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Deceptions Cainsville #3 TRUST NO ONEOlivia Jones is desperate for the truth The daughter of convicted serial killers she has begun to suspect that her parents are innocent of their crimes But who can she trust in a world where betrayal and deception hide Please don't get me wrong I still whole heartedly ADORE this series but out of the three entries I've read so far this one felt the weakest We had some nice strong reveals here and I'm dying to know what happens next but there was a bunch of filler and non productive angsty love triangle inserted as well On to the next one

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Lents and will stop at nothing to win her to their sideFACE THE TRUTHNow Liv must decide before it's too late Who does she love? Who is really on her side? And can she save herself without burning down everything that matters most? SpoilersDidn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would the main characters irritated me they weren't as likeable or endearing as they used to be Their angst and blandness bogged down the story it was still interesting but could have been better if the characters hadn't been so annoying Liked the various reveals for the most part the ArawnMatildaGwynn legend the fae factionsconflicts the truth about Olivia's parents Ricky learning about the faewho he was and Olivia's visionsher past Even though the reveals were good it did take away a lot of the mystery and tension I think it would have served the story better if some things had been held backI was a little disappointed at there being less focus on Cainsville and not as much omen stuff with Olivia the omens and Cainsville elements for me were what made the series stand out from the rest of the genre them not featuring as much made this installment like a run of the mill UF offering Not sure what I felt about the Matilda reveal I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either I know Olivia wasn't meant to be a reincarnation of Matilda but she may as well have been as RickyOliviaGabriel were pretty much a repeat of the ArawnMatildaGwynn dynamic just with some slight differences I don't think making Olivia's arc all about which guy she has babies with is all that creative or interesting I don't mind a good love triangle but not when the most important part of the heroine's journey seems to be all about which guy she ultimately chooses There was too much page time dedicated to OliviaGabriel misinterpreting each other and making up daft assumptions it was repetitive and frustrating Their relationship just went round in circles I was expecting development as the last book ended with Gabriel realising how much he cared for Olivia I didn't want a romance between them but I at least expected them to develop their friendship instead of the repetitive YA crap that was going on between them Used to like Olivia but not so much in this one I think it was a combination of her turning into even of a speshul snowflake and her having every guy chase after her I rolled my eyes at Olivia finding out she was the key to saving the Cainsville fae Yea Olivia being the one to save them all just bored me Then there was Olivia's personality which was no longer appealing she was just generic with her mummydaddy issues her self righteousness and her focusing so much on her love life It also bothered me how Ricky and Gabriel spent most of their time bending over backwards to protect her and making her their number one priority I know that wasn't really Olivia's fault but most of the time I didn't think she was worthy of all the attention she received I kind of changed my mind at the end though when Gabriel threw a hissy fit and abandoned Olivia knowing she could be in serious danger the whole thing was pathetic As much as Gabriel's immaturity and pettiness annoyed me I still preferred him and his flaws over the bland to good to be true Ricky I didn't mind Olivia flip flopping ever so slightly with Ricky and Gabriel I didn't blame her for being confused about Gabriel after spending so much time with him and I didn't blame her for being with Ricky when he was the perfect puppy dog boyfriend I was glad she didn't dump Ricky for Gabriel it would have been pathetic when he gave little indication he was romantically interested in her if anything Gabriel made it clear that he wouldn't look twice at her So yea I liked Olivia staying with Ricky instead of chasing after ice cold Gabriel Ricky was a nice guy and that was all there was to him He didn't say or do anything interesting I found his whole perfect boyfriend act with Olivia kind of unrealistic when they'd only been dating all of 5 minutes she had so much chaos and strangeness going on in her life but Ricky was always there for her and knew exactly how to support and help her It was just cheesy and one dimensional Gabriel was a very frustrating character any development he made in the first two books went right out the window He kept throwing hissy fits and getting all sensitive about the silliest things he didn't know how to react to Olivia's emotions despite being so insightful and intelligent about everything else Even with all that though he managed to be a better character than bland Ricky at least Gabriel managed to make me feel something Hated the pathetic ridiculous girl fight Olivia had with Lily at the biker's bar The whole thing was so cliched with 'trashy' mean girl Lily going after speshul snowflake oh so perfect Olivia I actually ended up rooting for Lily because I knew it was going to end up with her being humiliated and tossed aside whilst Olivia would be the victor in every way possible Ugh it was such a crap scene and all it did was make me hate perfect Olivia Wasn't impressed with Olivia being mostly surrounded by guys the one young woman she encountered was portrayed as a violent jealous harpy It irked me how Olivia only really got along with guys or women who were much older than her Also I was pissed at her being so loving towards both her dads and them being portrayed as oh so kind and genuine whilst both her