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Maybe Someday characters ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ð [PDF / Epub] ★ Maybe Someday By Colleen Hoover – At twenty two years old Sydney is enjoying a great life She's in college working a steady job in love with her wonderful boyfriend Hunter and rooming with her best friend Tori But everythingEre's something about Sydney that Ridge can't ignore either They soon find themselves needing each other in ways than oneA passionate tale of friendship betrayal and romance Maybe Someday will immerse readers in Sydney's tumultuous world from the very first pa. Maybe someday I'll forget that I read a sorry piece of literature where the writer tried to poetise cheating but today I'm so pissed that I'm gonna rant to my heart's content Ms Mary Sue Sydney can't decide if she should feel guilty about carrying on with Ridge while he's in a relationship with someone else or revel in her new found love Inspite of repeatedly dissing her bestfriend for sleeping with her ex Hypocrite much Ridge can't decide if he should stay with his girlfriend of 5 years or take up with a girl he met weeks ago Apparently both of them are two halves of his pathetic heart This guy is the very definition of fickleI can't decide who I hated in this fucked up love triangle Maggie was wise bless her to dump Ridge's sorry ass when she came to know of his unintentional cheating And Sydney was only happy to take him back even though she knew she wasn't his first choice These two deserved each other what with both of them being cut from the same shitty cloth and all Also Warren singing extremely different tunes to Sydney was getting on my nerves What exactly did she do to inspire his instant loyaltyAnd that sappy ending made me cringe UghI hated the book with everything in me I despised the poorly written cardboard characters the cloying bullshit songs and weaker than sydney's will promises the insipid romance and the two timing asshole protagonistWhy doesn't Goodreads have a 0 star rating Just why

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At twenty two years old Sydney is enjoying a great life She's in college working a steady job in love with her wonderful boyfriend Hunter and rooming with her best friend Tori But everything changes when she discovers that Hunter is cheating on herand she's f. 5 out of the box stars Maybe Someday I'll come across a Colleen Hoover book that doesn't knock my socks off and push me to scope out life from a profound perspective But I highly doubt it So shots all around for another CoHo favoriteThe power of pine sol babyWhat I love most about Colleen Hoover books in conjunction with her beautifully mapped out stories is the fact that none of them are the same They're all so richly uniue to one another and each one becomes something I've honestly never read before This book was no exception Or maybe it was THE exception Because it became the ultimate reading experience It had everything — and I do mean everything — that allows me to fully connect with a story to the point where I'm breathing in its words And by the end I was utterly breathless Our heroine Sydney — a creative and loving girl with an adorably dainty violent streak — has been betrayed and is left to pick up the scattered pieces of her now lonely life Enter our hero Ridge a musically inclined selfless compassionate sexy and well I just dare you to not fall in love with him and we'll leave it at that Sounds like the groundwork for a typical new adult love story right Well I can assure you it is NOTIn this case I cannot give away plot details because not knowing is a vital part of the experience but I will say that this story incorporates a topic uniue to anything I've read and definitely places a heartwarming spin on the plot Best part is I never saw it comingSo here are some gentle details The plot really narrows in on the connection between its characters; a connection formed through the medium of music There are moments that will make you laugh and there are moments that will break your heart However its unpredictable twists will only make you that much invested in the story The romance is slow building and as intense as it is complicated The story is delivered through alternating dual perspectives so we really get a solid feel for the journey of both characters There's plenty of sexual tension to go around but not offered to the point of frustration Everything is delivered in the perfect dose and this book really persuades you to open your heart and your mind as a readerTo except what you typically wouldn'tTo understand what you normally couldn't To see things from a new unbiased perspective To leave all judgment at the door while stepping into this book because you WILL be granted a view to both sides of the coin There is no wrong or right way to fall in love it just happens And sometimes certain obligations take precedence over that lovewhich makes the person who denies himself selfless not selfish I'm not giving away the story here but if you only desire only a happy story that leads seamlessly into a perfect relationship consider looking elsewhere for your next read Although this review has been intentionally vague I can almost guarantee that you'll fall hard for this incredible cast of characters and that this book will stay with you long after reading It does everything BUT disappoint and if you give this amazing story a chance you'll see why However if you want some in depth plot details that I promise will remain major spoiler free click here view spoilerThere is a love triangle but it's not your average one by far The level of angst isn't magnified and there are no bad intentions There is no one person who is mean whom you wouldn't mind having out of the picture Simply said we tend to root for everyone in this story But in different ways The love triangle is at times heartbreaking but also beautifuland with reason To repeat myself it does not DISAPPOINT ;; hide spoiler

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Maybe SomedayOrced to decide what her next move should beSoon Sydney finds herself captivated by her mysterious and attractive neighbor Ridge She can't take her eyes off him or stop listening to the passionate way he plays his guitar every evening out on his balcony And th. maybe someday i will finally get over how much this story ruined me but today is not that day this is my fifth CoHo book and she is 55 on making me ugly cry ugh every single time her stories and words make me uncontrollably weep with every emotion i had no idea i was capable of feeling goodness this woman what amazes me is how uniue and different each of her books are romance books can feel a little formulaic to me but i never know what im going to get each time i open a new CoHo book except for it ending with me ugly crying thats a guarantee this story in particular really got me because it very gently crossed some lines that i never thought i would understand let alone condone but i truly felt for these characters my heart was eager to back them up and support their actions because i understood everything little thing they did and felt and wanted and hated and needed by the end my heart was just as deeply in love as they were this book has the power turn even the most cold heartedly independent person such as myself into a silly puddle of lovey mush and who knows maybe someday i will even find a ridge of my own ;↠ 5 stars