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Prentisstown isn't like other towns Everyone can hear everyone else's thoughts in an overwhelming never ending stream of Noise Just a month away from the birthday that will make i have 2410 friends on goodreadscom199 of them have this book on their shelvesof that number only 28 have read itto the other 171 of you i say WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? and you can see i am serious about this because i have done math in order to convince youand i know i know there are a lot of books in the world most of us are mortal who has the time etc i myself had all three of the books in this trilogy just smooshed in the middle of piles of other books at my place thinking i will read those when i get around to it and you may be feeling the same way so allow menow you have no excusesLAFFTERbut seriously folks i don't even know where to start with this book i really thought it was going to be a low impact tale of a boy's adventure's through a damaged land with some sort of eventual self discovery and that it would have good action seuences and some obvious metaphors and blah di blah and people said it was sad so i figured someone would die at some pointwellunderstatement in all of the abovethis was much richer and deeper and so very dark ness touches upon the problems of colonization and group mentality and dehumanization and helplessness and loyalty with a skill for storytelling and characterization and always skirting that fine line between emotion and sentimentalityit has been awhile since i have been immersed in a book this world these characters it consumed me it is so hard to talk about books that do this to me it is easy to pick apart books that are good or okay or the worst but the ones that i fall into the ones that i hate having to put down for anything as mundane as sleep or work those are incredibly difficult to put into words but mmmmmm comes closei think todd is a very solid character there are times when he makes unfortunate decisions but they always seem consistent in terms of his character and the background from which he is coming there is such an opportunity for growth in him but you know despite anything that may happen he is trying to do the right thing as he sees it; as he is learning what the right thing even is i mean he's twelve thirteen right? and he is a lot resourceful and insightful than i was at that age and i didn't have to go around hearing everyone's thoughts all the time oh did i forget to talk about the plot again? uickly everyone can hear everyone's thoughts all the time even the most mundane subconscious or embarrassing ones even thoughts of animals but not however the thoughts of women we are still mysterious todd grows up in an all male town but soon will leave and discover well he will discover a lot better you read it than i tell itaaron is a littleunrealisticsure but after a while you gotta sort of do that horrified slow clap at his stubbornness and persistence right? it is impressive if nothing elseviola great here even better in the second book mmmmmmmmmtalking animals yeah i usually don't like it either however these animals talk exactly how animals should talk they don't have conversations; they have a limited vocabulary that seems appropriate and can be so heartbreaking in certain situations oh my god manchee is the best dog in literature his voice is exactly right very reminiscent of the dog in up and although he has a small range of words at his disposalhis emotions come across loud and clearit is a wonderful relationship despite todd not wanting a dog and resenting him at the beginning of the book the two of them through their adventures become the best boy and his dog team i can think of definitely have the second book on hand to pick up immediately after finishing the first one you are going to need it i can't imagine how people reading this when it was new had to suffer to have to wait for the next book to be published this is the mother of all cliffhangers or at least it was until i finished the second book yesterday it is even worsein terms of agonizingly wonderful cliffhangers although i am looking closer now and i am realizing that my math is all wrong i thought those numbers seemed low but that this time it is not my fault when did goodreadscom change things up so that all the reviews are together at the bottom regardless of whether or not the are reviews by your friends isn't the whole point of having friends that you have created this trusted community of readers whose values you respect? now i have to scroll through the three or four people on this site who aren't my friends to see the reviews of people whose opinions matter to me? this is insane and it isn't even arranged by number of votes or anything it is just here are a ton of reviews have fun finding the useful ones like this one surely in a sea of stranger danger i hope this is just a temporary thing that is happening because it is taking one of the strengths specific to goodreads and pooing poo todd all over itcome to my blog

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The Knife of Never Letting GoImpossible something terrible has been hidden a secret so awful that Todd and Manchee must run for their livesBut how do you escape when your pursuers can hear your every thought i have never considered myself a maternal person it takes effort for me to be around babies and children i have always been told ‘its different when its your own kid’ they couldnt be wrong all it took was a young boy named todd his dog and how his love became the loudest sound in a world that is never silent i would literally do anything for todd my precious son i felt like such an overprotective yet proud parent throughout this entire book and my bond with todd was only strengthened by the remarkable storytelling a kind of storytelling that could only come from patrick ness this is a story about bravery loss humility acceptance and growth i clung to every word of this book and was transported into a world that ended up being a knife that went straight to my heart and never let go this touching story is nothing short of remarkable and one i know i will be reading for the rest of my life ↠ 5 stars

