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PDF È BOOK Stitching Snow FREE ☆ R.C. LEWIS ✓ [PDF] ✎ Stitching Snow Author R.C. Lewis – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Princess Snow is missingHer home planet is filled with violence and corruption at the hands of King Matthias and his wife as they attempt to punish her captors The king will stop at nothing to getE has grown used to being cold Temperatures on the planet Thanda are always sub zero and she fills her days with coding and repairs for the seven loyal drones that run the local minesWhen a mysterious young man named Dane crash lands near her home Essie agrees to help the pi 25 stars I was pretty determined to not compare this book to Marissa Meyer's fairy tale scifi series as I read it because a it's hardly the first to do a mash up of genres and b books deserve to be judged on their own merits But it's pretty impossible not to see the similarities in Stitching Snow's tone and a few other elements to Cinder except with characters and relationships that aren't uite as compelling and a story line and dialogue and romance that don't really spark It's going to be interesting to see how Meyer's fourth book Winter which is also loosely based on Snow White compares when it comes out next yearI really dislike Essie as a name but I did like her as a character though she's really the only one that's really of any interest I think Kip could have been interesting and maybe Laisa but neither they nor the perfectly fine but forgettable love interest Dane really ended up doing much for me I think this one's probably best suited for die hard fairy tale retelling fans or those who haven't yet read Meyer Sorry for repeated references to the other series but we do respond to books in the context of other things we've read no And unfortunately for me this one pales in comparison to The Lunar Chronicles An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review

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Lot repair his ship But soon she realizes that Dane’s arrival was far from accidental and she’s pulled into the heart of a war she’s risked everything to avoid With the galaxy’s future and her own in jeopardy Essie must choose who to trust in a fiery fight for surviv Are you looking for a science fiction fairy tale retelling I recommend Stitching Snow which is a Snow White retelling set against a space adventure Me I was sold I would say it was a cross between The Lunar Chronicles and These Broken StarsThe plot itself is a tad hard to explain Even the synopsis is extremely vague Basically eight years ago Princess Snow disappeared prompting a war across planets We follow Essie who has been on planet Tandra minding her own business One day a spacecraft carrying this boy Dane crashes near her house and she helps him and it inadvertently thrown into the center of this war she didn't want to be a part ofFirst off I wasn't sure about this book when I started it I wasn't completely sold at the beginning and I didn't like how Dane and Essie's interactions were going or why Essie cared about helping him Then I reached sixty pages in and everything changed and I was completely hooked and I was all for this crazy space adventure ride I was put on It had everything I liked in a ya scifi There was different planets spaceships royalty balls underground fighting the whole bitI LOVED Essie She was such a spunky heroine She took zero fucks You're introduced to Essie as she is partaking in a fighting match Essie was fun sassy intelligent and extremely independent I loved her Even though Dane is obviously her love interest she was the first to say she could do things on her own and that was the thing she could She had the goods to back at up and wouldn't be annoying and get into bigger trouble trying to do it on her own I think so many heroines in ya just rely on the guy Essie does not As much as I loved Essie I did feel she was a little unreliable at times There's this one bit towards the end between her and another character that is revealed and it didn't shock me but it confused me because she was interacting with this character during the book and didn't mention it And guys it's monumental to the point where it would have been on her mind interacting with this character maybe the author did this for shock value or a big reveal but it ended up just making me not believe or trust Essie a little But still she was a great characterOne thing I found weak was the world building It is a standalone and building a scifi world in one book is difficult There were rules in this book that weren't really explained or delved into There is this group of people in the book called the Exiles and in fact they can bodyhop into other characters It's never really explained how they have these abilities or why or if they're human or alien It wouldn't bother me as much if it weren't for the fact that it's implied