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Kindle Î An English Version of the Tanakh µ David H Stern R makes no separation between Old and New Testaments corrects misinterpretations in the New Testament resulting from anti Jewish theological bias offers the original Hebrew names for people places and concepts using easy to read English transliterations focuses on Messianic prophecy gives the traditional weekly and holiday synagogue readings plus relevant read WOW Translated by modern Jew using language that was used by Jesus Yeshua and pronunciation guide Great stuff The CLOSEST you are gonna get to the true translation To get the full benefit use it alongside the likes of the NIV or CEV

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Download Complete Jewish Bible Ebook ✓ An English Version of the Tanakh ☆ ➽ [Download] ✤ Complete Jewish Bible : An English Version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B'Rit Hadashah (New Testament) By David H Stern ➲ – Why is this Bible different f Ings from the B'rit Hadashah New Testament The Complete Jewish Bible reconnects Christians with their Jewish roots and the Jewish people connects Jews with the Jewishness of Messiah Yeshua and Messianic faith Other features of this Bible a comprehensive introduction a pronouncing explanatory glossary a reverse glossary and special maps to aid Bible understandi An excellent version However is is difficult to search books and chapters The biblical names have Hebrew names instead of the english that we are accustom to But it does really open up the bible uup Example The NIV and NASB say believe in Jesus where as the KJV and Greek says Believe on Jesus This book says Trust in Jesus The Jews and Muslims believe in Jesus and so do Historians But to believe on or trust in Jesus is different it is dependancy The latter is was the relationship that many people have with God such as Smith Wigglesworth and George MullerI would not really recommend this version for someone starting to read the Bible because of the Hebrew namesExcellent

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Complete Jewish Bible An English Version of the Tanakh Old Testament and B'Rit Hadashah New TestamentWhy is this Bible different from all other Bibles? Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation It includes Dr Stern's new version of the Tanakh Old Testament and his highly acclaimed Jewish New Testament The Complete Jewish Bible follows the Hebrew Bible order of the Tanakh's books the order with which Yeshua Jesus was familia UPDATED REVIEWRATING29 Aug 2017 I've had this now for over 3 weeks I am and disappointed with the Kindle version understatement It can literally take at least a minute or to find a specific verse of scripture First you go to the Contents in the front easy then scroll over to the specific book you want and tap it That will take you to the very beginning of the book In longer books with long chapters you will literally be hand scrolling page by page until you get to chapter and verse That's just unacceptable for anyone wanting to use this as a reference If all you want to do is read the author's outstanding information in the front and then read the entire Old and New Testaments Christian terms this will be just fine But to cross reference anything in this Kindle edition is functionally impossible the effort reuired is simply unacceptable I had given it a gift of 4 stars content itself is definitely a 5 star rating but after considerably use I'm probably still overly generous in downgrading it to a 3 star product I'm almost tempted to attempt a full refund of the Kindle edition except that I still want to have it available on my phone or Kindle device when it's not convenient to carry around a hard copy I will definitely and grudgingly pay twice and purchase the hard copy of the book just so I can adeuately use it when I've at least got access to the printed copy Original review follows DARN I wanted to be able to give this a better review Content wise I love it totally a 5 star item particularly for the price The fact that this is a single translator's work is already a built in acknowledgement by the author so anyone knocking it down because of that I think would be unfair If they simply disagree and can support that disagreement with substantial portions of translation or with some doctrinal issue or other so be it I'm simply saying that yes it would be nice to have than just David Stern's view of things but I'll certainly defer to his expertise over mine any day not even closeThe content is extremely helpful and perhaps some background could help explain this review I happen to be one who grew up in a Protestant denomination kept going by choice for several years into my early 20s but by about age 22 I'd simply not been able to reconcile several very fundamental uestions and finally decided there is a God though I did not understand his character I've just always known that deep within even as a small child but that the Bible was mythology just like GreekRoman or Norse mythology and Jesus Christ was a great teacher and bold man but when he died he died as any other man does and that he was not the Son of God I sought out a religion that resonated with me and could find none for several years Only after several years and both highly unexpected and very powerful personal events did I come to know that I had been largely wrong Each of the above suppositions on my part starting around age 22 had been wrong But the neat thing was the uestions I had have all been answered in greater detail than I ever expected possible And it's been building now for over 40 yearsThen late last year we became acuainted with a Messianic Jewish couple and have had some marvelous discussions In the process I've come to identify with them and understand how they are not in the usual sense of the word Christian Oh of course they believe that Jesus Christ was in fact the Messiah but the differences with traditional Christianity Protestant and Catholic are amazingly similar to my own even with no Jewish background on my part Am I ready to begin attending a nearby Messianic Jewish service each Saturday? No The specific denomination I accept is entirely satisfactory for reasons not appropriate for a reviewSo I came to order this item as a direct result of some YouTube videos produced by a Messianic Jewish Rabbi and his occasional reference to the CJB A little research finally explained what that was to which he was making passing reference And I ordered it to help better understand my own beliefs and what a help it has already been in only a weekSo why not a 5 star review which my gut wants to give it? Simple Trying to navigate around in it to find chapter and verse completely eluded me for the first week I JUST found out how and it's not all that good before completing this review I finally found out how to find each of the books but it's uite cumbersome having to scroll forward a page at a time to get to a specific verse Chapter 47 verse 25 of some book? That's a heck of a lot of scrolling I'd love it if someone could show me the dumb error of my ways and provide an easier way but for now I'm stuck only being able to go to the first page of whatever book of scripture I choose to read or reference To me that's a major downfall and my 4 star review is ONLY that high because of the exceptional explanatory and reference material prior to the actual scripture text Trying to read this on my Android phone and do cross referencing uickly is so far impossible with any kind of reasonable time My KJV Bible? Piece of cake This? Functionally useless for that purpose at least It's a bit easier on the big desktop with a mouse but still not easy If the table of contents at least had chapter reference links under each of the book names that would be far far easier For a study reference I believe that's a major flaw