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Read My Posse Don't Do Homework ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ì ❮Reading❯ ➿ My Posse Don't Do Homework Author LouAnne Johnson – Dziewiątą klasę w Parkmont High School nauczyciele określają zwięźle mianem „trudnej” Poprzedniczka LouAnne Johnson – nowej nauczycGodzy LouAnne była dziennikarka i oficer piechoty morskiej ma jednak inne zdanie W powierzonych jej opiece uczniach widzi wrażliwych młodych ludzi którzy My Posse PDF or pod maską ulicznych chuliganów kryją strach przed otoczeniem i niewiarę we własne siły Łamiąc wszelkie uświęco. I enjoyed this book It now sounds outdated old fashioned in places taking students for coffee giving them lifts home in your car saving them from arrest and not informing their parents I liked Johnson's narrative arc and the way she does move away from the idea that teachers can solve all of the problems that their students face That said I thought the description of ex colleagues was unprofessional in places and some of her methods unsustainable I admire Johnson for her work and I would like to know about how her career progressed after the teaching role and then into the bookfilmTV show The book is not like the film from what I remember so I'd recommend it as much less saccharine and holy than the 'Hollywood ' version

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Ne szkolne zasady prośbą i groźbą pochlebstwem i podstępem nakłania nastolatków by zadbali o własną przyszłość i zaczęli interesować się nauką Młodzież stopniowo obdarza ją zaufaniem i wraz z nią przeciwstawia się szkolnej biurokracji i bezdusznemu programowiopis z okładk. This book is kind of a train wreck of sorts but here's my review that I wrote for my MAT program Miss Johnson is a newly hired teacher set with the task of working in a difficult inner city school I remember going to the movie theatre in middle school and watching “Dangerous Minds” starring Michelle Pfeiffer The book goes much in depth into the curriculum class room management style and lives of children in Miss Johnson’s classes I have to say that I was disturbed by some of the techniues that Miss Johnson used in the classroom with her students I know that the classes weren’t the easiest to manage but some approaches seemed imbalanced There are traditional and non traditional ways to approach decorum in a classroom I was taken aback when Miss Johnson kissed a sleeping student on the cheek to wake him up and continued throughout her narrative to talk about how she would threaten to “kick her student’s asses” An epic rant near the end of the book seemed the most off kilter “I know you kids are angry” I yelled “because the world isn’t fair Well get over it because it’s never going to be fair The white boys have all the money and the power and that’s the way it is And they aren’t going to give it up to you or to me And you can’t blame them for it because if you had it you wouldn’t give it to them either” 230 Miss Johnson is expressing truth to her class in the fact that our society is dominated by white men and a small percentage of people control the country’s wealth Her approach to talking about this issue to her students seems inappropriate and biased I believe that greedy people should be held accountable for their greed I believe that change is possible and given the opportunity means and education that oppressed and impoverished people can rise above socioeconomic adversity to achieve greatness In order to not completely be depressed with the state of the world I have to believe in human kindness and the possibility that if wealth were distributed fairly that people would take better care of one another I admired the way that Miss Johnson exposed her students to the work of Shakespeare the field trip that she took some of her students on to Alcatraz the way that she connected to parents through letters and home visits the positive attitude she maintained the respect she showed for her students for the most part and the incredible amount of hard work and commitment she displayed as an educator

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My Posse Don't Do HomeworkDziewiątą klasę w Parkmont High School Don't Do PDF #10003 nauczyciele określają zwięźle mianem „trudnej” Poprzedniczka LouAnne Johnson – nowej nauczycielki – odeszła stąd w stanie ciężkiego rozstroju nerwowego „Oni zakosztowali krwi są niebezpieczni” – twierdzą peda. The Magical Teacher Narrative is the belief that you don't have to change a students home life their socioeconomic status or their history All you have to do is put a great teacher in front of them and they will succeed Its a common narrative in the media Don't give schools money just find a teacher usually white who is willing to give up their whole life for their students and they will all go to college Problem solved My Posse Don't Do Homework is probably well known for the movie it inspired Dangerous Minds Michelle Pfeiffer stars as LouAnne Johnson a tough ex marine turned teacher in an inner city school I've seen the movieits fine but for me the best thing about Dangerous Minds is the song Gangsters Paradise by Coolioof all people that song still slaps I hated this book Its a 1 star read but I love Gangster's Paradise so I added a star From reading rave reviews of this book I've realized I'm not the target audience for this book White people love this book and think LouAnne Johnson was a great teacherBut nah son nah I realize this book took place a long time ago and its clear things have changed but some things were never okay LikeCalling LatinX students her Spanish babies NO NO NO NOLikeTaking a male student out on a dinner by candlelightjust the 2 of them NOOOOOO LikeWondering why students whose parents work 234 jobs might not be able to help with homework or come to parentteacher conferences Bitch Really This book is a perfect example of what's wrong with the American education system If you don't understand what kids are going through culturally and at home then you can actually help them She didn't teacher her students she admits that students got A's in her class but D's F's in every other class A few students saw improvement overall but she admits that they had stable home lives She was an English teacher who didn't grade based on spelling grammar or the length of the essay Which is fine but ain't nothat's bad use of grammar other teachers gonna grade like that They definitely won't do that in college Sowhat are we doing I hate this book and I'm happy that my father made enough money to send me and my sister to predominantly white private school But most Black and Brown kids don't have that luxury A good education shouldn't be based on your zip code or your ethnicity Every kid should be given a fighting chance at a good education Education determines a lot of things in a persons life and times than not poor mostly Black and Brown kids get the short end of the stick And it pisses me off when somebody writes a book patting themselves on the back for working in an inner city school btw most new teachers are forced to teacher in inner city or lower income school districts One teacher won't change the education system but money and policy changes will