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READ & DOWNLOAD å The Sane Society ´ ☀ The Sane Society PDF / Epub ✍ Author Erich Fromm – Social psychologist Erich Fromm’s seminal exploration of the profound ills of modern society and how best to overcome themOne of Fromm’s main interests was to analyze social systems and their impa Social psychoSocial psychologist Erich Fromm’s seminal exploration of the profound ills of modern society and how best to overcome themOne of Fromm’s main interests was to analyze social systems and their impact on the mental health of the individual In this study he reaches further an. This book has been a psychological survival manual for me I will always be indebted to Fromm for providing me with a way to hold on to hope in the spiritual progress of the human experiment in what is often a spiritually barren world After all without that hope life doesn't really amount to much despite all the rewards recognition and shiny trinkets one might hoard to shore up against facing one's emptiness He's given me better arguments than I could have forged on my own against falling into spiritual despair in the face of a world that often seems inhuman I guess I just didn't have the kind of insane courage to hope against all hope that is reuired in order to look for those arguments You need that kind of courage and people possessing it in order to defend the claims of the human spirit in a civilization built upon making these seem irrelevant even ridiculous Perhaps the heart of Fromm's vision in this book can be summed up thus “The whole life of the individual is nothing but the process of giving birth to himself; indeed we should be fully born when we die although it is the tragic fate of most individuals to die before they are born” This work is ultimately about the core tension that patterns the developmental struggle most of us likely experience and namely the tension between the reuirements of our full unfolding on the one hand and the reuirements ill fitting and culturally reproduced identity construals place on us on the other The uestion as we experience it within current cultural limitations is not nor can ever be one of finding ways to full psychological realization ie being fully born but one of minimizing the psychological mutilation we suffer in trying to adapt to barely adaptive cultural constructs It is in Fromm's words a uestion of ways to postpone death before birth At critical junctures in my life when I was tempted to just cave in to make the life struggle a little easier to bear by amputating inconvenient parts of myself in order to smoothly fall into line with the reuirements of the world I could actually fall back on his arguments and find thereby again and again a renewal of the will to persist in the struggle to protect the claims of my better self For it is invariably the claims of this better self with its incessant nagging somewhere at the back of our minds clamouring as it does for space to stretch and grow that we're often persuaded reuire junking for easy peace of mind Why is it always that the situation is so rigged that in order to succeed we must set the most vital parts of ourselves ablaze on the pyre of societyThe two idols that most compel the sacrifice are Success and our need for Belonging The former persuades us that if we are to succeed in the world we must take the axe and ruthlessly chop off everything that doesn't fit into the pre established slot that we're aiming to fill With our Selves that is And if we manage to muster the endurance to sustain the suffering and privation that inevitably beset any who try and sidestep this idol the pressing claims of our own spirit to find belonging and fulfillment in a community of others in the end get us The wisdom here is that should we stubbornly persist in clinging to this higher self's claims we will pay the price in isolation This is a hard price to pay for any human beingNow the admittedly risky alternative of looking into recovering the deeper meaning of Success and Community Belonging is not usually recognized Fromm acts as the Socratic gadfly by urging us to undertake just such a recovery and rethinking of the fundamental values of human life When something inside you is nagging at you that something vital is “missing” in life he urges you not to despair if you find no outer echo for that longing in the convenience store world that you see around you We've surely all been in this dark pit at some point in our developmental struggle and we fall there precisely in our most mundane workaday moments while faced with the neon candy bar glare of store windows It is hard to believe in the face of this gross matter of factness that we have a higher self that we should be true to There just seems to be no room for that in this world And the conversations with people are perhaps the most sadly alienating of all Any notion of a higher life making claims on us seems nothing than a wispy fantasy The world that you see takes you so far from your most vibrantly revelatory instincts into reality The discovery that the values that represent the highest human reality are not necessarily the values that you see reflected around you in your current socio cultural environment is deeply disorienting It's a Twilight Zone sort of feeling I feel tremendous sympathy for kids who have yet to experience the shock the strange sense of vertigo that this grim discovery brings Fromm's work is at its most empowering when it asks us to side with that tenuous intuition that there is to life than this He reminds us in so many ways that a community that reuires that you junk your developmental reuirements and places spiritual amputation as a prereuisite for participation is not worth aspiring to enter The meaningful participation you yearn for is unattainable anyhow to spiritual amputees Your real Community is the community of individuals who share with you an understanding of the values that accurately reflect and sustain human unfolding And your real Success is your capacity to sustain the courage and the hope to stand by the claims of your own better self and to as best as you can try to live by them in however circumscribed a sphere you happen to have your being in Without a sustained link to our higher self there can be no authentic success belonging not to mention love or sense of meaning In this Fromm recalls Kierkegaard subversive insight into the real meaning of success “The greatest hazard of all losing one's self can occur very uietly in the world as if it were nothing