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reader ↠ Pucked author Helena Hunting ↠ Helena Hunting With a famous NHL player for a stepbrother Violet Hall is well acuainted with the playboy reputation of many a hockey star So of course she isn't interested in legendary team captain Alex Waters or his pretty beat up face and rock hard six pack abs But when Alex inadvertently obliterates Vi ★★★★ 12 Pucked book 1 of 5 Steamy one night stand with ice hockey manwhore turns sexy funny romance slight obsession with monster cock “I can’t wait to have my mouth on you again I’m gonna eat you like I’m on death row and you’re my last goddamned meal” Books in the Pucked series should be read in orderBook 1 Pucked Alex VioletBook 11 A Pucked Holiday EveryoneBook 2 Pucked Up Buck SunnyBook 3 Pucked Over Randy LilyBook 4 Forever Pucked Alex VioletBook 41 AREA 51 EveryoneBook 45 Pucked Under EveryoneBook 5 UntitledPucked book 1 opens up to Canadian ice hockey pro and team captain Alex Waters and recent College grad and junior accountant Violet Hall embarking on a one night stand and goes on to follow them in the aftermath of their reckless and blissful nightAlex who has a manwhore reputation to guard finds himself addicted to Violet’s boobs While Violet set on not falling for a player develops a fascination on the brink of obsession with Alex’s dick which she lovingly and appropriately renames Monster cock aka MC aka Snuffleupagus “It’s a monster” Her nose scrunches in disgust “You mean it’s deformed?” “No I mean it’s huge” “How huge?”“Unnaturally huge” “Like a porno dick?” “Exactly” Assuaging their appetite for each other clouded by orgasms they are lulled into dating But both are ill prepared to deal with the media attention paparazzi fans protective family friends and foesSeven words to describe Alex Waters Private charming noble romantic conflicted determined and loyal andSeven words to describe Violet Hall uirky witty guarded reflective vulnerable romantic and smartPucked told from dual POVs is the mixture of hot and bothered sex sweet romance hilarious situations inner dialogue self reflection and growth plus of course villains lies and setbacks There will be of Alex and Violet throughout series and many side characters will get their own story too Up next book 11 A Pucked Holiday “I’m so pucked There’d better be a support group for hockey hookers” Hero rating 45 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 45 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 5 starsPlot rating 45 starsDialogue rating 45 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 4 starsOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author YesRead while chatting with Helena Hunting during Shh IndieSTAR chat week

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read reader Û Pucked author Helena Hunting Kindle Edition ¶ eyltransferservices ´ [BOOKS] ⚡ Pucked ✯ Helena Hunting – With a famous NHL player for a stepbrother Violet Hall is well acuainted with the playboy reputation of many a hockey star So of Gic with Alex is just that one night But Alex starts to call And text And email and send extravagant and uirky gifts Suddenly he's too difficult to ignore and nearly impossible not to like The problem is the media portrays Alex as a total player and Violet doesn't want to be part of the gam FIVE STARS He’s such an enigma I want these glimpses of sweetness and his awkward fumblings to be authentic not a façade he wears to get women into bed with him I don’t know why I waited so long to read this series and what possessed me to read the books out of seuential order Even though you really can read each book as a standalone except for Forever Pucked because every installment is about a different couple but all of the characters show up in each subseuent story I have loved every book that I have read so far I would even dare to say that this is my top fave sports romance seriesI thought that Randy Ballistic was something else until I got a good dose of Alex Waters and his ”SUPER MC” I am completely and utterly head over heels in love with him and I’m even crushing on Violet I haven’t met a likable heroine in uite a while Her inappropriate ramblings and klutziness made her so endearing I laughed uite a bit while reading this and have learned a couple of terms that I won’t soon forget ie Jilling and Area 51 You’ll have to read this book to find out what they refer toAlex Waters is the Captain of the Chicago Hawks NHL team Violet Hall is the stepsister of Buck Butterson who is a rookie player on the team The two meet at one of the Hawks away games when Alex slams into the plexiglass barrier that Violet’s seated behind Once their eyes lock on to each other they each feel a white hot attraction Later after the game they run into each other at a celebratory party One thing leads to another and Violet ends up in Alex’s hotel room She isn’t the type of girl to have a meaningless one night stand with a hockey player but she can’t seem to say no to Alex Alex is also very smitten with Violet and he honestly tries to be a gentleman that night But once the two have a serious make out session on the couch Violet’s “Beaver” and Alex’s “Monster Cock” have a hard time staying away from each other The steam in this book is OFF THE CHARTS SMOKIN HOT Violet’s obsession with Alex’s monstrous cock is beyond hilarious She even makes it a superhero costumeAlex’s notorious reputation for being a ladies’ man haunts him and implants serious insecurities and doubts into Violet’s mind She has seen his pics on gossip sites and her worst fear is being thought of by him as just another puck bunny or hockey hooker She decides to protect herself by avoiding Alex but he pulls out all the stops to win over her heart and boy did I ever swoonBut will a stupid choice Alex makes to secure a corporate sponsor threaten the relationship he and Violet are just starting to build??? The way that he feels for Violet and all the things he does to care for her just solidified Alex as being a member of my top ten favorite book boyfriends list If you love romances with Hockey players as much as I do you definitely need to pick this one up There are some seriously swoon worthy heroes in this series that are sure to melt your panties off

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Pucked author Helena HuntiOlet's misapprehension regarding the inferior intellect of hockey players he becomes much than just a hot body with the face to match Suffering from a complete lapse in judgment Violet discovers just how good Alex is with the hockey stick in his pantsViolet believes her night of orgasmic ma One filterless girl one hot hockey player and a whole lot of ridiculousness → → → → → → → Play→ ONEWTF MAKES VIOLENCE SO HOT?VIOLETIt’s 651 on Thursday morning and I’m thirty seconds away from an amazing orgasm Women everywhere should take a page from the man manual Just because I don’t sport the obvious signs men do such as morning wood doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of my personal needs before I hit the shower My day is always better when I start with a shot from the orgasm bottleI’m right there teetering on the brink of heaven Every nerve ending is on fire in the best way possible My muscles are tight fingers moving at a furious pace the vibrator—God bless the damn vibrator—is hitting the s s s spot and everything is about to go blissfully whiteAnd that’s the moment my mother’s shrill voice breaks all orgasmic magic destroying my morning jill off She must have let herself in again as is typicalHere’s the thing; I don’t live with my mom I moved out than four years ago—into the damn pool house Technically it’s on the same piece of property but it’s supposed to be my private space My refuge from my crazy awesome albeit super inappropriate motherThe door to my bedroom crashes open as I shut off the vibe and pull up the covers My vagina is raging I can’t even begin to explain It’s the female euivalent of blue balls“Mom” I slump further under the comforter “How many times do we need to have this talk?”“You should be out of bed already I have something for you” She waves her hands around in the air like the crazy inflatable balloon guy on TV It’s too much this early in my day “I literally just woke up I need five minutes before we have a conversation okay?”Her arms fall to her sides her shoulders dropping with her smile which would make me feel bad except she’s let herself into my home and barged into my bedroom unannounced So all I have is frustration“Oh sure” Her dejection is blissfully short lived “How about I put on a pot of coffee?”My mom loves to be useful and while I’m annoyed I don’t want to hurt her feelings in spite of the inconvenient interruption “That’d be great” Any reason to get her out of my room is a good one but a fresh pot of coffee is than welcomeShe backs out and closes the door leaving me in peace For three seconds I contemplate finishing what I started but there’s no way I’m going to come with my mom tooling around in my kitchen Instead I toss my vibe into the nightstand and make a stop in the bathroom to wash my handsAt twenty two I should be able to maintain some distance from my mother However she has a great deal of difficulty with the concept of personal space In my freshman year of college I threw out the idea of moving into an apartment close to campus My mom and Sidney—my stepdad—had recently tied the knot They were worse than virginal teenagers I’ve had the misfortune of walking in on them in compromising positions than once The third time was my breaking pointGuilt ridden and embarrassed by the psychological damage he had caused Sidney offered to renovate the pool house I agreed only because it saved me thousands on rentWhen I first scored my job several months ago I started looking for my own apartment again in part because of the freuency of my mother’s unplanned visits Being the ever helpful parent she tagged along on the expedition and told me roommate horror stories à la Single White Female Seeing as the only places I could reasonably afford were shared accommodations I chose to stay put in the pool house a while longer As I no longer carry the burden of tuition revisiting that option seems like a good plan I wipe my vagina scent free hands on my T shirt as I enter the kitchen My mom sits at the table and leafs through one of the gossip rags she loves to read while she sips a cup of coffee“I think they made Buck look way worse here than he really is don’t you?” She turns the magazine around so I can see the horrible pictures of my stepbrother I grab a mug fill it with liuid heaven and drop into the chair across from my mom “I think Buck does a decent job of making himself look bad all on his own without the help of the media” My stepbrother is such a whore I’m tempted to apply this label to all professional hockey players It’s a blanket statement an overzealous and possibly incorrect generalization However based on personal experience I believe it’s true for the most part It certainly applies to the one hockey player I dated last year I consider him to be like Voldemort he who shall not be namedThe third page of last week’s entertainment section confirms this hypothesis The evidence is splashed all over the grainy two page spread of Buck with his hand up some woman’s skirt In a public bathroom He appears to be devouring her face while getting her naked inside a stall—with the door open So dirtyThe picture itself isn’t a surprise Hundreds of similar images can be found through an Internet search Buck has shared his manstick with half the female population in the continental US and probably a few up in Canada The woman he’s making out with is the problem He’s not macking on a random hockey hooker Oh no It’s his former coach’s niece Her name is Fran She’s adorable and now she looks like a total puck bunny thanks to BuckIn his defense he said he didn’t know who she was He’s not bright and he was hammered so it likely was an honest mistake—not that it makes his whoring ways any less abhorrent This little incident is the reason behind his recent trade to the Hawks His return to Chicago means I’ll be seeing a lot of him again“Well I think they’ve blown this way out of proportion Sidney’s excited to have him back in the city though Anyway ” She pushes a piece of paper toward me Upon inspection I realize it’s a plane ticketI snatch it up and frown “What’s this? Why does it have my name on it? What’s in Atlanta?” “Surprise” She does jazz hands “It’s Buck’s first away game with the Hawks”“Mom I can’t—”“We’re going as a family to support him He’s had a rough couple of weeks”“It’s not my fault Buck can’t keep his dick in his pants and out of his coach’s niece”“Violet” Her brow arches and her lips purse as if she’s sucking a lemon “Don’t be so crass This isn’t about Buck’s ” She trails off and gestures below the table“Yes it is Buck doesn’t care if I come to his games”“He was very upset when you couldn’t make the last few Maybe if you’d been at this one”—she points at the magazine—“he might not have gotten himself into so much trouble”“Are you guilting me into coming?” I glare over the rim of my mug“Not at all I’m just throwing out hypotesticals”I cough choke “Do you mean hypotheticals?”“That’s what I said”Correcting her is as pointless as fighting her on this Once my mom makes up her mind rationalizing an alternative is like slamming your head into a titanium wall—painful and futile I need to reconsider the apartment situationI give getting out of going to the game a last ditch effort “I have to work this weekend”“No you don’t”“How do you know?”She ignores the uestion “A car will be at the house to pick us up at six”“I don’t get off until five How are we even going to make it to the game on time?”“The flight isn’t until tomorrow morning” She taps the date on the ticket which I’ve failed to read“Oh