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Ebook é Fifty Shades of Grey å 356 pages Ô [Read] ➶ Fifty Shades of Grey ➳ E.L. James – Eyltransferservices.co.uk When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey she encounters a man who is beautiful brilliant and intimidating The unworldly innocent Ana is startledEed to control When the couple embarks on a daring passionately physical affair Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desiresErotic amusing and deeply moving the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you possess you and stay with you foreverThis book is intended for mature audienc I didn’t want to start this book Many people are praising it but I’m simply not into erotica it’s too cheap for me But here I am in the mind of the innocent waiting to be devoured by the big bad wolf Sounds pornographic doesn’t it? That’s because it is Christian Grey A hot dude that melts a woman’s panties off with just one look The perfect sex toy set out to conuer an innocent girl Grey the sick fck is considered one of the hottest characters out there but he doesn’t get to me His dominance is too much for me to handle and his attitude tends to be annoying and slimy Plus he’s just wrong in the head so there’s no need to add about this creep Anastasia is an immature insecure desperate idiot who wants to become the whore of Babylon She just wants to listen to her inner goddess wtf? and have creepy monkey sex with Grey She has no personality nor will whatsoever she gets excited over the smallest and most idiotic things you can imagine and even though she sees how wrong Grey the sick fck is she still goes for it She’s always mooning over Grey like he’s some kind of god that she’s supposed to worship He tells her that he doesn’t want a serious relationship just sex and she’s still ok with it Why? Just because he’s hot? He’s a damn disgusting pervert He hurt her the first time they made love she was a virgin for Christ’s sake and I don’t buy the crap with it being perfect surely she had vaginal cracks after that and is treating her like a slave Even though he’s a successful businessman and he’s rich and famous he still can be a psychopath Just watch American Psycho and you’ll know what I’m talking aboutNow to pick on one of my biggest problems regarding this book THE CONTRACT WTF may I ask? Signing paperwork in order to have sex with him? Is he a natural hazard or what? I get the whole Hey look at me I’m badass I have my own company and helicopter gig ‘cause the guy is stinking rich but the contract??? Isn’t anyone getting angry with this? I guess not “Why would I do that?”“To please me” Wtf?? All women want to please him? Why? ‘Cause he’s hot? He’s a perverted asshle that’s what he is He’s acting like he owns everyone Aren’t you guys angry? “I have rules and I want you to comply with them They are for your benefit and for my pleasure If you follow these rules to my satisfaction I shall reward you If you don’t I shall punish you and you will learn” Learn this kicks him in the groin Creep “It’s about gaining your trust and your respect so you’ll let me exert my will over you” Heh right eye twitches exert my will eye twitches againAren’t you guys angry with this yet?? uestion for all the people who gave this book great scores If Grey wasn’t so hot would you still have given it such great ratings? I doubt you would So this means that the reason why you love the book is mainly Christian Grey being hot and an uber alpha? Shallow much? Or maybe you’re into all the Christian Grey induced monkey sex and torture Psycho much? But who am I to judgeThis book is just a desperate woman’s sick fantasy to be treated like a sex slave I’m sorry but it doesn’t work for me I DNF’d this because I find it disgusting and degrading PS I have to mention this because some people are too smart to get it MY REVIEW IS STRICTLY RELATED TO FIFTY SHADES OF GREY AND NOT BDSM IN GENERAL So take a chill pill and GTFO

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Ana’s uiet beauty wit and independent spirit Grey admits he wants her too but on his own terms Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes Ana hesitates For all the trappings of success his multinational businesses his vast wealth his loving family Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the n In the words of Miss Steele You need to sort your shit out Grey Good day sir Fifty Shades of Grey like Fifty shades of fucked up nonsense rolls eyes I should get a medal for just finishing this tripe I honestly do NOT feel like revisiting this book and writing a review I’d rather spend the time searching for ways to remove this utter nonsense from my memory However this book is so bad that I feel the need to warn others from this drivel Luckily I did not buy this garbage I do not even know what overcame me to read it and I can only blame a momentary lack of judgment on my partWhat baffles me is the scary