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Greek and Christian at the same time Jaroslav Pelikan describes the four Cappadocians―Gregory of Nazianzus Basil of Caesarea Gregory of Nyssa and Macrina sister and teacher of the last two―who were trained in Classical culture philosophy and rhetoric but who were also defenders and expositors of Christian orthodoxy On one issue of faith and life after another―the nature of religious language the ways of knowing the existence of God the universe as cosmos time and space free will and immortality the nature of the good life the as a person who in his heart of hearts hopes to one day be a Byzantine Catholic monk i found this book to be both rich in information and inspiringpelikan has long been my favorite historian of Christian theology one of the great things about his work is his familiarity with the original texts he is absolutely saturated in the writings of the fathers and he can weave citations from their various works into his study in a manner similar to the way the old school fathers weave Scripture into their argumentsi never new what the cappadocians were as far as natural theologians before i read this book they were my heroes as Christians; now they are my heroes as intellectuals as well he compares the effect that the cappadocians had on the east with the effect that augustine had on the west; as a Catholic i'm half jealous to me the cappadocians serve as a model for just how good Christian theology can get their writings are saturated in beauty; their theology is absolutely Trinitarian they met their world head on and analyzed it in light of what Christianity could give they combined an uncommon ability to both stand for the Orthodox and Catholic faith and to be vibrant and bold in their theologya bonus is pelikan's portraying macrina the sister of basil and gregory of nyssa as 'the fourth cappadocian' and a source of much that was great in her brothersi highly recommend this book often Christianity is accused of being 'paganized' from its encounter with hellenism pelikan's study shows perhaps uite a different picutre the Christianization of hellenism at any rate this wonderful book shows Christian theology at its best i highly recommend it

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Christianity and Classical Culture The Metamorphosis of Natural Theology in the Christian Encounter with Hellenism Gifford Lectures SeriesPurpose of the universe―they challenged and debated the validity of the Greek philosophical tradition in interpreting Scripture Because the way they resolved these issues became the very definition of normative Christian belief says Pelikan their system is still a key to our understanding not only of Christianity's diverse religious traditions but also of its intellectual and philosophical traditions  This book is based on the prestigious Gifford Lectures presented by Jaroslav Pelikan at the University of Aberdeen in 1992 and 199 I know that Jaroslav Pelikan gives intellectual peak experiences to some people but the fact is that he bores me terribly There is no doubt in my mind that the man is a first rate erudite who has read thousands of books but he is a very bad writer with no style at all His prose is impeccable but the way he tells you things is dry dry dry Never a note of playfulness never an interesting anecdote It's simply unbearable or only bearable for monks who want to do penanceAlthough I was deeply interested in the subject and am accustomed to reading big books I have read Robert Eisenman's huge volume on James the Brother of Jesus I couldn't go beyond the third chapterNote that the scope of this book is very limited pagan natural theology and Christian Cappadocian natural theology This is NOT a book on the encounter of Paganism and Christianity in general This renders the whole discussion terribly technical and for me terribly boringConclusion for very patient specialists only

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Christianity and Classical Culture doc Û reader The Metamorphosis of Natural Theology in the Christian Encounter with Hellenism Ö Jaroslav Jan Pelikan Ö ➹ [Read] ➵ Christianity and Classical Culture: ThThe momentous encounter between Christian thought and Greek philosophy reached a high point in fourth century Byzantium and the principal actors were four Greek speaking Christian thinkers whose collective influence on the Eastern Church was comparable to that of Augustine on Western Latin Christendom In this erudite and informative book a distinguished scholar provides the first coherent account of the lives and writings of these so called Cappadocians named for a region in what is now eastern Turkey showing how they managed to be I can't say enough good things of Professor Pelikan I dare say one would be challenged to find such an author who brings so much knowledge to bear with such objectivity