at all No other loss can occur so uietly; any other loss – an arm a leg five dollars a wife etc is sure to be noticed” This alone can occasion a possibly life changing perspective shiftThat a view is widespread or held in high regard in a culture is no proof of its substantiveness In his most audacious move yet Fromm shows how the conditions of social life in a given locale may well include ignorance vice and collective pathology“The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths and the fact that millions of people share the same form of mental pathology does not make these people sane” So much for orienting ourselves by culturally coded measures of the real So we're tasked to go back to the beginnings of things as unburdened by the clutter of so much cultural dead weight as we can make ourselves and rethink the fundamental meanings on which we build our lives Fromm's work whatever its failures does help us take a step in that direction And it is liberating work Rethinking as a culture the meaning of Love Community Reason Success Wisdom is liberating work And in it lies he argues psychology's proper task and greatest gift to human culture Fromm persuades us that the proper subject and goal of psychology must be protecting man's higher nature against the distortive identity constructs our societies would have us cram our selves into “It is the task of the science of man to arrive eventually at a correct description of what deserves to be called human nature What has often been called human nature is but one of its many manifestations and often a pathological one and the function of such mistaken definition usually has been to defend a particular type of society as being the necessary one” The great cultural tragedy of our day is that whatever of human rightful unfolding we can salvage it is inevitably circumscribed to the private perhaps even the merely subjective domains A humane education of the spirit such as his work encourages can go a long way to securing inner freedom and perhaps some modicum of authentic freedom and meaningful participation within the social micro unit of the family though the latter too is being junked on the altar of our two chosen gods Economy and Technology But it alone cannot provide us with the ultimate fulfillment that only meaningful work towards a common good can provide How this primal sense of polity and community is to be restored is one of the big uestions of our time Without it Fromm well recognizes there can be no full individual unfolding either It is meaningful participation within a working humane society alone that can provide adeuate matrix for the unfolding of relational beings such as we are It is ultimately a societal and infrastructural as opposed to a merely cultural and educational problem This is where Fromm's psycho centric cultural analysis inevitably falls shortAn analysis of our defunct memes is not an adeuate substitute for the fundamental structural analysis of the institutions to which whatever memes we may develop must inevitably adapt Consciously restructuring the institutions of society so that they come to work for human growth rather than against it is the task That such an endeavour seems utopian from our vantage point in itself speaks volumes about where we're at One can but dream of a life in which work is truly rewarding us by helping us realize our potential in which we can bring to participation in society all we have and in which the fate of most of us is not premature psychological death come entry into a highly specialized work force that provides greater fragmentation and furthers alienation Why should growth end with the mid 20sUltimately his work does provide a hope however circumscribed that the higher life of growth is not some naive pipedream of innocent schoolchildren not yet awakened to the reality of things It should be mandatory reading for young adults who are soon facing entry into the great societal meat machine It will serve them well as an encouragement to trust in their instinct to try and hold on to their own lights no matter how all negating the world they face is And for older readers it can be a potent reminder of in Eliot's words the Life they may have felt compelled to give up in living In any case it's best to be clear on this one matter supporting something other than spiritual growth is supporting death and thereby rendering all our actions and pursuits even if we should succeed in attaining them utterly meaningless Having some perspective about real priorities instead of just going with the flow thinking one might just somehow slide past the nauseating feeling of emptiness can perhaps enable constructive action before of life slips past ever people irretrievably If you take from this work only one thing take this Authentic success is to be found in our ongoing pursuit of realization and our true identity is to be sought in an ever deepening understanding of that most fundamental relationship which grounds our being and transcends all our partial relations enveloping us in the most primal and encompassing community there is the community of Being And here's the most inspiring light that we can hold up to the fear that besets such venturing from false security“Each new step into his new human existence is frightening It always means to give up a secure state which was relatively known for one which is new which one has not yet mastered Undoubtedly if the infant could think at the moment of the severance of the umbilical cord he would experience the fear of dying A loving fate protects us from this first panic But at any new step at any new stage of our birth we are afraid again We are never free from two conflicting tendencies one to emerge from the womb from the animal form of existence into a human existence from bondage to freedom; another to return to the womb to nature to certainty and security”