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MOBI ¹ DOC The Knife of Never Letting Go 9781406310252 ✓ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ã [Download] ➺ The Knife of Never Letting Go Author Patrick Ness – Prentisstown isn't like other towns Everyone can hear everyone else's thoughts in an overwhelming never endHim a man Todd and his dog Manchee whose thoughts Todd can hear too whether he wants to or not stumble upon an area of complete silence They find that in a town where privacy is Boy oh boy I can't remember the last time I felt so simultaneously positive and negative about a book Hence the three stars averaging everything outJust realized that I reviewed this at my blog but not here Here's the cut n pasteThis review will by necessity have lots of spoilers because the things I liked and disliked are very specific Insofar as I can give you something spoiler free here goes I love the concept; the world is uniue and well realized; the relationship between the main characters is believable and well developed; there is a wonderfully realized dog; the narrative voice is a bit irritating; there are whole pages you can just skip because there’s nothing worth reading on them; there is uite a bit of extremely graphic violence; the author CHEATS most egregiously at narrative; while the overall message of the book is solid and good and right I hate the way we get there; the villains are completely eye rolling over the top; and it ends on a giant cliffhangerIt is the best of books it is the worst of books I seem unable to speak of it except in gross hyperbole Here come the spoilersFirst of all a salute to the best character in the whole damn book the dim witted and noble hound Manchee He was such a good dog and a good depiction of a dog His death was heartbreaking and maybe that’s my real problem with the book I will never forgive the author for killing him offI thought the relationship between Todd and Viola was also handled well Their friendship followed a realistic trajectory Yes Todd is protective of her but Viola’s as tough as he is — plus smarter — and I felt she held her own pretty well Todd having been raised in a world without women has few preconceived notions about what women should do or be or what the male female dynamic is supposed to be He treats her as a friend and eual hardly an inkling of sex or romance in his head The scene where he realizes that he can tell what she’s thinking and feeling even though he can’t hear her Noise is — for my money — the best thing in the entire book a genuine human moment of recognitionThe whole “endless fleeing punctuated by extreme danger” plot however I found utterly tedious I think I have Mortal Danger fatigue when it comes to YA I’m choosing to blame Hunger Games — not that I didn’t like Hunger Games but when I heard that the second volume was basically Hunger Games II I decided I didn’t need to read that one The other book this reminded me of is Graceling where she’s fleeing over the mountain pass with Bitterblue and it’s just endless page after page of running And surviving And OMG the tedium of the endless chase and getting and sick and injured and will they survive? WILL THEY? That part of this book made me cross eyed with boredomAlso the villains made me want to poke my eyes out with the ubiuitous knife They’re CRAYZEH And they’re indestructible And did we mention CRAYZEH? No subtlety to evil here no nuance No temptation No pointBut y’know I could have forgiven both those flaws I really could have I forgave them in Hunger Games after all though the evil was nuanced there in my opinion and less CRAYZEH There were two things I can’t forgiveOne the way the killing of the spackle was handled OK I get that it’s supposed to be some kind of commentary on how people can be brainwashed into hating and scapegoating people and it parallels what happened with the women in the town and blah de blah But it was incredibly jarring then brushed off like no big deal by Viola and then by Ben conveniently forgotten when Todd needs to be “not a killer” but then retrieved to illustrate the overarching Eden theme?Todd is still somehow “pure” and “innocent” — right? Because if he’s not then what’s the showdown with Aaron about? Why can’t he just say to Aaron hey I already killed someone? Wouldn’t Aaron have self destructed now that he can’t be the sacrifice? But then again Todd’s NOT pure and innocent because he gives Viola that speech about how we all fall and we all get up again — a speech which I would have taken for another genuine human moment except FALLING KILLING PEOPLE or spackle and no we don’t ALL do that They’re reaching really hard for some kind of Garden of Eden metaphor and I’m just not buying itTwo the misuse and abuse of first person present tense and by extension of the reader’s trust and goodwill Just like Hunger Games where it was used to excellent effect this book is in first person present tense The entire POINT of first person present tense is to make it feel like you are there as close as you can possibly be to experiencing AS the narrator If that’s the case then I think it’s cheating to have the narrator say essentially “Then he told me the truth and it was so awful I couldn’t believe it” — without revealing anything to the reader NO YOU DON’T I would accept the narrator dissociating or doing some version of “lalala I can’t hear you” such that he doesn’t completely hear what’s said either But I cannot accept that he is told something IN REAL TIME and he has the option of keeping it from the reader This isn’t a journal he’s writing after the fact This is his experience IN REAL TIME and he doesn’t get to edit it that wayIt’s like the author couldn’t think of any other way to create suspense The character had to know so he’d get out of town but if the READER knew that would spoil the surprise You can do that in third person You can do that in first person past tense I do not accept it as fair play here The Big Reveals when they come are utterly anticlimactic Nothing you couldn’t have guessed; I guessed and then rejected it as too obvious My version had mind control and cyborgs TELL me Aaron’s not a cyborg and I liked it betterWould I read the next one? This I do not know I feel like I spent a lot of time complaining here and didn’t really elucidate all the things I liked the world the premise of Noise all the possibilities of a frontier planet Wilf the singing cow things There were things here I liked If I had some assurances that the next one wasn’t a rehash of this one the way Hunger Games II sounds like it is then maybe There were ideas here Poorly executed some of them but still I think part of the reason the bad parts made me so mad was that I really liked the good parts