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The Mosuito Coast Free download à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ ❰Read❯ ➭ The Mosuito Coast Author Paul Theroux – In a breathtaking adventure story the paranoid and brilliant inventor Allie Fox takes his family to live in the Honduran jungle determined to build aE hopes to rediscover a purer life But his utopian experiment takes a dark turn when his obsessions lead the family toward unimaginable danger. THE MOSUITO COAST is a marvelous novel by Paul Theroux Brilliant writing and great characters Highly recommended

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In a breathtaking adventure story the paranoid and brilliant inventor Allie Fox takes his family to live in the Honduran jungle determined to. My introduction to the fiction of Paul Theroux is The Mosuito Coast and readers in search of the Great American Novel would be hard pressed to find a thrilling definition of the term Not that there haven't been novels of high literary merit set in mundane locations but the Great American Novel takes its characters on a great journey physically spiritually often both and says something definitive about the USA in the era in which it is set Published in 1982 this novel achieves that introducing an ingenious but self destructive man whose obsessions drag his family off the map where he's determined to keep gambling on his grandiose ideas until he has nothing left to loseThe story is narrated by Charlie Fox a fourteen year old who lives with his family outside of Hatfield Massachusetts Kept out of school with his younger siblings Jerry and twins April Clover Charlie spends his time with Father Allie Fox an inventor Nine patents he liked to say Six pending who dropped out of Harvard to get what he considered a real education Allie works for an asparagus farmer named Tiny Polski fixing things and inventing others like a scale model box that generates ice from enriched ammonia and high pressure hydrogen without any electricity or gas Father dubs his invention Fat BoyPolski refers to Fat Boy as a contraption and seeing no application for it on his farm is largely unimpressed Father gives his working model to the migrant workers who live on the farm and who the inventor refers to with both admiration and derision as the savages What Allie Fox most likes to do other than take things apart is rant free trade education pollution crime energy nutrition entertainment the Foxes do not own a TV etc A trip to a hardware store in Northampton is enough to push him past the boiling point He is far from optimistic about the direction the country is headedI'm the last man That had been Father's freuent yellIt was painful back in my bed in the dark unlocked house not dreaming but thinking I felt small and shrunken Father who believed there was going to be a war in America had prepared me for his death All winter he had been saying It's coming something terrible is going to happen here He was restless and talkative He said the signs were everywhere In the high prices the bad tempers the gut worry In the stupidity and greed of people and in the hoggish fatness of them Bloody crimes were being committed in cities and criminals went unpunished It was not going to be an ordinary war he said but rather a war in which no side was entirely innocent Fat fools will be fighting skinny criminals he said You'll hate one and be scared of the other It'll be national brain damage Who's left to trustWithout telling Charlie what's going on Father and his compassionate but obedient wife Mother take the children to Springfield to purchase tents canteens cotton cloth needles and thread mosuito netting fifty pounds of hybrid seeds The field workers pay Father a visit conferring over a map and giving him a machete as a gift Leaving everything except for the camping euipment and most of Father's tools they drive to Balti and board a cargo vessel Charlie meets a family of missionaries whose hip daughter Emily Spellgood takes a liking to him and earns the confidence of Captain SmallsCharlie is embarrassed by his father’s humiliation of those he considers himself superior to The boy's encounters with Emily remind him just how abnormal the Foxes are and he's glad they're headed where no one will see him Mosuitia the virgin jungle of Honduras Just as Polski tried to warn Charlie about his dad Your father's the most obnoxious man I've ever met Polski said He is the worst kind of pain in the neck a know it all who's sometimes vight the captain advises Charlie that while the Indians live an easy life for the Foxes it will be like living in a zoo where the animals are free and he's the one in a cageUpon landing in La Ceiba Charlie is enchanted by the stillness of the port but seeing it in the harsh daylight finds it hot and stinking and chaotic Father a fluent Spanish speaker acuits himself wonderfully with strangers he wants to impress such as a drunken German who for a sum of four hundred dollars sells Allie his one acre farm someplace up the Aguan River known as Jeronimo Passage is booked on a launch piloted by Mr Haddy a mariner who like everyone else buckles under the willpower of Charlie's father letting him steer the boat all the way up the river to their new home Jeronimo reminded me of one time when we were in Massachusetts and fishing Father pointed to a small black stump and said That's the state line there I looked at this rotten stump the state line Jeronimo was like that We had to be told what it was We would not have taken it for a town It had a huge tree a trunk pillar propping up a blimp of leafy branches with tiny jays in it It was a guanacaste and under it was a half acre of shade The remnants of Weerwilly's shack and his failure were still there looking sad and accidental But these leftover ruins only made Jeronimo seem wilder this wet afternoonAlong with Mr Haddy Father wins over a dozen Zambu Indians who live in the area most of whom speak English including a family suatting in Weerwilly's shack who Father asks to stay putting them to work along with his family His first invention is a paddle wheel on the river that moves water through pipes into a bathhouse where the settlement can wash clothes bathe and boil water The natives remain dubious about the contraption noting that water is readily available during the rainy season and can be fetched from the river with a bucket