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Epub é Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus ô 273 pages Download ´ [PDF / Epub] ★ Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus Author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Obsessed with creating life itself Victor Frankenstein plunders graveyards for the material to fashion a nIng Gothic tale was conceived when she was only eighteen living with her lover Percy Shelley near Byron's villa on Lake Geneva It would become the world's most famous work of horror fiction and remains a devastating exploration of the limits of human creativityBased on the third edition of 1831 this volume contains It's been fifty years since I had read Frankenstein and now—after a recent second reading—I am pleased to know that the pleasures of that first reading have been revived Once again just as it was in my teens I was thrilled by the first glimpse of the immense figure of the monster driving his sled across the arctic ice and marveled at the artful use of narrative frames within frame each subseuent frame leading us closer to the heart of the novel until we hear the alienated yet articulate voice of the creature himself In addition I admired the eually artful way the novel moves backward through the same frames until we again reach the arctic landscape which is the scene of the novel's beginningand its endThis time through I was particularly struck with how Mary must have been influenced by the novels of her father The relentless hounding of one man by another who feels his life has been poisoned by that man's irresponsible curiosity is a theme taken straight out of Godwin's Caleb Williams and the cautionary account of a monomaniac who gradually deprives himself of the satisfactions of family friends and love in pursuit of an intellectual ideal is reminiscent of the alchemist of St Leon Her prose also is like her father's in her ability to make delicate philosophical distinctions and express abstract ideas but she is a much better writer than he her sentences are elegant and disciplined and her descriptive details aptly chosen and her scenes effectively realizedThe conclusion of the novel seems hasty and incomplete but perhaps that is because the concept of Frankenstein is so revolutionary that no conclusion could have seemed satisfactory At any rate this fine novel has given birth to a host of descendants and—unlike Victor Frankenstein—is a worthy parent of its many diverse creations

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All the revisions Mary Shelley made to her story as well as her 1831 introduction and Percy Bysshe Shelley's preface to the first edition This revised edition includes as appendices a select collation of the texts of 1818 and 1831 together with 'A Fragment' by Lord Byron and Dr John Polidori's 'The Vampyre A Tale' This was awesome I listened to an audiobook on YouTube as it is under the public domain You can find it here It was great The narrator did a great job of building the atmosphere and excitement in the story I always love reading the original stories behind some very iconic pop culture figures Frankenstein is obviously incredibly popular It was great to read and do a little bit of a personal independent study on major nerd here The perfect Halloween read

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Frankenstein; or The Modern PrometheusObsessed with creating life itself Victor Frankenstein plunders graveyards for the material to fashion a new being which he shocks into life with electricity But his botched creature rejected by Frankenstein and denied human companionship sets out to destroy his maker and all that he holds dear Mary Shelley's chill SoI finished itWarningIf you are a fan of classic literature andor are utterly devoid of a sense of humor this review may not be for youAlsoYes I realize that I'm a moron with zero literary credibility So stop reading right now if the sound of an idiot whistling out of their asshole bothers you too terribly Sure you can comment below and tell me how stupid I am but it probably won't make me a better person Or will it? I've always wondered what the real Frankenstein story was likeand now I knowSadly sometimes the fantasy is better than the realityAnd the reality is this book is a big steaming pile of pooIt's an old timey horror story right?Not so muchI mean I wasn't expecting it to actually be scary but I thought it might be slightly creepy Unfortunately the only horror in the story centered around me having to keep turning the pagesUnless Beware mortal You will DIE of boredom Oooga Booga BoogaYep Truly frighteningIt starts like thisAn upper crust guy sails off to the Arctic to make discoveries and to pass the time he writes to his sister Supposedly he's been sailing around on whaling ships for several years And he's been proven an invaluable resource by other captains So I'm assuming he's a pretty crusty ol' sailor at this point Pay attention because this is where Shelly proves that she knows nothing about menSo this guy goes on and on in these letters to his sister about how he wishes on every star that he could find a BFF at sea After a few too many letters they pull a half frozen Frankensicle out of the water Aaaaand here's what our salty sea dog has to say about the waterlogged mad scientist Blah blah blahhis full toned voice swells in my ears; his lustrous eyes dwell on me with all their melancholy sweetnessblah blah blah Lustrous eyes? No straight sailor ever in the history of the world EVER referred to another dude's eyes as lustrous Ever And I know what you're thinking Well Anne maybe this character was gay Didn't think about that didja? Actually yes Yes I did The only problem with that theory is that NONE of the male characters in this book sounded remotely maleLadies do you remember that time in your life probably around middle or high school when you thought that guys actually had the same sort of thought waves running through their heads that we do? You know before you realized that the really don't care aboutwell all of the things that we do? You thought that while they were laughing at the booger their idiot friend just flicked across the room something deeper was stirring in their mind It just had to beI'm not sure when it happens but at some point every woman finally realizes the fairly obvious truthMen aren't womenThat booger was the funniest thing ever and nothing was stirring around in them other than maybe some gasAnd that's okFart lighting and long distance loogie hawking contests aside they can pretty darn cool But this author was too young to realize thatMy personal opinion is that Mary was probably fairly sheltered when it came to real men She was a teenage girl apparently running around with a bunch of artsy fartsy dudes Much like today I would imagine these junior emos were probably blowing poetic smoke up her young ass in the high hopes of getting into her pantsAlthough it's possible I'm totally misreading the situationAnyway Frank tells his story and Sea Dog writes it all down for his sisterIn excruciating detailRivers flowers rocks mountain topsagonizingly cataloged And the weather? God forbid a breeze blows through the story without at least a paragraph devoted to the way it felt on his skin or affected his moodAnd speaking of Frankenstein's moodI don't think I've ever had the pleasure of reading about a character this spineless before What a pussy He didn't talk so much as he whinedAnd the swooningHe was like one of those freaking Fainting GoatsI can't even count how many times he blacked out and fell over Of course then he would get feverish and need a period of convalescence to recoverAgain every episode was recounted with incredible attention to detailI'm thrilled that I never had to miss a moment of his sweaty brow getting daubed with water Randomly Inserted Fun Fact The monster uoted Milton in Paradise Lost Shockingly I only know this because it was in the appendix and not because I have any real life experience with reading that one Was this the most painfully unnecessary book I've read this year?YesIs there a deeper moral to this story?YesSome would say that the monster is a product of a society that refuses to accept someone who is different Or maybe that Victor Frankenstein was the real monster for not realizing that he had a duty to parent and care for his creation? Perhaps it is meant to point out our obsession with perfection and our willingness to disregard people who don't meet the standards of beauty as non human?Some might say any of those things I however learned a far different lesson from FrankensteinAnd it's thisTrust no oneNot even someone who just an example has been your Best Friend for decades Let's read a classic Anne It'll be fun Anne We can call each other with updates Anne It'll be just like a book club Anne Tee heeLiar liar Pants on fireI read this whole God awful book and you uit after 10 pages I'm telling your momAnywayHere's the uote that sums up my experience with Frankenstein Blah blah blahin all the misery I imagined and dreaded I did not conceive the hundredth part of the anguish I was destined to endure