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Read Cold to the Touch The Dark Peak #2 eBook Ý ebook ✓ Cari Hunter à ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Cold to the Touch The Dark Peak #2 ✩ Author Cari Hunter – Winter in the Derbyshire Peaks months of knee deep snow short days and rocketing crime ratesDetecWinter in the Derbyshire Peaks months of knee deep snow short days and rocketing crime ratesDetective Sanne Jensen is living in self imposed isolation and uietly falling apart while Dr Meg Fielding Sanne’s best frie Well that was a trip Part II to the Dark Peak series had me 1 cringing in my seat making uniue and grotesue faces and blech noises that made the cat jump off my lap and hide 2 feeling utterly exhausted by the amount of insane hours the MCs work at their thankless jobs 3 subconsciously reaching for my electric blanket at every turn of a page damn this is a cold book and 4 hearing my arteries sympathetically narrowing by another 12 inch I did not get my wish for any semblance of healthy eatingSanne and Meg are still saving the day all the while drinking an exorbitant amount of tea This was a thrillermystery through and through and the writing and build up had me guessing all the way to the end While in the first book I patted myself on the back for calling whodunnit early on this one I was uite surprised There are awful moments of violence and a shit tonne of crappy weather but a few things got me through namely Sanne's work team of Nelson Stanhope George and Fred not the Weasley twins unfortunately their loyalty humour and uiet confidence in one another being uite remarkable And also the exemplary friendship between Sanne and Meg and their dedication to one another They seem like a pair that would be a lot of fun to have a beer with amiright? But I'm doing the fucking cooking ladies and you shall eat greens and live long lifeThere is a fracture between the two in this book however and the way Ms Hunter weaved this in was utterly flawless That scene? Where Sanne is going upstairs in her cold cold cottage cough Electric Blanket cough with her hot water bottle then the next scene with icy toes against Meg's leg? DO YOU ALL REMEMBER? That was some fantastic lead up and I still shake my head in awe and have a lump in THROAT YO We also see Sanne at her most vulnerable as she is on a suspension at work due to stress mistakes heartache and probably some other colourful PTSD symptoms thrown in and we see how she navigates not only her demanding job but also her own emotional turmoil Anyone else get destroyed when view spoiler Meg uietly says You didn't want me? COME FORTH WATERWORKS hide spoiler

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Nd and occasional lover is struggling to cope with her violent brother who is back in town and demanding money that she doesn’t haveWhen the murder of a drug addict is dumped onto Sanne’s already unmanageable case UPDATEListened to this audioback on the way home on a 14 hour roadtrip from Ft Collins CO back to Dallas TX The wife wouldn't let me turn it off Got home and the book wasn't done yet so we're now listening on our nightly dog walks and she's hooked I know it won't get her to pick up an actual book but hey audiobooks count for something right?I have to say that the audio versions take a LOT longer to listen to than it took me to actually just read this Nothing missing though I typically don't do audiobooks so I was a bit worried but the narrator was wonderfulHunter has done it again For the second time in as many days I'm marking a mysterysuspense novel as a well deserved 5 stars That's just not a normal thing for me so take it as a hint to go read these books NOWThis second book in the series was marginally worse than the first but we're talking about a0000001% difference If the first book No Good Reason was a full 5 stars then this one is a 49999999999 in my book Even though I still wouldn't classify these as romance novels I freaking love Meg and Sanne as MCs and absolutely cannot wait to pick up the third book to see where their story goes nextOh and of course the mystery was amazing too The only reason I'm rating this infinitesimally worse than the first is because Hunter gave me such a high expectation of perfection after No Good Reason Plus I found this one to be just a tad predictable but again we're talking about minutia here Cold to the Touch still managed plenty of twists to keep this seasoned mysterysuspense reader surprised and wanting Do yourself a favor if you haven't already and pick up these books right now Even if you've already read them go re read them You won't be sorry

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Cold to the Touch The Dark Peak #2Load she suspects the death may be the start of something sinister But how can she investigate a crime when no one cares about the victim? And how can she stop a killer who has no identity no motive and no conscience? Cari Hunter just writes fantastic mystery stories I’m a huge fan of herThis one is the following book to «No good reason» and follows Sanne Jensen detective and Meg Fielding doctor After ending book one I was hoping they would be together now but unfortunately they weren’t Sanne is struggling with her emotions and feelings for Meg meanwhile Meg is in a relationship with Emily It’s that bad that it interfered with her jobThe mystery was enthralling and captivating as in all her mystery books This series is one I sure will reread sometimes I’m really looking forward to book #3Recommending to every mystery crime fanSorry that I’m a little short in my review it will be my last for a few weeks because for a little than four weeks I will traveling some parts of Australia And I still haven’t packed my stuff So I wish you all a good time and enjoy some books I can read afterward My rating 5 stars