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Free download The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight and Independence for Todays Investor ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight and Independence for Todays Investor Author R DividendInvestor newsletter shows you why you dont have to try to beat the market and how you can use dividends to capture the income and growth you The Ultimate Epubseek. good indepth book

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Luck to earn consistent returns this way In The Ultimate Dividend Playbook Income Insight and Independence for Todays Investor Josh Peters editor of the monthly Morningsta. Like Clif I am an early retiree who relies on dividends for an in my case modest income stream I disclose this so the reader can place this review in perspective The thesis of this book coincided with my own investing philosophy so I anticipated both friendly and familiar ground but the author argued persuasively the advantages of dividend paying stock strategy over alternatives and he provided sufficient detail on the analysis of the dividend aspect of euities to improve my knowledge in this area The book's thrust is that you may be better off receiving income via dividends than regularly selling off stocks from your portfolio or relying on fixed income instruments Moreover even if you are a long term investor looking for a modicum of growth and not only immediate income the author confirms the value investing maxim that div payers tend to perform better than non div stocks over the long termAnd to me perhaps the most convincing construction also proposed by the book Active Value Investing is that if you are going to own a stock and that stock's performance is flat or down for relatively long periods of time say during range bound or bear markets would you not want the stock to pay you for holding it in the meantimeThe author uses a variety of methods to analyze how to select dividend payers that are likely to continue paying and increasing their dividends He focuses on ROE vice cash flow and explains why He also reveals his own portfolio One nit pick is the promotion of his newsletter which is common among investing authors but nonetheless detracts a bit from the point being made It is worth noting that this book was put to bed mid 2007 so his fairly unalloyed praise of REITs should be viewed in that context He does somewhat presciently warn on the risks of bank dividends Naturally the principles of dividend investing apply generally regardless of the prevailing market condition and the author also correctly cautions against the tendency to chase the highest dividend yields at any particular time rather than looking at a stock's dividend yieldgrowth history and other relevant factorsMany financial advisors and institutions recommend either singly or in combination the fixed income bonds annuities or sell x% of your stock portfolio each year method of generating investment income streams The author offers the dividend stream approach as an eually viable consideration for the long term investorAnd finally what the reader should expect from this book is less a list of what stocks to buy than here's how to pick solid dividend paying stocks and here are the ones I selected

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The Ultimate Dividend Playbook Income Insight and Independence for Todays InvestorMany people believe that the Dividend Playbook eBook #8608 key to success in the stock market is buying low and selling high But how many investors have the time talent and. Every investor should read this book Josh Peter's approach to income investing is simple Forget about the ups and downs of the market Concentrate on investing in companies that pay you for your investment in their business by paying you a cash dividend each uarter that you can reinvest in the business or if you are retired take as income to supplement to your Social Security and or pension Stock prices go up and down but good companies continue to pay their dividend and when the price of their stocks go down the dividend yield goes up The emphasis here is on companies that have a competitive moat that protects their dividend that grow their dividend at a rate greater than inflation pay a 3% or better dividend are priced at less than their fair value and have a payout ratio that allows for growing the business as well as the dividend This is an easy and enjoyable read You'll see that it's possible to own a concentrated portfolio of low risk high dividend 3 6% income producing investments that basically reuire very little maintenance that roll with the punches and reward you for your investment