fangirlgasm following this book So what’s causing it a hit? I can only come up with ‘twilight’ Doing some research this book was originally posted online as a twilight fanfic Yes a twilight fanfic The fact that this book’s source material isn’t a good piece of literature just shows what you should expect from this book And dubbing it a twilight fanfic and promoting it as such is no doubt raising the bar on the sale figures What has the world come to? headdesk Whatever’s causing its success; I can safely say it can’t be the book itselfEverything you could possibly imagine is wrong with this book The execution and the characters And the writing And the plot wait was there one?? Firstly it has been said a countless number of times how abusive Bella and Edward’s relationship was And it is arguably the most anti feminist portrayal of any relationship FSoG simply continues this unhealthy view and promotes an even abusive and degrading relationship towards women targeting older women and possibly even teenage girls who know no better Oh dear god I hope teenage girls do not jump on this disturbing bandwagon Surely it is degrading to ask a woman to sign a contract where ‘she is now the property of the Dominant to be dealt with as the Dominant pleases’ and ‘submitting herself to any sexual activity demanded by the Dominantwithout hesitation or argument’ – especially when you take into consideration the fact that she would be signing up to something she has not yet experienced and knows little about as she is still a virgin This is not something that should be promoted as desirable or idealistic This book cheapens what feminists have fought for years Don’t get me wrong I wouldn't deprive women of their right to express themselves sexually nor to act upon their desires but I shudder at the thought of women aspiring to a relationship where she will take part in various things that she is not comfortable with and at times even when she’s genuinely in fear of taking part simply because she finds the guy ‘hot’The plot I’m not even sure if there was one 50% of the book is spent talking about sexthe contract and the other 50% is made up of clumsily written sex scenes view spoilerFSoG starts of with Anastasia Steele agreeing to interview the billionaire Christian Grey Miss Steele is instantly captivated by Mr Grey’s dashing looks and within 2 days she falls in love with him Mr Grey for some unfathomable reason can’t keep away from her and reveals to her his secret kinky lifestyle The two spend the rest of the romantic evening calmly discussing the contract that allows him to fuck her senseless She reveals to him that she’s a virgin and his only response he needs to handle that ‘situation’ Really?? The next 4 days he gets to do exactly what he wants he stalks her abuses her and punishes her by spanking her several times uotes that spring to mind – “Please don’t hit medon’t be angry with medon’t want you to spank me” Aww isn’t that romantic? Atleast she finally sees some sense and walks out hide spoiler

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Fifty Shades of GreyWhen literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey she encounters a man who is beautiful brilliant and intimidating The unworldly innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and despite his enigmatic reserve finds she is desperate to get close to him Unable to resist What in the hell just happened? Did I really read that? Oh my god I did I did read that Meet Anastasia Steele Ana is just a giant mess of a human being She's insecure to the point of it being laughable 'klutzy' even though she only trips twice in the entire book and a complete ditz She's a virgin of course who's never taken any sexual interest in anyone before Right I'm fairly certain there hasn't been a woman this naive since 'round about 1954 At one point she thinks putting her hair in pigtails will keep her safe from Christian's lusty advances Fuckin' really? She flushes constantly and on several occasions referred to her hoo hoo naughty place as down there Next we have Christian Grey Christian is a misogynistic self loathing abusive piece of shit Apparently his only redeeming ualities are in this order; his ridiculous good looks his money and his giant penis The only time Ana seems to like him as a person is when he's being lovable and those times are few and far between Most of the time he's serious brooding and threatening How charmingI knew from the very first line this wasn't going to be good I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror It was cemented that early my deep deep dislike for this moronic simpering asshole Your hair won't behave? Guess what? My suspicions were confirmed a few pages later when Ana admits that any sympathy she feels for her sick friend is unwelcome Unwelcome apparently because her friend is beautiful even when she has the flu? What a petty jealous cunt The only thing that made the first 4% of