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And discusses historical and contemporary alternatives particularly communitarian systems Finally he presents new ideas for a re organization of economics politics and culture that would support the individual’s mental health and our profound human needs for love and freedo. greediness ambition and so forth are forms of insanity although usually one does not think of them as 'illness' Benedictus Baruch de SpinozaErich Fromm was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1900 into a cultivated and religious milieu As an adolescent he was particularly attracted to the Messianic visions of universal peace and harmony in Jewish thought and later belonged to the same circle as the existential theologian Martin Buber After an extensive study of psychology and sociology at the universities of Heidelberg Frankfurt and Munich he obtained psychoanalytic training at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute Although unlike most analysts he had no medical training Fromm began a clinical practice in 1926 which he was to continue for the rest of his lifeThe Sane Society 1955 is a continuation of author's previous works and I assume reasons of feeling so reluctant to rate it high now is perhaps I'm missing the other two For readers who follows I think reading Mr Fromm's previous works first is the best to do I'll for sure be back to write detailed review as I was contemporary with former Yugoslavian state that he claims as example form any future modern society could be considering as human much livable than modern capitalism has to offerFor now I'd and I must to express my appreciation and astonishment about the author's massive staggering knowledge in field of human psychology However in same time I must admit I feel profound inconsistencies when it comes to fit psychology into the social aspect of matter When he describes the system that has potential to save us from further alienation it is as he discards all the facts he knows about human nature and suddenly appears to me as an utopistic dreamer Still I like dreamers just who serve the benefits of humanity and there is nothing to bother about except one fact The Sane Society is dated 1955 and now is 2015 and I'm reading it I'm scientific book reader and honestly I don't read outdated books and not just me this masterpiece is still and appears to be actual today and perhaps in future as well The fact this book is not forgotten and it is still actual read that is something we should be worried about

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The Sane SocietyD asks “ Can a society be sick” He finds that it can arguing that Western culture is immersed in a “pathology of normalcy” that affects the mental health of individuals In The Sane Society Fromm examines the The Sane eBook #10003 alienating effects of modern capitalism. In the Sane Society Fromm reiterates and expands upon his earlier works1 Escape From Freedom; a critical synthesis of Marx and Freud and a treatise on what Fromm calls social psychology but what would in my opinion be accurately called socialist psychoanalysis2 Man for Himself; a treatise on modern humanistic existential ethics in which Fromm braids insights from Nietzsche and other existentialists into his psycho social theory of ‘how to live’ In the Sane Society Fromm continues his critiue of Freud for his myopic focus on individual neurosis and lack of understanding of how social milieu and economic and political systems effect and even shape the individual’s sense of self feelings of well being creative potential values and relationshipsIn a nutshell Fromm is reiterating the idea that what Freud called neurosis may in fact be a healthy response to a ‘sick’ system Fromm continues his critiue of Marx for being tone deaf to the actual rather than idealized needs and motivations of human beings Fromm acknowledges that individualism is one of modernity’s great achievements and competition and striving for innovation are innate human psychological needs Essentially Fromm is claiming that forcing people into an artificially collectivistic ideology that does not fully satisfy their natural individualistic drives is the psycho social euivalent of foot binding Fromm continues his critiue of capitalism claiming that it objectifies and dehumanizes us by promoting the willful commodification of ourselves and others basically reducing us to wage slaves that toil endlessly out of materialistic vanity andor in avoidance of the pure terror of being homeless or broke and alone in old age But he’s not any less critical of Soviet style communism claiming that psychologically speaking it’s essentially the same thing as corperate capitalism with the only difference being that huge oppressive bureaucracy and police surveillance force consent in the USSR where as money driven Madison Avenue manufactures consent in America via social pressure and manipulative psychological persuasion Fromm could be talking about 2020 in his descriptions of the psychology of media and information driven workFromm keenly observes that concentrated activity is invigorating and multitasking or non concentrated activity is drainingFromm observes that mindless daydreaming is not invigorating but is in fact it’s a signature of lacking connection with life and the here and now He continues by observing that modern informational life splits our attentions and drives us to distraction and dissociation Fromm seems to predict what life is like in 2020 and why mindfulness is such an important and prominent contemporary interest Fromm discusses life satisfaction from a psychodynamic perspective Fromm observes that it is common to feel satisfied on the conscious level and unconsciously repress feelings of dissatisfaction particularly in our culture where being dissatisfied with life is highly stigmatized and elicits judgments of failure and feelings of shameAs if you’re doing something wrong for feeling like life could be than meaningless work and endless consumption of goods and pleasantriesThis could not be apparent in the age of social media Getting right down to the point here For Fromm the Sane Society is one in which psychological well being sanity is the focus Not ideology not money not guns guts and god not looking good not being cool But simply sanity and wellness in mind body relationship and yes even spirit although he’s not talking about anything supernatural or magical when he makes allusions to the import of spiritual and religious life Basically Fromm is promoting a fair Marx natural Darwin intrinsically motivated Nietzsche psychologically healthy Freud and awake Buddha way of beingFromm argues that Soviet era Communism and late century American democracy were similar than distinct in so far as both cultures promoted a kind of oppressive denatured robotic conformity in its citizens Fromm proposes a type of decentralized locally distributed psychologically informed modern European style humanitarian socialism as a third way where by people are guaranteed a basic subsistence education healthcare etc so that everyone can spend time focused on personal exploration growth connection and innovation