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kindle Ç The Sinister Urge Ð Kindle Edition ë frances newton ë ➸ [Reading] ➺ The Sinister Urge By Frances Newton ➭ – Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book hereWhat if you had a secret? An irresistible uPly Now it's ‘A special man in my life? No I'm very happy being single No time for all that’ I've been peddling that line for years and it's never failed meProblem is I do have a special man in my life A wonderful perfect man It's just a uestion of keeping it a secret But for how long?? Stopped at 18%It’s just too disjointed and difficult to read Sorry

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Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book hereWhat if you had a secret? An irresistible urge? Delve backstage and into the private lives of popular rock band Lilli and the Munsterz Returning to the music world after a turbulent split from her former Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read thisI dont like to give bad reviews as I knowhow hard an author works to create the wonderful world of stories we love to read But I do believe in giving an honest review I love the taboo stories Never read a book where the main characters were 100% siblings before though But this book was not for me Its mainly written in flashbacks which I am not a fan of Then the story would take a massive jump from one thing to another leaving me going huhExample Excerpt taken from beginning of page 38 Getting to Know EachotherI'm gonna come” he breathed out as he gripped hold of her hipsFaster fuck me” Sarah gasped out as he made his movements faster at her reuest She responded with a loud moan“Shh you're not meant to be in my room he whispered to her placing his hand over her mouth Moaning into the back of her neck as his orgasm came“You broke my ankle chain“ Lilli sighed holding up the broken silver chain as she rolled over and snuggled up to her brother “Trust you to break it though” she teased with a frown pulling the bed sheets up over their legsI found the constant jumping hard to keep with a good reading flow I was having to stop re read think huh and carry on For me if a book is about a taboo subject then it has to go whole hog and really get into the sceneReaders read it for the taboo factor Well i do I want the build up the fighting the attraction the inevitable caving in details lots of details the guilt over thier actions etc etc etc All built around a budding romanceAll this I felt was lacking I read to page 22 before I started paragraph jumping I got to page 45 before I was skimming After the awkwardly played out love scene on page 56 im sorry but I gave up I may go back and finish it at some point thoughIm not going to compare this author with others out there Thats unfair I have read thousands of books over the years and each one is differant in their own right This book will appeal to some audiences and not to other'sSorry my review could not be positiveKeep up the great work you can only get better as your writing grows with you

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The Sinister UrgeBand Lilli Morgan has risen like a phoenix and has the industry at her feet “Before the split it was ‘Lilli? Everyone always wants to know if there has ever been anything romantic between Adam and you?’‘No not at all I'm uite content being young free and single’ was my standard re I was contacted by the author and asked to read this book and post an honest reviewI tend to have a limit to how taboo I'm willing to go in regards to a topic for a book I'll read I'm not a fan of incest but I was very impressed with this book The author did a very good job of building the relationship between Lilli and Elm without having really explicit sex scenes The character development was very well done and I actually find myself looking forward to reading the next book in this series to see how Lilli and Elm handle the difficulties they are facing at the end of the book Fantastic job Ms Newton I'll be looking for of your books in the future