any time Father moves ahead Land is cleared waterproof bamboo huts built and miracle seeds plantedWork begins on a silo Though Charlie recognizes what it is Father keeps everyone else in suspense until a full scale version of Fat Boy delivers ice to the jungle Everything Allie Fox has promised food water shelter is achieved and other than an unannounced visit from a missionary who Father chases away no one bothers them Mother is open to learning the Zambu ways for skinning and smoking meat or hanging peppers and the children build a hidden campsite with access to indigenous water and food but Father becomes obsessed with spurring innovation and self sufficiency among Indians of the regionAfter failing to find an Indian settlement untouched by the white man along the river Allie sets off with his gift of ice over the mountains despite warnings from the Zambu that They always troubles there Contrabanders Shouljers Feefs People from Nicaragua way Taking Charlie and Jerry they find an Indian settlement which appears to have three English speaking slaves Father tells the captured men about Jeronimo and compels them to slip away When the men show up armed with rifles Allie realizes that it was the Indians who were being held prisoner by the soldiers who decide to stay in Jeronimo indefinitely Allie finds this intrusion unacceptable The Mosuito Coast pushes its chips onto the table to tell an adventure story with ideas just as big as the trek the characters undertake At the time of its publication Allie Fox may have seemed like an aberration that uncle whose rants about society are endured once a year at Thanksgiving Thanks to social media his type seem like they're everywhere today white men disparaging everything from government to free trade to immigration to breakfast cereal to television Rather than parroting talk radio Fox is able to think for himself and demonstrate that his solutions are right nine times out of ten But when he's wrong he's really really wrongTheroux appeals to that pioneer in us who suspects something is rotten in America and fantasizes about getting out of here to take on virgin nature with our ingenuity and live free Fox's inventions with names like Thunder Box or Atom smasher are the creation of a wily engineer yet are described with the language of a natural storyteller I would have never thought there were forty different ways to beautifully and vividly describe a dirt poor country like Honduras but Theroux does it tickling our imaginations with his prose like National Geographic does with their color photographs as he describes the life of a jungle settler It was not an easy life these first weeks in Jeronimo It was no coconut kingdom of free food and grass huts and sunny days under the bam under the boo Wilderness was ugly and unusable and where were the dangerous animals There was something stubborn about jungle trees the way they crowded each other and gave us no shade I saw cruelty in the hanging vines and selfishness in their root systems This was work and work and a routine that took up every daylight hour On the Unicorn and in La Ceiba and even in Hatfield we had done pretty much what we pleased Father had left us alone and gone about his own business Usually I had helped him but sometimes not Here things were differentOne aspect of the novel that comes up short for me is that Allie Fox overpowers every other character in the story He's a cue ball that strikes all the other balls on the table moving them but only in relation to him I anticipated Charlie asserting himself and mounting a battle of wills against his father as his decision making becomes uestionable but this expectation was entirely of my own design and unfair to criticize the author for The Mosuito Coast may be best appreciated as a journal written by Charlie and documenting how like America's action in Vietnam Americans enter the jungle with too many resources too many ideas and little by little go insaneTheroux's novel served as the source material for an overlooked movie released in 1986 starring Harrison Ford as Allie Fox Helen Mirren as Mother and River Phoenix as Charlie Fox Audiences were not sold on Ford playing something of a bad guy in a family tragedy and The Mosuito Coast was a commercial failure Working with Peter Weir the Australian filmmaker who'd directed Ford in Witness and has never made a bad movie Ford is Allie Fox and gives a riveting performance completely against his virtuous type The movie is definitely worth a look

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The Mosuito CoastBuild a civilization better than the one they've left Fleeing from an America he sees as mired in materialism and The Mosuito Epubconformity h. I do research in spoken language technology building software that people can talk to Right now our main project is an app that lets beginning language students practice their speaking skills; if you're interested you can find out here We have been working on it for about three and half years and so far we don't really know if it's a good idea or not We get mixed messages from the people who have tried it out Some of them are enthusiastic and say it's really improved their French or Japanese Others complain about this and that not fast enough speech recognition isn't sufficiently reliable doesn't let you practice enough different things We continue with it because we believe in the basic concept but it's uite possible we're just going down a dead end I read this book about 25 years ago when I was starting out in this field and it's a frightening parable for anyone who works with new technology Ally Fox is a gifted engineer who completely lacks any kind of common sense He conceives an insane plan to move his family to Honduras and set up house in the jungle He will build an enormous refrigerator and make large uantities of ice The near savage inhabitants of the area have never seen ice For no particular reason Fox is convinced that they will be amazed and thrilled by it They locate a good spot to pitch camp they build their house and their monster refrigerator but no one comes asking for ice Fox decides he has to go to the clients He wraps up some big blocks of ice insulating them as well as he can and sets off to find his user base If you're in the tech innovation business yourself you will probably find this book fascinating But be warned that it could also give you nightmares