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Zeke Coulter has no intention of getting married until he buys a ranch next door to Natalie Patterson a sexy divorcee with two kids a zany extended family and a philandering ex husband involved in shady business dealings When Natalie's twelve year old son vandalizes Zeke's property and she is un Bright Eyes was a little different than the previous 4 books in the series with a little suspense but I still found it uite enjoyable Zeke’s first intentions when seeing his vandalized property was to march next door to talk to the boys’ mother and teach him a lesson When he meets Natalie the sexy country singer he almost forgets why he marched over there He’s blown away with her beauty and the way her hips move in her seuin dress They both decide that in order to pay off the damages Chad has to work for Zeke to pay off his debt During their days at work Zeke starts bonding with Chad a boy who is in serious need of a father figure due to his non existent relationship with his father Natalie and Chad's 4 year old sister also help out to speed up the repairs But as Zeke spends time with the three of them he starts loving their company He instantly falls in love with Rosie who talks non stop and speaks with the elouence of an adult and Natalie whose beauty and sexy voice just stops him dead in his tracks Zeke who once enjoyed living in complete solitude suddenly finds his home empty He has grown to love the three of them as if they were his own family and feels alone when they are not around Natalie soon falls in love with Zeke and is always in need of his embrace She spent 11 years married to an unfaithful man and Zeke is nothing like her cheating ex husband When Natalie’s ex husband is murdered she first becomes the number one suspect and then becomes the number one target Zeke helps her clear her name and the real murderer is finally caught Finally Natalie has met the man meant for her who loves her kids as his own There were so many cute scenes in this book I loved the part when Rosie knocks on Zeke’s door and they have a one on one Such a little girl with so many demands Zeke fell instantly in love with her then Also I thought it was cute how Zeke would climb into Natalie’s room window every night like sneaky teenagers Zeke was so old fashioned that he wouldn’t be caught sleeping with Natalie even though they were engaged They had to be married first It was so funny when little Rosie caught Zeke in the room one morningOh and the part where Zeke proposed while Natalie was singing on stage I loved when he got down on both knees VERY CUTE

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Bright EyesAble to pay for the damages Zeke offers to let the boy work off the debtAs Zeke struggles to instill a sense of responsibility and self worth in the troubled youngster he finds his life being turned upside down by Natalie whose sultry singing voice and striking eyes disguise her underlying lack Bright Eyes is a little different in tone than the other two of Anderson's books I've read It's not uite a poignant but it's still an interesting romance I enjoyed seeing Zeke's perceptions and desires shift His relationship with Natalie's son was wonderfully done I liked how that was the initial focus of the connection between Natalie and ZekeOne of the things I liked most about the book was the traditional romance of it Natalie and Zeke meet are attracted to one another engage in a relationship fall in love and decide to get married So many romances in books are chock full of angst denying feelings breaking up getting back together etc It's nice once in a while to read a book where there is a natural flow to two people getting together and staying together So I really enjoyed that aspectAnother great part of the book was that there were some truly hilarious scenes I couldn't stop laughing at a couple of them It's always great when some humor is surprisingly slipped into a bookAll in all a good read It's maybe not a serious and dramatic as Anderson's other books but I liked it

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Download Bright Eyes Book í 419 pages È ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Bright Eyes Author Catherine Anderson – Zeke Coulter has no intention of getting married until he buys a ranch next door to Natalie Patterson a sexy divorcee with two kids a zany extended family and a philandering ex husband involved inOf belief in herself or in her dream of becoming a professional singer With rugged determination Zeke undertakes to bolster her confidence revive her ability to trust men and thoroughly seduce her But just as their attraction begins to blossom a twist of fate gravely threatens their life togethe 4 starsI'm a bit of a sucker for stories with precocious kids 4 yo Rosie was a real charmer in this one Also I like a hero who doesn't dither around once he sees someone he likes Zeke is uite aware of the issues getting involved with a divorced woman with 2 kids but he has no problems with taking it all on a hero in every sense