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Ake Superior to escape for a few days from taking care of her beloved grandfather who is dying of cancer A fall into Lake Superior and rescue by handsome unobtainable Weston Brightbill evolves into a close friendship But will a long distance friendship be all Heather ever has with Weston or will Valentine’s Day bring an unexpected surprise? Peg Pierson Cupid’s Day Off Jason is in big trouble The big day is approaching He’s marrying Kelly the love of his life on Valentine’s Day But after a wild bachelor party a brush with a dude wearing shiny wings and a magic spell he suddenly finds himself not wanting to marry his fiancéebut his unsuspecting Best Man Ann Nardone Jensen Penalty Killing Dawn is dreading the Valentine’s Day high school hockey reunion A day that is supposed to be about flowers and candy will instead be a night filled with haunted memories But Dawn’s no coward So clad in a slinky red dress she faces down her still sexy ex husban

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Romancing The Lakes Of MinnesotaValentines DayMinnesota winds may be frigid in February but not between the pages of our Valentine’s Day stories Valentine’s Day in the land of ten thousand frozen lakes is frosty But the pages of our stories are sure to melt your heart As diverse as a box of chocolates our heartwarming holiday tales bring you a funny tale of a drunken love god rescues from near drownings in freezing lakes second chances at love and a sizzling bachelor auction You will laugh and sigh and feel the romance of Valentine’s Day Rose Marie Meuwissen A Date for Valentine’s Day Maggie Johnson immensely disliked Valentine’s Day Luckily her mother was determined to change Maggie’s mind The charity auction for a Valentine’s Day Dinner Date with one of Minneapolis’ most eligible bachelors could just be the solution But would Maggie be open to finding someone to love on Valentine’s Day? Heidi Skarie Blessings in Disguise at Big Lake Heather McCormack goes to the family cabin on L

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MOBI Ç DOC Romancing The Lakes Of MinnesotaValentines Day ↠ ROSE MEUWISSEN ↠ [EPUB] ✵ Romancing The Lakes Of MinnesotaValentines Day Author Rose Meuwissen – Minnesota winds may be frigid in February but not between the pages of our Valentine’s Day stD her cheerleading nemesisand a decades old murder mystery Kathleen Nordstrom Polar Plunging Hearts When Lori Archer Polar Plunged into a frozen lake in January for the Special Olympics she got stuck in the mud and was rescued by a strong handsome Fire Department Emergency Medical Tech Their relationship heats up and ends with an unexpected Valentine's Day surprise Ann Nardone JensenAngelina Pearl Second Chances Caroline thought her life was just about perfect Dance team straight A’s in AP classes and a happy home with her family and sloppy joe’s But then she met Jerrod Handsome brooding mysterious Jerrod His life was far from perfect Now Caroline is about to learn that life means a lot than just good grades and trophies Ingrid Anderson Sampo The Second Time Around Two broken hearts with trust issues meet in uirky small town Minnesota As they fall in love will they bring healing to one another? Or will they succumb to mistrust and lose at love again?