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MOBI » DOC The Officer and the Traveler Fort Gibson Officers #3 ¾ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Officer and the Traveler Fort Gibson Officers #3 By Rose Gordon – Grayson Montgomery has just let his mouth get him into trouble again uiA marriage of circumstance with no chance of either getting hurt Michaela Davis is in a state of shock First she was kissed nearly senseless by a sweet talking stranger only to have the bliss end with the uncomfortable realization that they'd been seen And by her father no less If that's not b HE OFFICER AND THE TRAVELER by Rose Gordon is a historical romance set in Fort Gibson America The third and final in the Fort Gibson Officesr series but can be read as a stand alone See The Officer and the Bostoner and The Officer and the Southerner Another hit for this author I loved this story I think this was my favorite by far of the Fort Gibson Officers series Fast paced and adventure filled Follow Grayson Montgomery and Michaela Davis on their journey to happiness and love Can Michaela forgive Grayson for breaking her young hearts years prior? The heart wants what the heart wants even if circumstances don't always bring a happily ever after only Michaela and Grayson can do that Michaela came to be at Fort Gibson because of her sister in a the prior story you see her sister was a mail order bride Michaela and Grayson was caught in a compromising situation they where caught kissingCan two flawed characters come together to find love and happiness?Ms Gordon sure knows how to draw a reader into her stories with her engaging charming characters and her intriguing storyline A fast paced story of Military life in Fort Gibsontheir struggles their uest for survival and love A not to miss story and if you haven't read the others in this seriesI would recommend reading them also I enjoyed this series and look forward to Ms Gordon next grand adventure A must read for any readers who enjoy America West military life in the Frontier history and romance Received for an honest review from the authorRATING 45HEAT RATING MILDREVIEWED BY AprilR Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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Ad enough who she thought was just a charming stranger is none other than the heartless cad who broke her young heart as a girl Circumstances might dictate that they marry but they're both about to learn that circumstances don't always bring about a happily ever after only they can control tha This is the final book in this wonderful series by Rose Gordon and it does not disappoint Gray is an officer very handsome and is thought of as a womanizer but does not know how to really talk to or understand women He is caught kissing Michaela by her father and is forced to ask for Michaela’s hand in marriage He does not talk about his past until he shares it with Micheala Gray does not like Michaela’s father because of their past historyMichaela is at Fort Gibson to see her sister Ella The Officer and the Southerner with their father She has known Gray for a long time and has always been attracted to him She does not want to marry unless it is for love and she knows Gray does not love her Her father retired General Davis manipulates them into marriage I enjoyed the tension between Gray and Michaela throughout the book The trouble that Gray lands in forces both of them to examine what they are looking for in their relationship I liked the mystery and the subplots the twists and turns The interplay between Michaela and her father added another layer to the story Like all of Ms Gordon’s books the characters are endearing and I find myself thinking they would be great family members The Epilogue pulled the series together with the happiness of all three couples following course As always I look forward to reading from Ms Gordon

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The Officer and the Traveler Fort Gibson Officers #3Grayson Montgomery has just let his mouth get him into trouble again uite literally Being promptly informed that he must either marry the young lady he was caught with in a scandalous embrace or face a possible seven years of hard labor Gray makes the obvious choice to marry her It'll just be Okay whoa waitwhat the hell? When Soaring Eagle approaches Fort Gibson about rape allegations in regards to his daughter Soft DoveGray responds that she's pregnant??? Okay I get what the author was going for Soft Dove using rape as a cover for a lover and pregnancy However not sure if this is common knowledge or not buuuutpregnant women can be raped too Yeah I know unbelievable yeah? Really thoughwhat kind of dumbass and idiotic logic is that?? Why in the hell should her rape claim be disregarded even if she is pregnant?I liked the interactions between Michaela and Gray I adored Michaela because at first I thought it was going to be secrets being drawn out the reason for their marriage and like the previous book it was going to be lack of communication leading to miscommunication So I am so glad that Michaela confronted him and spoke her mind throughout the book she asked for clarification and uestioned him rather than leaving things and allowing both of them to act foolish Gray was being stupid in how he treated her throughout the book and he is so undeserving of herI might have given it a higher rating but there were some editing issues and inconsistencies that bothered me Oh and I just didn't care for the General Rigid subplot and would have preferred the writing be spent on developing a stronger relationship between Michaela and Gray I felt like a lot of his fun personality was sacrificed in this book to give him a tragic backstory and make him vulnerableAlso how old is Grayson? In the previous book it's mentioned that Jack is twenty five He specifically tells Ella that both Wes and Gray are two years older than him That puts Gray at being twenty seven in this book It's also mentioned that Michaela is twenty four BUT it's mentioned over and over again that Michael and Gray have only a one year difference between them That makes no sense Technically it should be threeOther than that there were uite a few spelling and grammar issues I'm not sure if the author has an editor or not but if she doesn't then she needs someone to look over her work If she does she needs someone better There were uite a few sentence fragments I caught and some semi colon misuse There were some repeated errors from the previous book with the possessive and proper names Michaela Davis' being use instead of Michaela Davis's and the usage of meddle instead of mettle Oh and I only happened to catch this one near the end they're instead of their