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Download Ebook ↠ Bleak House ë 1017 pages ☆ Charles dickens ☆ ❴Read❵ ➪ Bleak House Author Charles Dickens – Bleak House opens in the twilight of foggy London where fog grips the city most densely in the Court of Chancery The obscure case of JaBleak House opens in the twilight of foggy London where fog grips the city most densely in the Court of Chancery The obscure case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce in which an inheritance is gradually devoured by legal costs the romance of Okay so this is the 1853 version of The Wire But with less gay sex And no swearing And very few mentions of drugs And only one black person I think maybe not even one And of course it's in London not Balti But other than that it's the samePound for pound this is Dickens' best novel and of course that is saying a great deal I've nearly read all of them so you may take my word Have I ever written a review which was anything less than 101% reliable honest and straightforward? Well there you are thenBleak House gives some people a leetle problem insofar as you have half of it narrated by Esther Goody Three Shoes too good for just two Summerson who you ache to have a few bad things happen to because she trills she sings she sees the best in everyone tra la la tweedly dee dee This does get on some people's nerves But I downloaded a dvd called Dickens Girls Gone Wild last week and let me tell you there's a whole other side to Esther Summerson given the right surroundings I think it was Malta and the sangria was flowing she could be good company However Bleak House as a whole does no than take it upon itself to explain how society works And it's utterly gobsmacking There are a lot of words in Bleak House's 890 pages but gobsmacking is not one of them It's a word that was invented to describe Dickens novels

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List has done Bleak House in its atmosphere symbolism and magnificent bleak comedy is often regarded as the best of Dickens A 'great Victorian novel' it is so inventive in its competing plots and styles that it eludes interpretatio Reading Bleak House has had a redeeming effect for me Before this marvel took place Dickens evoked for me either depressing black and white films in a small and boxy TV watched during oppressive times or reading what seemed endless pages in a still largely incomprehensible language Dickens meant then a pain on both countsIn this GR group read I have enjoyed Bleak House tremendouslyIn the group discussion many issues have been brought up by the members First and foremost the critiue on the social aspects has been put on the tray but also the treatment of women andor children the critiue of the Empire and of the Legal profession and institutions the interplay between the two narrators he humour the richness in literary and historical references the musings on ethics etc All this makes for a very rich analysisFor me this book is certainly a reread And apart from all the aspects above what have struck me most because it has surprised me were the very rich plot and the way it was constructed That is why if I read Bleak House again I will do so while drawing a diagram that similarly to those charting engineering processes would plot the plotUsing an Excel sheet as my basis the graph I have in mind would be a two dimensional chart with the X or horizontal axis extending up to the 67 chapters of the book while on the vertical or Y axis I would mark out three different bands These bands would correspond to what I see as the main threads of the story I am thinking of1 The Chancery with all the Legal aspects In this story line belong the Court itself and the legal offices such as Kenge and Carboy and Mr Tulkinghorn’s The characters related to these legal aspects would belong to this band 2 Esther with her upbringing and Godmother And here belong major characters such as John Jarndyce and the two Wards Ada and Richard3 Chesney Wold with the Dedlocks Mrs Rouncewell and Rosa etcEach chapter would be plotted according to its number and to the story band to which it belongs and so it would be drawn as a suare To each chapter suare I would give one of two colors depending on who is narrating it When Esther is telling the story I would color the suare pink and when it is the Narrator it would be blue For the early chapters Band #2 would be mostly pink while the other two would be mostly blue; but as the novel advanced I think the pink would begin to invade other band stories and vice versaIn each chapter suare I would include little cells each one corresponding to one character as they first appear in the story As the chapters advanced and the characters reappeared I would draw connecting lines for those reappearing cells which would trace clearly how those character cells started to move from story band to story bandI wish I could draw the graph I have in mind in HTML format for this GR box But to give you an idea I think it would look like a combination of the following graphs and thisThen I would also mark when some episodes or stories within the stories were presented To these I would give the shape of a sort of elongated bubble or ellipse and they would be superposed on the chapter boxes since they would not uite belong nor not belong to the three story lines above In this ellipse category I place the episodes involving the Jellybys the Badgers the Turveydrops etcSome of the characters even if they first appear in the context of one of the bands eventually move from one story to another a great deal In the end they do not really belong to any one of them in particular These characters I conceive as major connectors in the plot I would then mark them with bold big dots linked by lines and would eventually look like a connecting grid I call these the Connexions and Jo Mr Guppy Mr Smallweed amongst others belong to this category Mr Guppy one of my favourite characters has a major “connexion” function although he is succeeded in his ability to precipitate the plot by the most determinant of the connecters Mr Bucket As The Detective his role is precisely that of connecting everything and thereby reach or propitiate the conclusion There is another group of characters who have a lighter connexion function because they do not really advance the plot but help in pulling it together and make it cohesive To this class I place Miss Flint and may be Charlotte Charley Neckett As we draw further to the right of the X axis the connecting lines linking the pivotal characters become increasingly busy and tangled as they extend over and boxes The connecting nodes would become something likeBy the end as we approach the final chapters all the story bands would have conflated into Esther and the graph would become something like this one in which the central heart stands for the All Loving EstherAnd Charles Dickens planned all this without a Computer

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Bleak HouseEsther Summerson and the secrets of her origin the sleuthing of Detective Inspector Bucket and the fate of Jo the crossing sweeper these are some of the lives Dickens invokes to portray London society rich and poor as no other nove Bleak House How can it be over? I hold this incredible book in my hand and can’t believe I have finished it The 965 page 2 inch thick tiny typed tome may seem a bit intimidating Relax you can read it in a day that is if you read one page per minute for 16 hours And you might just find yourself doing that Bleak House is Twilight Zone than Masterpiece Theatre However there is enough spirit of both to satisfy everyone And indeed it should it has it all unforgettable characters intrigue plot within plot ruined love enormous themes complications and description and what description it goes so far a lesser writer would be lost forever trying to find their way back Above all it has that brilliant constant satirical voice of Dickens That is the thing lost in TV film and radio adaptations of his work One merely gets a hint of it in the best of theseThe plot the characters the very fog that we encounter in the introduction are all connected to one main thread a lawsuit the Jarndyce and Jarndyce case It involves an inheritance with several wills and it cannot be decided which one is legitimate The case is before the Courts of Chancery and has dragged on for generations Someone stands to gain a lot of money and property but the long entanglement of the law has made it a curse While greed and madness consume certain characters sometimes literally there are also those who know how pointless and destructive it is to live under such hope Bleak House is another reminder what an important influence Dickens was on Dostoyevsky who understood his power very well Bleak House is alternatively narrated by the orphan Esther Summerson and an omniscient third person Dickens's sophisticated juggling of narrative invents a style that really can't be defined just like the novel itself Is it a thriller a romance magic realism a murder mystery? Yes and no Is it a treatise on poverty domestic violence false charity obsession? Again yes and no All is mixed into the fog along with that forty foot long Megalosaurus that Dickens summons in the opening paragraph – and emerges as one of the best novels ever written