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EBOOK ↠ EPUB Ariel By Sylvia Plath è 9780060931728 FREE ó EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ñ [Reading] ➳ Ariel ➻ Sylvia Plath – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Sylvia Plath's celebrated collectionWhen Sylvia Plath died she not only left behind a prolific life but also her unpubliSylvia Plath's celebrated collectionWhen Sylvia Plath died she not only left behind a prolific life but also her unpublished literary masterpiece Ariel Inspired by Paul Legault's brilliant idea of translating Emily Dickinson's poems into English I thought immediately I have to steal that idea So here are some of the Ariel poems of Sylvia Plath translated into English I have of course tried my utmost to perform this task with tact discretion and good tasteARIEL TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISHELMLook let's get this straight I am a tree you are a woman We can never be together not in the way you'd like anyway Plus you're kind of irritatingTHE RABBIT CATCHERI went out with this guy once and then I found out he liked to catch rabbits So he was toast I should have dimed the bastardBERCK PLAGEI went on holiday Every single person in the whole hotel was talking about me behind my back I don't like bikinis Don't even get me started on nude beachesTHE OTHERI have something dead in my handbag Tee hee Also I scratched myself and made myself bleed I don't really recommend marriageA BIRTHDAY PRESENTI got a present But I was thinking that if I unwrapped it it would bite my face off So I didn't HahTHE BEE MEETINGI thought I'd like to join in village life and get involved with local societies and all that So I went to the bee keepers' meeting It was like something out of Alfred Hitchcock I liked itSTINGSNow I'm a real bee keeper I get blase about stings It's like a metaphorTHE SWARMBees are kind of like Nazis Or the French I can't decideWINTERINGCountry life can suck I wish I was a bee No I don't really That would be silly I think it would be silly Maybe it wouldn't be sillyA SECRETMen are like big babies that drink beer and want you to wear high class lingerie Okay that's not much of a secretTHE APPLICANTI got this job as a temp So I was filing and I knew I could destroy them if I chose just like that but I didn't choose to that dayDADDYWhen I was little and my dad used to dress up in his SS uniform I used to think he looked so smart and handsome Of course later the penny droppedLESBOSYou really shouldn't have taken the kittens and given them to the neighbours without a by your leave I think I am going to pour sulphuric acid on your head while you are sleeping I'll do it tonight YesFEVER 103I got one of those 48 hour bugs That's why he's still alive If I had any strength in my limbs I would have sulphuric acided his head last nightCUTI nearly cut my fucking thumb off when I was making a casserole for a man I jumped about swearing I could have cut off something useful like his member but no it had to be my thumbPOPPIES IN OCTOBERHave you noticed that everything is slowly dying of carbon monoxide poisoningLADY LAZARUSI like to commit suicide like some people like to visit their grandparents You really don't want to it's kind of a drag and there's nothing to do there but you just feel you have to because you're a good personLETTER IN NOVEMBERDear Ted Fuck you SylviaDEATH COCheer up things could be worse I could be dead Oh no wait a minute this is worse that would be better HmmSHEEP IN FOGWell you know sheep aren't that bright to begin with So when you mix 'em up with a thick fog the results are hilarious

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Her husband Ted Hughes brought the collection to life inand its publication garnered worldwide acclaim This collection showcases the beloved poet’s Haunting and honest a scalpel that cuts so deep and uick you don't even feel it

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Ariel By Sylvia PlaBrilliant provoking and always moving poems including Ariel and once again shows why readers have fallen in love with her work throughout the generatio “Cold glass how you insert yourselfBetween myself and myselfI scratch like a cat” These poems are jagged visceral and very very raw They’re angry and bruised “extravagant like torture” And they are freuently charged with a dark mirthless laughter After all “there is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn” Or so Camus once saidAs a total poetry novice I might be way off base with some of my impressions—I didn’t even come close to understanding everything I read But I do know that she shared some of her deepest most intense feelings with me She made me absorb them She forced me to feel them too Plath’s depression had claws “There is the sunlight playing its bladesBored hoodlum in a red room” You know her own dangerous radiance felt somehow similar