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FREE MOBI ¹ DOC Stalking Jack Madeline Donovan #1 ð EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ↠ [Reading] ➽ Stalking Jack Madeline Donovan #1 By Madison Kent – The SS City of New York is about to embark on its maiden voyage to England It is August 1888 and Madeline Donovan is a En the tragedy occurred would be unthinkable But everything abruptly changes when the local London papers arrive on board and the news of Jack the Ripper's latest victim are the headlines in every paper She encounters Jonathan Franks a Stalking Jack eBook #10003 reporter from The Really entertaining readThis book is an author's take on the murders in Whitechapel Even though fiction it is fascinating and a good read I highly recommend this book

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New York Times and other chance meetings that change her thoughts and path that will lead her directly to Whitechapel the deadliest place to be Stalking Jack contains approximately K words and pages long If you would like further information about this book please visit my website Writing historical fiction reuires a certain amount of research to make it believable When writing fiction with an historical flavor aimed at a modern audience seems not to reuire the same diligence I am an eclectic reader of both fiction and non fiction and have read than a fair number of books and articles about the infamous Jack the Ripper Fortunately I can enjoy a good tale despite factual inaccuracies that can be easily Googled For example the poisons of Whitechapel were not bourbon and whisky but rather gin and ale and opium was not illegalI hate doing spoilers but the story of Jack the Ripper is to me an open book Is it a spoiler to point out inaccuracies that are in the factual record Using the stabbing victim Martha Tabram in coincidence with the moniker Jack the Ripper is misleading since it was the publication of the Dear Boss letter and the Saucy Jacky postcard which appeared in the press in late September 1888 that marks the first use of the name Jack the Ripper had been used to refer to the killer Martha Tabram was murdered on August 7 1888 and the Whitechapel murders had not yet become international newsMadeline Donovan is aboard ship reading multiple newspaper accounts of the Ripper before anyone had ever suggested that Martha may have been one of Jack's victims These newspaper accounts intimate that Martha was the latest in a streak of killingsAlso aboard the ship is a reporter from The New York Times on assignment to cover the Ripper murders The subseuent actions of our heroine ordering absinthe and bourbon and using opium powder read like a nineties party girl drinking and doing lines of cocaine not a Victorian Era American widowOverall the writing is generally sound and the plot proceeds in a fairly logical manner It was ambitious indeed to start this series with what has been called the world's first serial killer about whom books movies and television shows have been written and performed At least this is not another blatant conspiracy theory on Jack's identitySTALKING JACK feels like a modern story where the villain has been named Jack and the location changed from some modern party town to Whitechapel

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Stalking Jack Madeline Donovan #1The SS City of New York is Madeline Donovan ePUB #9734 about to embark on its maiden voyage to England It is August and Madeline Donovan is a passenger on this ship an unexpected trip she has taken because the thought of being in America or around anything familiar at Christmas wh TortureTortureIf this isn't the worst book I've read it is certainly a close second The customs and s of the time were poorly researched The different classes would never have mingled The Prince once suspected was Albert Victor not William Good Lord spend two minutes on Google Word usage was painfully incorrect for someone in the profession of wordsmith Misspelled words abounded A good editor would have made a world of difference and finishing the book less painful but this one was most definitely a stinker