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Download Book à And Tango Makes Three È ¾ Richardson ¸ [EPUB] ✵ And Tango Makes Three By Richardson – Synopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soon Synopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soonSynopsis coming soon.Synopsis coming soon I know this is a board book for young children it’s going to get knocked about but it has been delivered with scuffed corners and dents in the pages There is no cover to protect the book in transit I’m not very happy to give this as a birthday gift

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Synopsis coming soon I really like this I believe it could be written in a way that would have been engaging however; it is a little long winded for its target audience and I've had children under five get bored before the end when I've read it I am a former children's librarian But the story is adorable and it has become a classic of early years literature standing out for being a true story and having a very accessible LGBT theme which is introduced in a very natural way I have had a couple of conversations with children about gay parents when reading this book when they have had trouble understanding the concept but often it is just accepted by children that the penguins are both male It is fairly popular with children though so with liberal adults and the illustrations are beautiful I believe the company Educate and Celebrate have a lesson plan based on this book so if you are a teacher reading this review search for that online

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And Tango Makes ThreeSynopsis coming soon Just beautiful We happened upon this by chance having seen a youtube video about these penguins and so the boys wanted tthe book We thought it would be a way of talking about same sex relationships Our childre who have same sex couples in their lives didn't see that They saw a wonderful love story and a tale of adoption They said 'this is like our family You fell in love and we are the eggs not looked after and now we are the beautiful family' Which we liked a lot Highly recommend it lovely pictures and delightful story