mothers were selfish andor psychotic who she thought very little of The dynamics between the men and women in her life made her seem like one of those women who only care about men but don't give a damn about the women I ended up siding with serial killer Pamela over Olivia I found Olivia ungrateful self righteous unforgiving cold judgmental and bitchy when it came to her mum She needed to get off her high horse her lecturing Pam made me roll my eyes It was irritating especially when she was all about her dads I hated the whole daddy's girl vibe she gave off Didn't get why Pamela had such a pathological hatred for the Tylweth TegCainsville fae There was no real basis for the level of hatred she had for them there should be have an actual explanation for it rather then her hating them just because she did And it made no sense that a four year old Pam would despise the fae to the ridiculous level that she did when they hadn't actually done anything to herHope the next book focuses on Cainsville and there's less angstfightingmisunderstandings between GabrielOlivia Also I'd like to see positive female friendships and for Olivia to get along with women her own age instead of only grandma aged women doubt that'll happen though

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Read ePub ã Deceptions ç é eyltransferservices ¾ [Reading] ➷ Deceptions (Cainsville, #3) By Kelley Armstrong – TRUST NO ONEOlivia Jones is desperate for the truth The daughter of convicted serial killers she has begun to suspect that her parents are innocent of their crimIn every shadow?RISK EVERYTHINGLiv does have one secret weapon a mysterious sixth sense that helps her to anticipate danger The trouble is this rare power comes with its own risks There are dark forces that want to exploit Liv's ta 25 starsou know that scene from Bridget Jones's Diary when Bridget comes to party dressed as Playboy bunny only to realize nobody told her tarts vicars theme was cancelled? That's exactly how I felt reading this book like I totally misunderstood the theme of series which resulted in me frowning for majority of novelFirst book introduced us to Olivia and ancillary characters ceremonial murders her parents are sitting in prison for one weird town compulsion experiments we are left with whole bunch of intriguing stuff going on but none of the answers In Visions we got one big part of the puzzle solved the mystery of Cainsville and its odd residents Deceptions is answering another big uestion the mystery of Larsen murdersIf you wonder what's the problem with that I'll put it this way there is no big mysteries any no big uestion to be answered except oneWhom is Olivia going to end up with Ricky or Gabriel?And herein lies my problem I will not dwell much on the fact I am not fan of reading about love triangles beside stating it but I find it particularly exasperating here for several reasons1OliviaGabrielRicky thing became this dominant über plot of series because everything revolves around that Cainsville? Tylwyth TegfaeCwn Annwn Wild Hunt rivalry? It's about this love triangle Pamela's motives? James's motives Tristan's motiveseveryone's motives for doing whatever thing or making whatever move in this series is apparently depending on this dreaded love triangle2It's the worst kind of triangle you know when heroine is having feelings for both guys but she is making wrong assumptions being rational about the whole thing Her reasoning about being with one of them and not being with other is like one of those people who are on a strict diet except on weekends when they indulge themselves with burgers fries and milkshake meal Which ties to3this love triangle fucked up my favorite thing about series dynamic between Gabriel and Olivia I felt like solid base on which their tentative relationship was building through everything that perspired in previous books was not real Olivia from before figured out Gabriel and understood his odd ways of dealing with people Olivia from this book doesn't want to cry in front of him because he detests weakness and he is going to be disappointed with her This read to me like misjudging than understanding and it happened several times I am not hiding that Gabriel is my favorite character in series but this drove me crazy not because it affects his chances as romantic interest but because I dislike when authors are not consistent and go back on character development they wrote in previous booksThis can be explained again by the fact that Armstrong is totally playing on love triangle thing since this misunderstanding and wrong assumptions and things that are left unsaid with Gabriel have only one purpose to drag love triangle thing for a few booksThat being said I did like meeting Todd and finding out circumstances behind Larsen murders I am not sure if this will have some significance on future development of the story considering impact it left on Liv I don't know her head seems to be on Gabriel vs Ricky thing now There is also one part of plot about James's ancestor that was dark and haunting and interesting and beautiful at once I liked it a lot I had some minor problems with writing style of this book which was jerkier with shorter chapters that tend to end in the middle of conversation or scene If the goal was to add to suspense it failed purely for being used too much I also noticed that Armstrong has this habit of using welsh names for various types of Fae but she never makes an effort to explaindescribe what kind of fae they are Tylwyth Teg is rather known and used in novels but I for example had no idea what is spriggan All in all I am a bit disappointed with direction Kelley decided to take this series in and I hope next one will be in line with first two booksview spoiler I'll uote myself from review of VisionsGabriel is romantic interest as much as he was in first book not at all just in our heads He is still my favorite character In a bigger scope them ending up together is not the most important thing for me because they already have astonishing and never boring thing going on between them but it would make me happy hide spoiler