Omg I Can't Believe He Just Said That moments Even when he did do shocking things I just felt as Cassie did I felt that there was a reason for his actions And they usually made sense He was fair kind and caring The closed off secret side of him was understandable And even when he was distant I felt like I trusted that there was a good reason for it He just didn't seem like the kind of guy who would be that way without one And as it was later revealed he did indeed have a good reason I guess I just trusted him “Anything You want it I got it in me to give it to you you got anything from me” In the interest of full honesty I'll say there were four small things that I had issue with in this book so it wasn't fully perfect But none of them were anything big enough to cause me to dislike the book and none of them bad enough for me to go into long detail either But I'm just telling you that they're thereKristen Ashley is so gifted at getting you right inside her characters heads to the point where you feel completely in sync with their thoughts And the language she writes in is downright awesome Yes its english but it's almost as if she has her very own badass dialect that is entirely uniue to her There's Alpha speak but then there's KA Alpha speak and I absolutely LOVE IT If we have daughters I'm starting How to Deal with Badasses when they're fiveHis eyes were lit but his expression was full on tender when he returned We have boys they get How to Deal with Stubborn Bitches Who Argue About Meaningless Shit starting at threeAgain women dislike being called bitches I shot backThat'll be part of my lesson to the boys Finally just because I'm being asked this a lot You can read this as a standalone if you want but there are cameos from the other guys in the series towards the end of the book Knowing their stories isn't vital to understanding this one but being emotionally attached to them might be otherwise they're just a bunch of Deacon's friends who show up So it's really up to you But it can be read alone “Heart and soul gut and balls I love you There’s no one I’d rather hold Not until I’m eighty Not until the day I die” Rating 45 stars Contemporary Adult Romance For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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eBook ð Deacon AUTHOR Kristen Ashley â Paperback Read ã eyltransferservices í ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Deacon By Kristen Ashley ✍ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Deacon has an ugly history a history that broke him leaving him a ghost of a man Out of necessity he left the nAlways coming back for But when he does he gives her nothingFrom the first time she sees him Cassidy knows Deacon is dead inside She knows he’s the kind of man who could destroy a woman But one night when Deacon’s control slips Cassidy takes a chanceHe might break her He also might be her dream come tru 45 KA has once again delivered a kickass story I adored Deacon and Cassie This story focuses on their relationship unlike most KA books there are no bad guys waiting in the wings just two people and a beautiful love story I loved it “Heart and soul gut and balls I love you There’s no one I’d rather hold Not until I’m eighty Not until the day I die”“Do you love me too my Cassie?”“Heart and soul belly and womb I love you too Deacon” And this book is steamy Seriously KA out did herself These two were on fire ;