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Ebook Ö Rush Revolution and Benjamin Rush ´ Join or create book clubs ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Rush: Revolution, Madness, and Benjamin Rush, the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding Father Author Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk The monumental life of BenjaminS remarkable career The Wall Street JournalAn amazing life and a fascinating book CBS This MorningFried makes the case in this comprehensive and fascinating biography that renaissance man Benjamin Rush meritsattention Fried portrays Rush as a complex flawed person and not just a list of accomplishments;a testament to the authorial thoroughness and insight that will keep readers engaged until the last page Publishers Weeklystarred reviewAn extraordinary and underappreciated man is reinstated to his rightful place in the canon of civilizational advancement in Rush Had I read Frieds Rushbefore the years end it would have crowned my favorite books of 2018a superb biography Brain Pickin This is an extensive and insightful biography of Dr Benjamin Rush 1746 1813 a remarkably influential physician medical educator political activist and productive author Though he was a signer of the Declaration he is generally not known today nearly as well as his colleagues Jefferson Adams and Washington And this is unfortunate since he was one of the most influential medical and political leaders of the revolutionary and early national periodFirst he was a remarkable physician trained in Philadelphia where he spent most of his life and Edinburgh He became not only a famed practitioner but also hospital administrator for the Revolutionary army and in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Hospital and University of Pennsylvania He led the fight against several severe Yellow Fever epidemics and published his findings He was also a pioneer in treating the mentally ill and wrote leading books on the topic And he made important improvements in medical education and the training of apprentice physiciansRush also became involved in politics serving as a delegate to the Continental Congress where he signed the Declaration and came to know Washington and John Adams well enough later to be appointed by both to respected federal offices Ironically a careless letter criticizing Washington's leadership during the war did not isolate him from the first president though bitterness apparently persisted on Washington for the remainder of his life As if these two dimensions were not enough Rush also published extensively on medical and other subjects thereby sharing his extensive knowledge in several fieldsAlong the way he was involved with the American Philosophical Society several medical associations participated in the Pennsylvania ratification convention founded Dickinson College became a leading advocate for free public education led many abolition activities in Philadelphia while aiding the African American community helped prepare the Lewis and Clark expedition and was instrumental in reestablishing warm and friendly contacts between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson after a long period of mutual hostility So his impact on his times was dramatic and invaluableThis is the book that Rush deserves The author clearly undertook this project as a labor of love and he was simply indefatigable in devoting several years to extremely thorough research Both the 48 pages of notes and the 13 page bibliography bring together virtually anything published by or about Rush; as such they are major contributions as well My only criticism is that this book of nearly 600 pages could certainly have been shortened and better focused by extensive editing Far too many pages are devoted to Yellow Fever epidemics for example But I would rather have too much material than not enough any day As a bonus the reader learns a great deal about colonial life fighting the American revolution the disgraceful treatment of mentally impaired patients the practice of medicine and and gains some remarkable insights to that prickly fellow John Adams A book of many virtues which is also a pleasure to read Well done indeed

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The monumental life of Benjamin Rush medical pioneer and one of our most provocative and unsung Founding FathersFINALIST FOR THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BOOK PRIZE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEARBy the time he was thirty Dr Benjamin Rush had signed the Declaration of Independence edited Common Sensetoured Europe as Benjamin Franklins protg and become John Adamss confidant and was soon to be appointed Washingtons surgeon general And as with the greatest Revolutionary minds Rush was only just beginning his role in 1776 in the American experiment As the new republic coalesced he became a visionary writer and reformer; a medical pioneer whose insights and reforms revolu Based just on the preface I am eager to follow Rush's life storyUPDATE having read several chapters I can't wait each day to return to this compelling narrative With rich newly uncovered source material Fried paints a vivid picture of the era and Benjamin Rush's role Having lived in Philadelphia I knew a bit of his early work in mental health and addiction but had no idea of his pivotal place among the framers of the Constitution and the lives of Adams Jefferson and Washington I believe that the author has broken fresh ground on Rush and made a major rediscovery of a relatively unknown founder Should be of interest to all including those who don't read widely in American history You will want to know the inspired and inspiring Benjamin Rush

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Rush Revolution Madness and Benjamin Rush the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding FatherTionized the treatment of mental illness; an opponent of slavery and prejudice by race religion or gender; an adviser to and often the physician of Americas first leaders; and the American Hippocrates Rushreveals his singular life and towering legacy installing him in the pantheon of our wisest and boldest Founding FathersPraise for Rush EntertainingBenjamin Rush has been undeservedly forgotten In medicineand as a political thinker he was brilliant The New Yorker Superbreminds us elouently abundantly what a brilliant original man Benjamin Rush was and how his contributions tothe United States continue to bless us all The Philadelphia InuirerPerceptivea readable reassessment of Rush About two weeks ago I saw the author Stephen Fried doing a TV interview He talked about a Founding Father I had never heard of and he was a Doctor a well educated and trained physician He signed the Declaration of Independence was friends with Benjamin Franklin John Adams and Thomas Jefferson He was one of the youngest men to sign the Declaration During the Revolutionary War he advocated for certain reforms that would lower the deaths among the soldiers and provide them with better care He also was concerned about the care of the mentally ill and advocated for them and got a wing on the Pennsylvania hospital added so they could be brought out of the cold basementIt's a fascinating story and has never been fully told before because his family did not want his falling our with George Washington to come out and ruin their careers in the government Now all these years later Stephen Fried has told it and all those interested in our early history should read it One thing I loved when they were forming the new government and had a Department of War he thought we should also have a Department of Peace There is so much about our early history the history of education and medicine in our countryI also want to say when I saw the interview and found it was not yet available in my library I ordered my own copy I should also mention my special interest is because I'm a retired RN and I felt I should know about this dedicated physician