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Asta's Book doc Ü Paperback read ↠ barbara vine ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Asta's Book ✪ Barbara Vine – Written by Ruth Rendell under the pen name of Barbara Vine the diary of a lonely Danish immigrant at the turn of the century became a bestseller in England Asta offers keen intereWritten by Ruth Rendell under the pen name of Barbara Vine the diary of a lonely Danish immigrant at the turn of the century became a bestseller in England Asta offers keen interest in life zest for storytelling and acerbic views of humanity 71415 I've listened to this several times over the past few months on audio superbly performed by Harriet Walter As many times as I've read the book I'm still hearing new sentences it seems I've listened to several other Vines as well during this time and the same is true of them Ironically I was in the process of listening to this when Ruth Rendell was felled by a stroke in January and another Vine when she died in May72413 It's always interesting to get other readers' 'take' on a book it's almost as thought they read a different book Ironically some of the things others had a problem with are the very things that so impress me about this book102909 approximate This is my favorite novel by Ruth Rendell writing as Barbara Vine and at this point just about my favorite novel period I recently finished reading it for the eleventh time I much prefer the book's British title ASTA'S BOOK for a character's name definitely influences how you envision themA famous diary that may provide clues to a brutal murder a present day narrative by the diarist's grand daughter and a trial transcript from these elements Rendell weaves together a spellbinding narrative about the search for identity In doing so she creates a world and characters that I hate to leave behind as she also does in A DARK ADAPTED EYE A FATAL INVERSION THE HOUSE OF STAIRS and THE BRIMSTONE WEDDING which is why I've re read these books so many times It's also a very interesting look at the relationships between women mothers and daughters sisters aunts and nieces70510 Time for my annual re reading 112110 I took it very very slowly savoring a few pages most nights before bed after I'd put aside whatever my current main book was Was this the 12th or 13th reading or the 14th? I can't honestly say But I still turned the pages as eagerly as I did the first time120811 Just finished re reading my favorite book by my favorite author I've had a bad case of reader's block for the past 2 months only managed 2 books apiece in October and November I hoped that re reading ASTA'S BOOK would help me out of the reading doldrums I resisted temptation a couple of weeks ago only reading the opening page but last week decided Oh well what the heck And I did get lost in its spell once again120312 Just as good the 15th time And a welcome relief from some of the gloomy stuff I'd been trying to read

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As well as a mystery for subseuent generations to unravel Walter's considerable acting skills keep the long process moving As most of the central figures are female her very feminine voice presents few gender problems She occasionally shows s A lovely rich often complex historical mysteryfamily saga of which I'm tempted to say something like 'books like this don't get written any'; I'm sure they do of course they just rarely appear on my radar But this one did and for that I am thankful it's a cosy book something to abandon yourself to and written with the same impeccable elegance that emanates from its main charactersThe book begins as the diary of Asta a Danish woman whose husband's work has brought their family to London Asta's account starts in 1905 and extracts from her diaries are intercut with the life of her granddaughter Ann in the late 1980s By this point Asta's diaries have been turned into a bestselling series of books found and published by her eldest daughter Ann's aunt Swanny Yet only now does Ann discover the diaries may hold the key to an unsolved murder uestions also emerge around one character's parentageAsta's Book is absorbing but uietly so; it encourages leisurely yet attentive reading rather than the frantic page turning that seems compulsory for mysteries now This was a delightful change of pace for meTinyLetter | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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Asta's BookTrain with dialects but this is mitigated by her understanding of inner motivations Indeed it proves to be the personal uirks of the characters that both create and solve the mystery as denouement follows denouement to a surprising conclusion Terribly boring and awfully hard work for a rather anticlimatic ending Too much bleak social commentary and not enough story which is fine but not on the fiction and entertainment shelves Redeemed by some interesting thoughtsFavourite uotes'Hope is a horrible thing I don't know why these church people call it virtue it is horrible because it is so often disappointed' P13'Hope deferred may make the heart sick at first; later it leads only to boredomPleasire came laterInuiring about its provenance came much later' p38'1988 In our society the extended family fast disappearing one sees one's cousins only at funerals and then very likely fails to recognise them' p74'Love hasn't much chance of survival in a relationship where one person is always telling the other one what to do and bullying and preaching' p 113