this book tolerable was the fact that I read it aloud to my younger brother and his freuent commentary was amusingly distracting Once he gave up however I had to travel the rest of the road alone What a painful journey it was My first impressions of Ana were bad deservedly so What were my first impressions of Christian? Well That's how I felt about Christian Grey From the beginning Any time an author tries to sell me on a character's charm by waxing hormonal about how ridiculously good looking he is I snicker inwardly I can't think why HuhAnyway after reading about the description of Christian's building hello first penis metaphor I had to sit through the awful dialogue between these smarmy idiots and hope beyond hope that something anything would distract me enough to see me through to the end Turns out I found something about 15% through I went back and counted and kept track throughout the rest of the book and do you have any idea how many fucking times Ana said Oh my in this monumentally bad missive? Do you? I'll tell you; 79 79 motherfucking times He pulled me back against his chest oh my He began kissing a trail down my belly oh my He's an insufferable douchenozzle oh my I'm just thankful that neither lions tigers nor bears were brought into this mess at any point About halfway through I wished I'd been keeping track of the word crap because Ana is constantly sayingthinking it Crap Holy Crap Double and Triple Crap Oh Crap This Crap That Crap any and all Crap Speaking of crap if I ever ever ever have to hearread the words inner goddess again I'm going to construct a pyre out of tampons and maxi pads light it and toss unsuspecting women into it ^My inner goddess will cap yours in the face if you don't shut the fuck up^I'm sorry I just couldn't take any of this seriously His playroom His playroom? Really? Or how about his weird ass issues with food? He wants the girl slim and in shape yet he won't stop trying to force her to eat I simply love the attempt EL James made at giving these pathetic shells personalities Ana wears Converse drives a vintage car and likes classic British lit Yawn haven't heard any of that before And Christian; we know Christian's super deep and sophisticated because he plays the piano and listens to obscure classical music This is how we know Edward Christian is really just a lost soul in need of love; his love of music Everyone knows that no one threatening listens to music Music lovers just aren't capable of doing anything bad ^Surprise Psychos like music too^Since this is considered nothing than mommy porn I will attempt to pander to that particular demographic for a moment Were the sex scenes well written? Well none of it was particularly well written The sex scenes could be kind ofhonestly they were kind of boring I've had exciting sex myself so I guess reader response to the sex scenes is dependent on reader experience There's nothing revolutionary here and a lot of it is just plain unrealistic I mean come on he pretty much jackhammers her hymen and she walks away with nothing than a passing pleasant soreness? Riiiight How about the time he gives her a handjob with a soapy washcloth? Hello? Apparently neither one of them has ever heard of a urinary tract infection Oh or we could talk about her first time giving Christian a blowjob during which Ana established herself as some kind of ueen of Deepthroat Anyone wanna hear about the tampon scene? Oh you've already heard about the tampon scene? Yeah same here although hearing about it and reading the actual scene are a bit different For some reason you imagine it being worse than it actually is while at the same time reading about it is horrifying than you could possibly imagine He reaches between my legs and pulls on the blue string what Andgently pulls my tampon out and tosses it into the nearby toilet Look I'm not against sex during menses but a guy plucking out a girl's tampon? Yeah gross I'm not a prude but there are certain lines people just shouldn't cross What makes it worse is that Christian is just thrilled that Ana's raggin' because he hates using condoms Apparently Mr GinormoDick doesn't know that a woman can get pregnant while on her period Which is hilarious considering all the teaching and training he's doing to remedy Ana's sexual ignorance Sexual dependence thy name is Anastasia Steele We're supposed to believe that this girl has gone 21 years neither having had sex nor masturbating? Hm Well Christian's supposed sexual prowess makes a bit sense now as does Ana's assertion that he has a giant bologna wand She has absolutely zero experience and she's never once had anything in there Thing could be the size of a baby carrot and she'd still be like Oh my glob How is it ever going to fit? It's good that she stockpiled all those potential orgasms though because now she's capable of having like 15 a day or something It's ridiculous Come to think of it Christian's obsession with her eating h