that maybe the planet of Windsong where Snow is from iswas planet Earth And if that's so it changes everything with the solar system that was introduced to me because nine I STILL COUNT PLUTO planets weren't mentioned just three I don't know I wished it was just a little developedSince it is a fairy tale retelling I was really impressed with how Lewis blended aspects of Snow White everyone knows and updates it to a science fiction setting Listen Guys Essie built seven drones that are so loyal to her and all have their own personality I was so in love with these damn robots I want one There are also nods to apples poison stepmothers mirrors and slumbers It was such a fun adventure i know the next book is a companion so we won't follow any of the characters in the book but I hope it's set in the same world I want to know about it

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Stitching SnowPrincess Snow is missingHer home planet is filled with violence and corruption at the hands of King Matthias and his wife as they attempt to punish her captors The king will stop at nothing to get his beloved daughter back but that’s assuming she wants to return at allEssi “The day I was born my father was interested in unusual weather for the season He chose my name and had some genetic reseuencing done He wanted what he wanted So I was made Princess Snow eyes like the sky and hair as white as my name A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there lived Snow WhiteHeehee No I have not gone off my rockers Ok I have but that's beside the point Of course everyone has their own interpretation of a book but for me this book is Star Wars meet Snow White It has a kick ass heroine a realistic romance and not a hint of a love triangle to be found Halle fucking lujah The oh so familiar elements of the classics are still there The dwarveswith a twist The Evil ueen My stepmother Crying never got me anything but a slap across the cheek from her She haunted the edges of my earliest childhood memories She was inescapableuntil I escaped The Huntsman “You were the one” Dane whispered “The one who helped her escape”A knife in Kip’s hand both of us staring at it staring at each otherThe indecision in his eyes fading only when he hands it to me The poison apple I hardly glanced at Olivia’s gift—a ruby studded pendant in the shape of an apple I remembered her wearing a few times But there are also spaceships evil emperors adorably clunky androids named Dimwit and Cusser Dimwit chose that moment to spot weld one of its feet to the deckAs usual I didn’t include that infuriating bucket of a malfunction in my tally of problems After all I could solve that one with a uick hour of dismantling workFor some reason though I never did And not to mention Jedi mind control My surroundings went fuzzy blurring with motion as something inside of me was yanked somewhere elseTo someone else And Snow White herselfgenetically engineered to look like her nameThe Summary I didn’t want to go home” I said simply “I still don’t” Essie is a rough tough girl with a secret She has not had an easy life One of the youngest miners on the planet she is no stranger to hard labor She is a brilliant programmer and engineer She can fight and does Essie can watch her own back and she will need to She is all alone and nobody will watch out for herLife is lonely and hard Essie only has two stupid bleeping droids to keep her company no really they bleep and bloop and whirr uite loudly One is named Cusserfor the words it makes her say She is content to be left aloneuntil the day a foreign boy Dane crashes into her life Literally The flats spread before me and the shuttle lay dead center Not as bad a crash as I’d feared—it was still in one right side up piece The sparks and smoke however didn’t bode well Dane is pretty nice he gains her trust he even helps her fight off an attacker He's just kind of a a little dumb because hello he's a treasure hunter Right But seriously he's not a bad dude That is he was nice until he kidnaps her Well fuck Every alarm in my body went offSomething cold and metallic touched my neck The shuttle skewed out of focus My legs weren’t under me any but somehow I hadn’t hit the floor“I’m sorry Essie” It turns out that Dane wasn't lying He is a treasure hunter He was just lying about the type of treasure he is seeking “I’m not one of the half drunk miners you’re used to fightingPrincess”He knewI couldn’t breathe“I’m the ‘treasure’ you were looking for” I whispered“The treasure I got the way I see it” Essie is not Essie Essie is the long missing Princess Snow Daughter of the despotic King Matthias and his magical bewitching ueen Olivia Dane is part of the Exiles and he has pretty valid reasons for wanting to kidnap Essie When she disappeared his people were blamed They were punished reviled But was it truly the princess' disappearance that made the king seek to destroy their