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eBook ´ Focus On Food Photography for Bloggers Ü Focus On Series ´ Join or create book clubs ´ ❰Reading❯ ➷ Focus On Food Photography for Bloggers (Focus On Series): Focus on the Fundamentals (The Focus On Series) Author Join or create book clubs &Along with numerous food magazines and newspapers Let this seasoned blogger give your food photography the boost it needs to really make your readers salivateLearn how to take the most delicious photos of your food with guidance from the author of the popular blog Mattbites Features practical food photography and styling tips you can use at home with commonplace items A part of the Focus On series these books are designed to get you up to speed and grabbing your camera in a snap with funky tip boxes helpful step by steps and loads of gorgeous photos If you are fairly familiar or adept at photography and using a digital camera this might appear to be a bit too basic but it is about such basics and the basics of food photography that makes this book worth reading It doesn't give away great secrets but it is a down to earth primer in the basics of the subject allowing your own creativity to put into practice some or all of the advice it has to give From this point of view it is a worthwhile book to read

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Sharing your kitchen concoctions on your personal food blog has never been as popular as it is right now but if you've ever had trouble getting your tasty temptations to look like pretty plates on camera you know how difficult it can be to take amazing pictures of food Matt Armendariz of Mattbites food blog fame shares his experiences and best practices for creating wonderful food photos in Focus On Food Photography for Bloggers Written specifically for you the blogger Matt discusses the ins and outs of euipment lighting composition propping sparking I can't say enough good things about this book As a beginner in food photography this book was an essential tool for me It's incredibly well written and it is easy to follow & understand After reading this book I can already see a major improvement in my food photos The book touches on every aspect and it's a pretty uick read I got through the entire book in one night Of course I still reference to it when needed If you're starting out in food photography or even in other areas of photography this book is a must Five stars

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Focus On Food Photography for Bloggers Focus On Series Focus on the Fundamentals The Focus On SeriesYour inspiration and getting creative all with what you have on hand at home Learn how to avoid common pitfalls with foods that are notoriously camera shy how to successfully snap your dinner at a restaurant as well as on your kitchen table and how to style your food with what you have in your cupboards He also includes advice on post processing posting and protecting your prized imagesAs well as on his blog Matt's photography has been featured in The Skinny Bitch Cookbook on Martha Stewart Paula Deen's Best Dishes and Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen I think this is a very helpful book for someone just starting to explore photography closerI enjoyed the helpful notes and down to earth language its written in The author didn't make me feel like I should run out to purchase the most expensive camera on the block but rather taught to use what you already have And one of the most important things there is no shame in using the auto functions before you truly become comfortable and skilledStrongly recommend this one Might actually purchase this to have as a reference guide