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Crosshairs kindle ↠ ´ eyltransferservices ☆ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Crosshairs By Catherine Hernandez ✸ – The author of the acclaimed novel Scarborough weaves an unforgettable and timely dystopian tale about a near future where a ueer Black performer and his allies join forces to Who helps them plan an uprising at a major televised international event With her signature “raw yet beautiful disturbing yet hopeful” Booklist prose Catherine Hernandez creates a vision of the future that is all the frightening because it is very possible A cautionary tale filled with fierce and vibrant characters Crosshairs explores the universal desire to thrive love and be loved for being your true se Where do I even begin with “Crosshairs” one of the most uniue troubling and timely dystopian novels I have ever read? This novel is a love letter to ueer culture and wake up call for white cisgender folks This novel will make you check your privilege “Crosshairs” is set in the not too distant future in which the environmental crisis has caused rampant flooding across Canada and Toronto causing homelessness and mass devastation Meanwhile Canada’s government has moved to the far right aligning with a corporate force “The Boots” to round up people of colour the disabled and ueer folks into government sanctioned labour camps The descent into oppression is subtle incremental and finally outright violent Drag ueen Kay is in hiding and uickly finds their way into the resistance discovering other marginalized folks and allies along the way This book is so wonderfully written Hernandez is an amazing writer lyrical and sharp and in your face I loved the story and I loved the ending but omg I want I need to know what happens does the uprising work? Given the state of the world right now YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK It’s easy to read something like this and dismiss it as mere fiction but this kind of shit already fucking happens And not just in the US although Canadians love to pretend that’s the case This kind of hatred bigotry willful ignorance and ability to marginalize torment other and enact violence is woven into the very fabric of this white settler colonial nation we call Canada Anything that happens in this book is tough and shocking but it’s based on what has come before and what COULD happen if white folks don’t wake the fuck up and begin to do THE WORK This is one of the best and important Canadian novels I have read in years Please read it

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The author of the acclaimed novel Scarborough weaves an unforgettable and timely dystopian tale about a near future where a ueer Black performer and his allies join forces to rise up when an oppressive regime gathers those deemed “Other” into concentration campsSet in a terrifyingly familiar near future with massive floods leading to rampant homelessness and devastation a government sanctioned regime calle I often feel inadeuate with writing reviews but especially with this one Please go easy on my mush brain and understand how precious and important this title is to me to ueer folx to the most marginalized and vulnerable in Canadian society Crosshairs is everything that LGBTIA people fear and everything we hope for This dystopian Canada felt close to home and uncomfortably possible Labour camps degradation and dehumanization mass murder of BIPOC and ueer folx But also some examples of systemic oppression with which we're already familiar Forced sterilization of Indigenous women denial of treaty rights and hereditary land stewardship authority racism within the ueer community anti Blackness within white and non white PoC communities These things do happen these things that should belong only in a dystopian novel These things that happen all the time but should be unimaginable It's a world that represents a nightmare for me and a dream for politicians like Mike Pence and Maxime Bernier Consider trigger warnings of child molestation murder enslavement hate crimes and slurs against racial and religious minorities and LGBTIA folx etc before picking this up Every kind of abuse of power at the expense of those most vulnerable due to marginalization and systemic structural violence We know their rhetoric already Keep an eye out for lazy immigrants who take away opportunities for the true Canadians Can't you just hear your dadgrandpabossneighbourpolitical candidate saying those words? A world where this sentiment this fear and hatred of the Other is manifested into very real horrors for those deemed abnormal Yet this vision of rich diversity agency and powerful allyship represented is what we dream of White ueers and straight allies acknowledging their privilege in a world that hones in on visible difference first Their privilege of passing as 'acceptable' in a dangerous world yet still these characters rise to the occasion and defend their brothers and sisters without expectation of recognition There are some powerful lines I will repeat to myself their mantra of active allyship without performance or virtue signaling BIPOC ueer folx fighting back against oppressors who want to stomp them into the ground Crosshairs is a book that champions and celebrates many kinds of intersectional diversity in the land known now as Canada Indigenous Black South Asian gay lesbian trans ueer Muslim disabled introvert drag ueen A rainbow mosaic of beauty and love I don't think I can coherently say how good it felt despite the horrors of the Renovation and the trauma experienced by the characters to read a book that was so confidently naturally jubilantly intersectional of every kind If you can stomach the subject matter this is not to be missed A warning yes A book with horrific violence and foreboding images of a possible future But also a love letter a coming out a memorial a celebration Every kind of amazing

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CrosshairsD The Boots seizes on the opportunity to round up communities of color the disabled and the LGBT into labor camps In the shadows a new hero emerges After he loses his livelihood as a drag ueen and the love of his life Kay joins the resistance alongside Bahadur a transmasculine refugee and Firuzeh a headstrong social worker Guiding them in the use of weapons and close uarters combat is Beck a rogue army officer CW transphobia homophobia assault CROSSHAIRS floored me Catherine Hernandez is a brilliant and powerful writer who brings this dystopian society to life It follows Kay a Black drag ueen who’s on the run after the extremist faction of government in the lands currently known as Toronto and Canada have put their racist discriminatory fascist beliefs into law Kay has been on the run for months hiding out with his friend Liv who’s part of the Resistance Kay eventually has to run again after Liv informs him that Toronto isn’t safe and he gets picked up by a white Resistance member named Beck Along the way we also meet Bahadur and countless other Brown Black and ueer folks who have been on the run and are fighting back against this oppressive regime taking over taking over the world There are some hefty trigger warnings for this but Hernandez is an important voice and tells these stories respectfully and with the fire that they deserve She addresses labor issues capitalism imperialism colonialism the hatred of “Others” that we are all too familiar with in 2020 She brings up Indigenous identity alongside Black and ueer characters and the true intersectionality of this book is a work of art in and of itself I suppose sometimes it’s a bit obvious that she’s trying to be intentionally inclusive and diverse but to be honest I think that’s what it takes in literature We need to be blatant and intentional with who’s getting portrayed in texts so we normalize inclusivity and intersectionality so I not only understand why Hernandez does this I think it works and illustrates her message perfectly Now plot wise I wouldn’t say there’s anything completely unexpected The dystopian world Hernandez creates has workhouses read concentration camps a segment of extremists who are limiting the rights and ending lives of “Others” another segment of the population comprised of Others and allies who’s revolting against the oppression It doesn’t necessarily have any characteristics we haven’t seen before in other dystopian novels with the glaring and fundamental exception of the truly inclusive nature of this story and its characters But the fact that this world doesn’t feel surprising is actually one of the most remarkable things about Hernandez’ skill as a writer she has successfully extrapolated our current situations human rights abuses political power and greed of the wealthy and corporations racist sexist homophobic transphobic policies and people to dystopian Toronto and it feels eerily close to what we could all imagine happening if we don’t do something CROSSHAIRS compels us to sit in whatever privilege we might have listen to other voices reflect on our role in perpetuating oppressive systems and what people not from our own communities are saying and experiencing and then act Avoiding the realities portrayed in CROSSHAIRS will take an act of revolution and Hernandez doesn’t just bring that revolution to life for us it feels like she’s making a prediction for usThank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy