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At the Edge of the OrchardEd to stake their claim on the property But the orchard they plant sows the seeds of a long battle James loves the apples reminders of an easier life back in Connecticut while Sadie prefers the applejack they make an alcoholic refuge from brutal frontier life Their youngest child Robert is wandering through Gold Rush California Restless and haunted the Edge of ePUB #180 by the broken family he left behind he has made his way alone across the country In the You know when you read an amazing book where the landscape becomes one of the characters You know the moors in Return of the Native or the highlands and the house in Wuthering Heights In At the Edge of the Orchard you have trees Apple trees and redwoods and giant seuoias The trees and landscape are also metaphors that reflect the lives of the characters The Black Swamp where everyone is stuck and it's hard to grow Some apples are sweet and worth saving others become bruised and secondary And grafting trees Grafting trees had always seemed a miracle to James Grafting reuires knowledge and skill and patience and nurturing Done right and with care you create a hybrid tree Two parts coming together to make something new and wonderful But James and Sadie two very different people never uite grafted and ended up with a sadly dysfunctional relationship They did have a bunch of kids though and got two good ones out of the ten Robert and Martha And then there are the giant trees of the west people looking for new lives where the sky is the limitAnyway That's how I see it I am a big fan of Tracy Chevalier and I'm always taken up and swept away by the beautiful writing in her impeccably researched historical fiction novels Orchard is no exception It's keen storytelling full of tension Holy tree zus I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen to each of these people It's an amazing journey across the American West but this ain't no Little House on the Prairie Get ready for a bumpy wagon rideThank you Viking Penguin First to Read

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At the Edge of the Orchard kindle × Hardcover read ☆ tracy chevalier ´ [PDF] ✐ At the Edge of the Orchard ✑ Tracy Chevalier – From internationally bestselling author Tracy Chevalier a riveting drama of a pioneer family on the American frontier1838 JameRedwood and giant seuoia groves he finds some solace collecting seeds for a naturalist who sells plants from the new world to the gardeners of England But you can run only so far even in America and when Robert's past makes an unexpected appearance he must decide whether to strike out again or stake his own claim to a home at lastChevalier tells a fierce beautifully crafted story in At the Edge of the Orchard her most graceful and richly imagined work yet I am a huge fan of Tracy Chevalier and have read all of her previous novels I've been very excited about this one since I heard about it late last yearWhat fascinates me most about Tracy Chevalier and her writing is the fact that in every one of her books I've been introduced to a subject or a place that I knew nothing about before Whether is is Mary Anning discovering fossils on the beach in the early 1800s Remarkable Creatures 2010 or Griet the young Dutch girl who became the model for the artist Vermeer Girl With A Pearl Earring 2001 this author's writing always captivates me She totally immerses her readers into the time and the places of her stories and she has done it once again in At The Edge of the OrchardThe Goodenough family have moved to the Black Swamp with the hope that they can establish an orchard of apples If they can nuture enough trees to satisfy the authorities then they can claim the land and James Goodenough's legacy will remainThe Black Swamp is a harsh and brutal place to raise a family for any couple but for the ill matched James and Sadie is is proving almost impossible Tracy Chevalier's description of life in this alternately frozen or boiling hot environment pulls no punches Swamp Fever is rife and it is heartbreaking to hear James describe how he digs some graves before the undergrowth becomes too dense for the children that he know will not make it through the season Five of the Goodenough children have already died it seems inevitable that those won't be the lastJames and Sadie are not good parents James is stern and uick with his fists he struggles with his inner thoughts he knows that he feels affection for his children especially Robert but is unable to show kindness or love Sadie is a drunk who is determined that James will plant 'spitters' than 'eaters' she longs for the escape that a bottle of applejack brings and constantly taunts her husband and is cruel to her childrenThe story is told via James and Sadie's voices and these voices are colourful and vibrant Tracy Chevalier's impeccable research echoes throughout this uite brilliant evocative and enriching storyThe story moves forward fifteen years to California where Robert Goodenough is travelling trying his hand at different things making a living but always remembering his family back at the Black Swamp The heartbreaking series of letters that Robert sends back home every New Year's Day are exuisite in their simplicity but also so very moving and there is a whole story written between the linesFrom the intricacies of apple growing tree grafting and harvesting to the collection of plants and seedlings in the American forests and the shipping of these to the UK At The Edge of the Orchard educates and thrills Subjects that could easily be dry and of no interest suddenly become as fascinating as anything that I've ever read about and the trees and plants are such an important part of this story there are times that they seem like characters themselvesA uniue and compelling story that looks at broken family and the ties that bind them coupled with fine historical detail with descriptions of new towns and brutal lives that are vividly and uite brilliantly portrayed I was loathe to put this novel down for even one minute and was so sad to turn the final page I'd love to imagine that Tracy Chevalier may take up this story once again some day so that the reader could follow Robert and his family on their journeysAt The Edge of the Orchard is brutal yet tender educational and evocative Tracy Chevalier is a first class author and this is uite possibly her best novel yethttprandomthingsthroughmyletterbox

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From internationally bestselling author Tracy Chevalier a Edge of PDFEPUB #10003 riveting drama of a pioneer family on the American frontier James and Sadie Goodenough have settled where their wagon got stuck in the muddy stagnant swamps of northwest Ohio They and their five children work relentlessly to tame their patch of land buying saplings from a local tree man known as John Appleseed so they can At the eBook #232 cultivate the fifty apple trees reuir 35 Black Swamp Ohio is as far as the James and Sadie Goodenough with their children manage to travel Here they settle here Johnny Appleseed finds them and sells James apple trees and apple seedsThese trees would prove a big bone of contention between husband and wife Dysfunctional family apple trees apple jack Hobbs a seed collector the redwoods seuoias the gold rush are some of the things touched on in this novelWe start with the family and their efforts to settle in this swamp and then we travel with young Robert the eldest son as he travels westward working different jobs until he meets Hobbs and find employment with him collecting seeds and comes We don't know why he left his family and won't until the third part of the book A very depressing story in the beginning historically interesting for the second part but much time spent on apples and seeds More time spent on the historical than in fleshing out the characters or so I felt Molly who appears in the second half of the novel brings a welcome and refreshing even uplifting boost to this novel Not until them last part did we get a better understanding of Robert and it was this part of the book I enjoyed the most So a mixed reaction from me loved the writing the story was interesting but I felt it was a little disconnected Definitely worth reading though As always appreciated the author's note which lets the reader know what was factual and what was fictionARC from Netgalley