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Download kindle ¸ Eureka Man The Life and Legacy of Archimedes Û The Life and Legacy of Archimedes É Join or create book clubs ç ➳ [Read] ➮ Eureka Man: The Life and Legacy of Archimedes By Join or create book clubs eS and ropes to launch single handedly a fully laden ship His rediscovered treatises guided nascent thinkers out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance Indeed Archimedes cumulative record of achievement places him among the exalted ranks of Aristotle Leonardo da Vinci Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein Eureka Man brings to life for general readers the genius of Archimedes offering succinct and understandable explanations of some of his amazing discoveries and innovatio This is a very good history book and the story is great

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The extraordinary genius of Archimedesscientist mathematician engineer and showman Many of us know little about Archimedes other than his Eureka exclamation upon discovering that he could immerse an object in a full tub of water and measure the spillage to determine the objects volume That simple observation helped establish the key principles of buoyancy that govern the flotation of hot air balloons boats and denizens of the sea Archimedes had a profound impact on the The short versionEureka Man is very broadly three stories The man and his milieu mostly his milieu see closing paragraph his contributions and influence and the utterly amazing nothing that you don't The longer third story about 12 of the book was for me a complete delight The amazing twists and he omits them entirely where they would serve no purpose such as the difficult On Floating Bodies treatisePart II A Palimpsest's Tale is exactly what it says it is the story of the Archimedes Palimpsest and the improbable chain of circumstance & narrow escapes by which Archimedes' story & work have come down to us Historical context is essential to understanding of course and Hirshfeld doesn't skimp He gives a good overview of ancient IT the media the repositories the copying etc and how it all evolved thru the centuries Much of Part II duplicates the Palimpsest history as related in The Archimedes Codex by Reviel Netz & William Noel but I found Hirshfeld's version to be both thorough & concise he doesn't get side tracked for example by tales of research trips to the MediterraneanFinally a few small complaints I have spent many frustrating futile years looking for information on Archimedes the man so my excitement was high when I found Eureka Man The title says The life & Legacy of Archimedes Well one out of two ain't bad I guess Eureka Man offers a thorough & enjoyable account of Archimedes' legacy his astonishing feats of logic & invention how they managed to get transmitted to us and his influence on later scientists But as far as Archimedes himself well their just isn't that much to go on so Hirshfeld like everyone else makes do by recreating Archimedes' milieu He does a good job of it but I had naively hoped that maybe he'd turned up some new documents or had educed some new insights from the specialist literature I'm not a scholar just a devoted fan So the title is a bit misleading My other complaint is that Hirshfeld seems way too uncritical and polite regarding certain theories if that is the word of Reviel Netz co author of the Archimedes Codex I mean to post a review of that as well if I can ever think of a way to keep it under a thousand wordsBut those are minor cavils with a book that is both edifying & entertaining What could anyone ask? Eureka Man will be a permanent addition to my library and I'm betting it will be the same for most people who buy it

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Eureka Man The Life and Legacy of ArchimedesDevelopment of mathematics and science from suare roots to the stability of ships; number systems to levers; the value of pi to the size of the universe Yet this same cerebral man developed machines of war that held at bay the greatest army of antiuity Ironically Archimedes reputation swelled to mythic proportions in the ancient world for his feats of engineering the hand cranked irrigation devicecommonly known as Archimedes screwand his ingenuous use of levers pulley This is really like two different books in one The first part that covers the math of Archimedes and his other accomplishments is rather dry and the author almost seems bored by it The second part which focuses on the Archimedes Palimpsest also covered in a recent book titled the Archimedes Codex feels as if it were written by a different author someone who was genuinely excited about his subject and is expressing that in his writing style So if you find yourself getting bogged down in part I at least give part II a try before giving up entirely