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eBook ✓ ePub Coda AUTHOR Emma Trevayne ì 9780762447282 ß Emma Trevayne ß [PDF / Epub] ☆ Coda ✩ Emma Trevayne – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Ever since he was a young boy music has coursed through the veins of eighteen year old Anthem—the Corp has certainly seen to thaBut when a band member dies suspiciously from a tracking overdose Anthem knows that his time has suddenly become limited Revolution all but sings in the air and Anthem cannot help but answer the call with the chords of choice and free will But will the girl he loves help or hinder h If you love music as much as Emma Trevayne obviously does I think that this will be a cool read for youIf you are someone like me who doesn't care all that much about music you might think this book is just okayishThere are lots of paragraphs that describe how the music feels flows and sounds If you love music this might be a thing that you recognise and appreciate To me though it felt boring I do like music but I don't care enough about it that I could describe it in the same way that someone who loves music like the author doesAnother thing I didn't care much about were the main characters After a while I got tired of the endless conversations that Anthem has with himself At times Anthem is supposed to say something original powerful and inspirational but to me it fell flat I didn't connect with him or any of the other charactersThe plot and the world though were interesting It was a slow paced book and it could have been shorter and filled with action if Anthem wasn't talking about everything all the time The ending was good I was happy that they finally started doing something for real and that not everything ended happily ever afterSo yeah An okay book in my opinion

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Ever since he was a young boy music has coursed through the veins of eighteen year old Anthem the Corp has certainly seen to that By encoding music with addictive and mind altering elements the Corp holds control over all citizens particularly conduits like Anthem whose life energy f There are some people in the world to whom music is as vital as oxygen To those me and certainly Emma Trevayne the author of Coda music has the ability to heighten emotions to heal to soothe to enrige and excite To us music is as potent as any drug and almost as addicting To Anthem and the rest of the citizens in The Web there is no almost Music is uite literally a drug one as addicting as any narcotic And just as dangerous In Anthem's post war world on the island of Manhatten the Corp the nameless faceless despotic government controls everyone through music specially encoded to be as addicting and mood altering as possible It keeps the citizens passive keeps them dependent and ensures they don't live long enough to have time to do anything but survive But Anthem has a secret He and four others meet secretly once a week to play music together real music without any encoding Music created just for the joy of it an outlet for their rage and their sorrow and the sweet thrill of the illicit and the freeBut even with the pure high playing gives him he can't escape the addiction the Corp has bred in him He craves the high as much as he despises it When he's tracking is the only time he feels free yet it is when he's most chained With drumbeat shackles and guitar string ropes I'm a willing prisoner It's miraculous here light and sound and color and shape coalesce around me before exploding into fireworks of bliss Rainbow sparks tumble down to sizzle on my clothes Songs change Sweat flows Energy gathers and releases and gathers again This one's my favorite It sweeps me away floating until waves of a thousand keyboards break all at once crashing into my frantic body tossing me higher higher higher It isn't until a friend is killed right in front of him that Anthem begins to wonder if their music is worth something than the few moments of freedom it allows him and the band Could their songs incite a rebellion Could they be an anthem for the revolution the people so desperately needCoda has a cool factor unlike anything I've read A cyberpunk part dystopian part science fiction thriller set in futuristic Manhatten with the reuisite gadgetry romance and the added benefit of a rockstar Sign me upIt's a fast read intense and sometimes violent but not without nuance or sublety In a world built on absolutes Anthem is a character drawn in shades of gray He is conflicted and flawed never entirely sure of himself only that he can't go on as he has And though the action and intensity may be the melody to Coda the elements that stick in your head the most when you remember the story Anthem's heart is the backbeat to it all Steady unwaverying and giving structure to it allCoda is a uniue read fast and intense and fun with twists you won't see coming but will probably want to yell at Ms Trevayne about Go ahead I already haveFull disclosure I am one of Emma Trevayne's crit partners and first read Coda when Emma pinged me and said hey I read a chapter of this thing Wanna read it And though it's gone through some changes from gdoc to book at the heart it's the same story that thrilled me from the first page almost two years ago

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Coda AUTHOR Emma TrevayEeds the main power in the GridAnthem finds hope and comfort in the twin siblings he cares for even as he watches the life drain slowly and painfully from his father Escape is found in his underground rock band where music sounds free clear and unencoded deep in an abandoned basement In a world where music is a drugI'm drawn to the door I can't hear it yet but I can feel itA rebellion sparks to life underneath a post apocalyptic dead cityWe use that we have What we can find build break and deform into the things we needAnthem a barely adult conduit power source for the villainous government known as The Corp tries to provide as a stable a life as he can for his brother and sisterBut how stable can your life be when you have to explain music like you're in a bad after school special and you yourself are a helpless addictIt's something that makes you feel good Or bad Sometimes it's something that makes the pain go awayAfter the wrongful death of his friend Johnny Anthem gathers the members of his highly illegal punishable by death bandTheir revolution is going above groundIf there's going to be a future without the Corp and its evil where music is just music then death is going to have to come first My own maybe if we build enough of a cause that I need to martyr myself for it Anyone who stands up to fight will be risking themselves There'll be deaths caused by action not by energy sucked from me while I sit in a chair in a basement with a thousand othersI guess that's just a matter of scale tooEverywhere they turn the odds are stacked against them Their cause is a losing battle and nobody is safeIt's obvious what they're doing to me I've read about withdrawal its suddenness painful than the slow decline of tolerance I try to fight it but I'm only fighting myselfDarkness would've been okay Light is a terrifying thing to people who've lived in fear of exposure Spots dance in front of my eyes my pulse roars in my ears I'm done They're not going to get away with this My shattered pieces reform glued together by angerWas this book one ridiculously long slug for me nearly two weeks for three hundred nine pagesYesWas it because I didn't like itAbso frakking lutely notIt was because of the subject matter I hate books that scare you without blood and gutsAre you looking for a book with a dystopian society horror show and an LGBT element that is played straight ha and not just tacked on for a bigger audienceRead Alex London's ProxyI recommend both books highly but for completely different reasonsI recommend Coda for the following audiences People who can't live without love music Musicians singers and guitar players especially Bi sexualbi curious individuals People who like books like 1984 but want something less dense Those who like cyberneticcyber punkcoderhackerdigital warfare fiction Recovering addicts Coda will make you think twice before slipping your earbuds in before you got to sleep tonightOr before you head for the gym tomorrowOr before you get in your car for the commute to workOr everThe Corp says a lot of things