Optimistic Nihilism: A Psychologist's Personal Story & (Biased) Professional Appraisal of Shedding Religion review ✓ 104

Summary Optimistic Nihilism: A Psychologist's Personal Story & (Biased) Professional Appraisal of Shedding Religion

Optimistic Nihilism: A Psychologist's Personal Story & (Biased) Professional Appraisal of Shedding Religion review ✓ 104 ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Optimistic Nihilism: A Psychologist's Personal Story & (Biased) Professional Appraisal of Shedding Elops the popular atheist conversation a little deeper by courageously exploring the implications of nihilism If our deepest fears about the nature of reality were to be true could we go on By the end of Optimistic Nihilism we begin to suspect that we couldand even wonder if a relatively nihilistic perspective paradoxically makes lifeprecious than any other scheme A critical must Nihilism A Psychologist's Personal Story ePUB #8608 read for all students of spirituality psychology and humanity. I feel like this book is destined to be one of the most formative in my journey away from Religion As a very fresh out of the closet Atheist no book resonated with me than Dr Landers' exploration of Nihilism and its implications out of the several or so I read about the subjects of Religion Faith Science and Philosophy after leaving my own Religion behind Most of that is because the central premise of Nihilism as presented in this book one where life has no ultimate purpose beyond that endowed us by Evolution is a reasoning I can wholeheartedly accept to the point of staring death suare in the eyes and giving it a nice loud yell of anger and frustrationLanders' book is an encouraging snapshot of one troubled man's recovery from a host of issues and his triumph is a somewhat hollow one which is a bittersweet pill to swallow His exploration of the cognitive biases that humans have built so much in their lives on not just religion gives cause for reflection as does his look at how to deal with emotional turmoil in a way most of us probably don't expect to be effectiveAs an Atheist Why should you be good Landers doesn't answer that all that clearly but a major lesson about it can still be taken away from this book You should be good because this is the only chance you'll ever have to be

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Through surprisingly good storytelling David Dont Call Me A Psychologist's eBook #10003 Doctor Landers takes us on a captivating spiritual adventure as he walks us through his personal evolution from dedicated Christian to devout atheist But muchthan autobiography his story is woven with provocative psychological and philosophical commentary including input from the likes of Lucretius Freud and the metal band Napalm Death A rare style of intellectual but Optimistic Nihilism PDFEPUB or conver. Optimistic Nihilism is a book about losing your religion Peppered with autobiographical content philosophy and explorations in psychology this book is a uick and engaging read that has left a lasting impression on me David Landers uses humor wit and his personal story to explain the thought process that occurs when someone that has lived their life in the Christian religion finally finds themselves wracked with doubt His story about leaving the church is his own but it will probably feel familiar to anyone that has made the transition from faithful to atheism Landers draws inspiration from many of the world's most famous atheists musings on the thought processes of his cat as well as musicians from Suicidal Tendencies to death grind pioneers Napalm Death All in all this is an entertaining read about the lack of meaning in life and how we can face it with dignity and optimismThe greatest strength of Optimistic Nihilism is that the book offers a philosophical rejection to the notion that atheism and the nihilism inherent in atheistic thought has to be negative I recently summed up the basic premise of the book as All of this is meaningless but that's okay That acceptance of life's lack of meaning is at the root of Optimistic Nihilism We can live our lives knowing that our brief existence is not the product of divine planning and still get value out of life Life is to a large degree defined by how we choose to live it and how we accept our circumstances That philosophical nugget comes with the caveat that not everyone's life will be happy productive or long and that acceptance of this involves being able to dismiss the notion that human suffering is somehow a noble burden bestowed upon us by a divine presence We do not exist at the whim of the universe or of god or of any higher power We simply exist and then pass out of existence What we do in the meantime is up to us and circumstanceLanders does a great job explaining how the fear of what he aptly calls annihilation is the predominant motivator for the creation and sustaining of religion in a world that is inundated with suffering The author approaches the concept of annihilation with sincerity and humor and points out that we don't need to be defined by the end of our lives a lesson that most folks that adhere to religion or spirituality would probably do well to embrace It is in his discussion of human suffering and the threat of annihilation that Landers manages to really hit home and bring the entire sometimes disjointed narrative togetherAlways interesting often funny sometimes sad and wholly uotable Optimistic Nihilism opens the door for anyone who has ever doubted their faith or anyone that has left their faith to take a good hard look at what they believe and then challenges us to find our own meaning in a life otherwise devoid of itWhether you are doubting your faith have left your faith or just want to understand what we heathens think Optimistic Nihilism is a great primer on the basic tenets of a life without god and the acceptance of existence without objective meaning

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Optimistic Nihilism A Psychologist's Personal Story & Biased Professional Appraisal of Shedding ReligionSational and poignant but humorous makes for a highly accessible and enjoyable read As the spiritual account winds down the book transitions into arational exploration of the problems associated with religionand even with spirituality in general Everyone from outspoken atheists to moderate believers will be engaged as David is able to critically evaluate spirituality without the hostility so common among modern atheist writers At the Nihilism A Psychologist's MOBI #237 books climax David dev. My book club has been on a bit of a spiritual journey lately so to round out a memoir of a female pastor Pastrix and a work of fiction centered on sin and redemption Wise Blood I selected this book on shedding religion Not being much of a non fiction reader I approached the book with the kind of procrastination you might see in a high school kid distracting himself with Mario Cart in order to avoid writing that 20 page paper due in two days To be honest I was anticipating a dry sort of scholarly work filled with the kind of academic pomposity you might expect to find in a novel written by an atheist college professor I can't express how wrong I was and how happy I was to be wrongReading Dr Lander's book is like sitting down with a good buddy over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer and chatting about our childhood experiences and how they shaped us our fears our hopes our prejudices favorite uotes life philosophiesand I could go on Contrary to the feeling of a writer talking AT me I felt like the book was talking WITH me A dialogue that had me deep in thought and making notations one moment and laughing out loud the next Indeed Dr Lander's threads a dry wit throughout his book that pops up at unexpected and rather perfect momentsPart memoir part philosophy lesson part history review part self help book not what you thinkway better the novel takes us on a thought provoking journey into the mind of a writer who makes himself completely vulnerable to his audience In the sharing of his own demons including anxiety adolescent drug use broken clavicles you will understand when you read ithilarious and struggles with growing up in a family dedicated to a religion and culture in which David struggled to belong yet ultimately failed at first to his dismay and then to his great relief at least that is my interpretation David gives a strong message I'm not here to judge you or even persuade you but if you're struggling like I once did I'd love to help you find some peace and contentment in this crazy life journey of oursSo in a nutshell I loved this book and all its perfect imperfections Recommended for everyone both believers and nonbelievers alike