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MOBI Ä DOC Different Escaping the Competitive Herd 030746086X ´ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES à [EPUB] ✶ Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd By Youngme Moon – Why trying to be the best competing like crazy makes you mediocreEvery few years a bookthrougUte importance of competing like crazy Youngme Moons message is simply Get off this treadmill thats taking you nowhere Going tit for tat and adding features augmentations and gimmicks to beat the competition has the perverse result of making you like everyone else Different provides a highly original perspective on what it means to offer something that is meaningfully differentdifferent in a manner that is both fundamental and comprehensive  Youngme Moon identifies the outliers the mavericks the iconoclaststhe players who have thoughtfully rejected orthodoxy in favor of an approach that isadventurous Some are even hostile almost daring you to This is a disarmingly modest book given the insights it contain Refreshingly free of BS it addresses the real issues to be dressed in engaging our audience My best read of 2015 to date

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Buy what they are selling The MINI Cooper was launched with fearless abandon Worried that this car is too small? Look here Its even smaller than you think  These are players that strike a genuine chord with even the most jaded consumers In fact almost every success story of the past two decades has been an exception to the rule Simply go to your computer and compare AOL and Yahoo with Google The former pile on feature upon feature to their home pages while Google is like an austere boutiue dominating a category filled with extras  Different shows how to succeed in a world where conformity reignsbut exceptions rule From the Hardcover edition This is a must for anyone wanting to study differentiation in marketing Very readable and runs along at a good pace

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Different Escaping the Competitive HerdWhy trying to be the best competing like crazy makes you mediocreEvery few years a bookthrough a combination of the authors uniue voice storytelling ability wit and insightsimply breaks the mold Bill Brysons A Walk in the Woods is one example Richard Feynmans Surely Youre Joking Mr Feynman is another Now comes Youngme Moons Different a bookfor people who dont read business books Actually itslike a personal conversation with a friend who has thought deeply about how the world works and who gets you to see that world in a completely new light  If there is one strain of conventional wisdom pervading every company in every industry its the absol This is less about marketing and of a subjective account of the author’s opinion on marketing products advertising & life There is a bit in the preface about other business books being simple to digest and how they are over simplified They aren’t over simplified they are written that way to help the reader take things away and reference relevant parts easily again If I wanted this kind of writing I would have read a novel Read Marty Neumeier’s book ZAG & The Brand Gap you will get a lot from it in way less time Sorry author but this is probably a great ‘academic‘ read but not great for the real world I’m afraid