peopleor is it part of a much bigger plotWhatever it is the Exile's miserable darkened existence is partially her fault however indirectly Dane brings her to his people who want to bring her back on the throne The Exiles see her as a beacon of hope She is the heir to the throne She can overthrow her evil father She can restore peace to the empire She is their salvation Or is she their pawn she’d put her trust in people who couldn’t protect her People who maneuvered lives like strategically placed pawnsLeaving only me the last Snow has her own reasons for running away Her life as a child in the palace was not as blissful as it seemed Is she ready to confront her past Is she willing to put her fears aside Will she finally embrace her destiny and become the ueen everyone knows she could be Shoulders straight Essie Chin level Just like MotherThe council sat around the large table caught in the midst of an argument Dane was the first to spot me his lips parting in mute surprise The older council members followed his gaze and the room went silent“You wanted a ueen” I said solidly pushing my Thandan accent aside “You’ve got one” Essie Windsong needs youMy mother’s voice again After the memory of the pond and the dragonflies it was too much I turned and ran back to the complex ignoring Dane’s shoutsOne thing hadn’t changed since he took me from Thanda—I still would not let him see me cry I really really hate her name Essie nail polish brand to me so yeah name hate The character however is just fine When he doubled over I kicked his legs from under him He dropped and I followed bracing my legs against his while my upper body pinned his shoulders The shouts surrounding the cage crested as Thacker pushed against the threadbare mat Before he could throw me off I grabbed a fistful of his sweaty hair and slammed his head down I like the fact that Essie is strong I like the fact that Essie is a fighter a cage fighter for prize money in fact I like the fact that in a YA world filled with girls who want to be artists writers singers clothes designers our Essie is a programmer and an engineer I give high praise to authors who give their female characters a love for math and the sciences It is entirely too lacking still even in this day and age Girls should be encouraged to pursue a love of math and scienceI like her fear I like her past I like the fact that she does not allow a dark moment to hold her back Knocked out helpless in a room full of drunk menI splashed icy water on my face forcing deep breaths to keep both the memory and the panic attack at bay Nothing had happened Not then and not today I like the fact that she is hard with a core of steel She is not a crier she holds things inside but she is ever so vulnerable just the same Nobody is perfect I like that she holds herself back while still being susceptible to ever growing teenage hormones while never letting it overwhelm her She remains strong but never so stubborn as to become the cut off your nose to spite your face type THE FEELS LET IT OUT GIRL “Dimwit Essie ueen Essie” he said “Essie mother proud”And the twitchy malfunction who’d never botched anything he didn’t mean to dipped himself into an unmistakable bowI didn’t fight the tear that slipped down my cheekI smiled and I bowed back The Romance A siren blasted my ears echoing off the smooth walls Lockdown If we got trapped in that chamber it was overI turned and my eyes found Dane’s He was still with me He looked right at me and took a breath“GO”And I did Priority girlfriend You haz them And I love you for it Yes this book has romance The love interest is a kidnapper and I don't give a fuck Dane is a good guy Yeah Essie has her silly girl moments So what You have them I've had them and still have them The point is that the lovey dovey is kept to a minimum and I never found myself goingI'm not excusing the fact that he kidnapped her but you have to admit as Essie admittedhis reasons to free his people To release them from blame and scornto rescue his father I am your father Sorry couldn't help myself are pretty fucking valid reasons Kidnapping me to trade for political prisoners made him a despicable smear of buzzard dung Trading a girl he’d just met for the father he’d lost eight years agothat made him something else And do I ship them You fucking bet I spaceship them Dane and Essie bring out the best the brightest the bravest part of themselves when they fall in love “Please Essie” he said “Let me take you home Let me make it right”If I let him take me back to hide behind mine drones and cage fightsit would never be the same I couldn’t forget the price of my freedomThere had to be another choiceI had to create oneDo what needs doing even if it terrifies youOnly one option remained The one I’d never been willing to acknowledge but now I had to“Right then I’ll go home” Dane relaxed and smiled at my words but I wasn’t done “Home” I went on “is Windsong”