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The Unnatural Inuirer kindle ↠ Hardcover ´ ➵ [Read] ➱ The Unnatural Inuirer By Simon R. Green ➿ – John Taylor's the name I'm a PI working that small slice of mystical real estate in the hidden centre of London that's called the Nightside It's a place where the sun refuses to rise wherSive rights Then both he and the disc vanishedI don't know if the disc is on the level but a job's a job and a million pounds is a million pounds Trouble is not only are all of the usual suspects pretty dangerous individuals but it's beginning to look like someone else someone very powerful is on the trail too And who or what ever it is is deadly determined to find the disc first This story is okay Nothing special Some elements of the ending seem contrivedGreen brings in a new power player the Removal Man who is a huge urban legend in the Nightside It bugs me that in the seven books preceding this one no Removal Man is ever even mentioned but in this one everyone's heard of him and fears him not to mention Taylor somehow knows he's real The reason he's never been mentioned before is obvious of course Green hadn't thought him up until this story But there's still a disconnect when there's this guy who's been a huge deal in the Nightside for a long time and the eighth book is the first time we hear about him I'm sure Green could have found a less jarring way to introduce the new character who isn't the only player in the Nightside we're newly introduced to; there's also the Cardinal and a bunch of others Maybe I'm being unreasonable but it jumped out at me as being lazy and unplannedAs for Bettie view spoilershe and Taylor are in mortal danger with people about to kill them until Taylor kills them first and she protests afterward She's a reporter and part succubus and she keeps wanting to see the famous John Taylor in action but when he does his thing she gets all upset about it? And then she's all 'I could learn to love you You're not really a killer' And no matter what he tells her Bettie believes Taylor kills people because he's with Suzie and not the other way aroundWas I supposed to hate Bettie? Because Taylor seemed okay with her but I really didn't like her I was sort of hoping this assignment would cost her her life If she's not prepared to kill people she's not as euipped as she thinks she is to live in Taylor's world but that isn't displayed in the story as much as it needs to be hide spoiler

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John Taylor's the name I'm a PI working that small slice of mystical real estate in the hidden centre of London that's called the Nightside It's a place where the sun refuses to rise where monsters and men walk side by side and where you can fulfill your every dark and depraved desire What I do there better than anybody else alive or dead is find things for the right client for t The Nightside books are uick and entertaining reads For any paranormal fantasy readers I do suggest this series but of course I suggest starting at Book 1 where you will meet a cast of characters guaranteed to entertain you including our male lead PI John TaylorIf you like The Dresden files you are sure to like the Nightside Not a place you'd want to live though just to visit though it seems some do want to stay

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The Unnatural InuirerHe right priceMy new client can certainly afford me The editor of the Unnatural Inuirer the Nightside's most notorious gossip rag the one everyone pretends not to read has offered me one million pounds to find a man named Pen Donavon who claims to have evidence of the Afterlife picked up on a television broadcast and burned onto DVD The Inuirer made Donavon a sweet deal for exclu 35 starsAnother fun outing in the Nightside John has a new but temporary thank God sidekick; as he tries to find someone with someTHING John uses his gift horribly but necessarily and of course that keeps the story flowing nicely What we don't have is Suzi Razor Eddie or Dead Boy We get Walker yuck and Alex So the storyline was not as fierce as usual This was still fun to read