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DOC ✓ READER Yehuda Halevi º EYLTRANSFERSERVICES È [Epub] ❧ Yehuda Halevi (Jewish Encounters Series) By Join or create book clubs – Part of the Jewish Encounter seriesA masterly biography of Yehuda Halevi one of the greatest of Hebrew poets and a shining example of the synthesisNe which became a haunting legendAn acclaimed writer and translator Halkin builds his account of Halevis life and death on his magnificent translations of Halevis poems He places The Kuzari within the wider context of Jewish thought and explains whyperhaps than any other medieval Jewish figure Halevi has become an inspirational yet highly controversial figure in modern Jewish and Israeli intellectual li Halkin has always been at his best as a translator in that he has proved extraordinary in his renderings of modern Hebrew fiction Here too he makes the poetry of Halevi & others come to vibrant life His close readings are often accomplished and truly memorable But that significant achievement is sometimes compromised when he strains to make the condition of Jews in the multicultural and relatively tolerant environment of medieval Andalusia to closely resemble the plight of their co coreligionists in Christian Europe Those moments are often unpersuasive and he seems to create a straw man argument few of the critics whose work he dislikes truly assert the kind of utopian age that he argues against The long personal essay tacked on at the end does not have an organic relation to the early chapters of historical and literary analysis & could safely have been excluded Ultimately too much of this falls into an anachronistic way of framing Halkin's own triumphal Zionism

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Part of the Jewish Encounter seriesA masterly biography of Yehuda Halevi one of the greatest of Hebrew poets and a shining example of the synthesis of religion and culture that defined the golden age of medieval Spanish JewryLike Maimonides with whom he contrasts sharply Yehuda Halevi spanned multiple worlds Poet philosopher and physician he is known today for both his religious and secular verse includ Hillel Halkin does an admirable job fleshing out the history of the great Jewish poet and philosopher Yehuda HaLevi HaLevi was a multifaceted complex individual a beloved poet a successful physician a lover of beauty and aesthetics a rabbi and philosopher a deeply religious person and a sincere lover of his people and the Land of Israel It is clear that Halkin identifies with his subject on several aspects certainly his love of beauty and literature and love for Zion Other aspects such as HaLevi's profound religiosity are difficult for Halkin who left religion as a teenager to relate to In addition Halkin's politically left wing views appear to clash with his attempt to evaluate HaLevi and his long term impactThe author's saving grace is his awareness that like many writers before him he shapes HaLevi in his own image emphasizing those ualities he shares with his subject and ignoring those he fails to understand

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Yehuda Halevi Jewish Encounters SeriesIng his famed songs of Zion and for The Kuzari an elucidation of Judaism in dialogue form Hillel Halkin brilliantly evokes the fascinating world of eleventh and twelfth century Andalusian Spain in which Halevi lived and discusses the influences that formed him Relying on the astonishing discoveries of the Cairo Geniza he pieces together the mystery of Halevis last days with its fateful voyage to Palesti The subject is fascinating and the book well researched but it suffers from a rather plodding style and above all terrible translations of the poetry Surely there is a rule of thumb for poetry translations? What a reader needs are two translations of poems a literal one to understand the content and a poetic one to gasp the feel or if you like the poetry Halevi's marvellous verse is turned into doggerel by the author It is a truism that rhymed English verse is usually a disaster and searching for a rhyme wrecks the meaning and feel of poetry in translation Most grating is the mix of modernisms and even slang with archaic English in order to achieve the rhyme that approximates to the meaning So yes the subject is wonderful yes the importance to the idea of the Jews returning to IsraelPalestine cannot be overstated whatever you might think of that But Halevi deserves a poet to collaborate on a book like this