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Geim author Anders de la Motte free read ✓ 106 Å ❰BOOKS❯ ✮ Geim Author Anders de la Motte – Småkriminelle Henrik HP Pettersen finner en dag en smarttelefon på T banen På displayet dukker det opp et enkelt spørsmål Vil du spille et spill Merkelig nok vet telefonen det meste Småkriminelle Henrik HP Pettersen finner en dag en smarttelefon på T banen På displayet dukker det opp et enkelt spørsmål Vil du spille et spill Merkelig nok vet telefonen det meste om livet hans HP blir etter hvert dratt med i et. I had high hopes for this one I saw a couple rave reviews go by including the Publisher's Weekly plug in the summary above and I was intrigued by the premiseBut no Right now I'm wishing there were a way I could get my 2 back from The writing style is very annoying it's a translation but I suspect that's unrelated The author has sprinkled inner monologue everywhere ranging from outdated catch phrases As if and Run Forrest run to juvenile hostility Suck my ass mofos Many paragraphs are concluded with some sort of exclamation or uestion That was so cool What the fuck WTF indeed The character HP is a egocentric asshole slacker possibly a sociopath In an early scene he's also a complete dick to his friend who is a recently converted Muslim He calls him by his former name and when the friend reminds him of the Muslim name he now prefers HP says Of course I know Mangey boy If you insist on turning yourself into a second class carpet seller that's your decision He nodded demonstratively at Farook's Middle Eastern trousers silk waistcoat and long shirtJust don't expect me to buy into that bullshit You were Mange when we started school when you used to smoke your mom's cigarettes behind the Co op and when you lost your virginity to that fat Finnish girl in a tent at Hultsfred So that's who you are to me regardless of whatever you your wife or your latest god think okayTurns out the game is ideal for egomaniacal sociopaths but how in the world am I supposed to root for this guy much less endure his assholery for 300 pagesThe other character Rebecca is sympathetic up to a point but she's also pretty much a stock character Female bodyguard with some trauma in her past memories of which of course revisit her during sparring so she accidentally incapacitates her sparring partner oops Yeah that's never happened in a thriller before I nearly bailed at the 10% mark when the phone asked the HP for the 50th time whether he was REALLY SURE he wanted to be part of The Game What is this a Windows update Get ON with it I see a lot of readers lauding the pacing but I felt annoyance not anticipation What were the odds he was not going to play And I finally bailed at the 20% mark when HP was congratulating himself during a sex scene on his incredible prowess As his partner whimpers that she's about to finish But he didn't give a damn Because he was the King of Fucking the Prince of Penetration the Ayatollah of Fuck 'n' RollaAgain the word juvenile comes to mind I am very clearly not the intended reader for this book If you're going to brave this one read the sample first I wish I had

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Elegger den perfekte fasaden Hun mottar anonyme brev og stadig ringer noen hennes telefonsvarer Er det noen som leker med henne Spiller et spill Spillet får HPs og Rebeccas liv til å nærme seg hverandre og spenningen stiger ytterlige. It seemed promising but I didn't like it that muchFortunately I didn't buy the whole trilogy all at once

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Geim author Anders de la MotVirkelighetsspill hvor han får utfordringer som blir mer og mer risikofylte Til slutt gjør han hva som helst for å kunne fortsette spillet Rebecca er livvakt har stålkontroll på livet og karrieren Den siste tiden er det noe som ød. Game a competitive activity involving skill chance or endurance on the part of two or persons who play according to a set of rules usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators Courtesy of DictionarycomLLCAfter seeing someone has left a phone on the train what do you do Do you try to flag them down in an effort to return their property or do you turn it on and consider yourself lucky to have found such a treasure Before you can really figure what to do the phone buzzs Lo and behold the person on the other line is asking if you want to play a game Then suddenly without knowing how to respond the phone addresses you by name How does the person on the other end sending messages know that you've found this phone Figuring it's some funny joke you agree to play The GameHenrik Pettersson can't believe his luck when he finds a phone on the train Instead of leaving it alone he answers the call of The Game Master Because HP is unlike the average person he's the perfect candidate for The Game He's a slacker not really worried about the conseuences of his actions narcissitic and impulsive He lacks any real family or emotional connection to any one person Swedish author Anders de la Motte's Game is fast paced and takes off like a rocket He places HP into action almost immediately and never gives the reader a chance to get bored with The Game Even when the novel shifts to a woman named Rebecca Normen We don't know her connection to the progression of the story except that she's no nonsense tough smart and driven as a personal protection coordinator Because Game barely slows down for HP to catch a breath his profile is given to readers through a glimpse of his file This file is what was used to determine HP's ualifications of being a participant in The Game It's may seem like cheating but Anders de la Motte does well in developing the Rebecca Normen character She's the enjoyable of the two main characters After some time I found HP to be draining He's dense and de la Motte never showcases the intelligence that was used as a determining factor in his being asked to join The Game He's only able to get into contact with much smarter people That's his only redeeming ualitySince HP isn't the brightest crayon in the box nor does he think things through I found it especially hard to back him 100% Once he finds out the extent of what he's gotten hisself into it's not all that obvious that he appreciates it He almost takes for granted the long reach of the people he's involved with He's frustrating to no end Overall I will be reading the next novel Buzz in the Game trilogy because I did like book 1 a lot Game is engrossing and will appeal to fans of thrillers and suspense The idea of someone being idiotic enough to do whatever a phone tells them just for a short time of recognition and praise is always an interesting topic in the age of social media and our phones being the source of everything that is anything I am looking forward to finding out who wins the game Will it be HP or The Game Master Copy provided by Simon Schuster via Netgalley