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The Transparency of ThingsExperienced as an object and yet it is undeniably present However these contemplations go much further than this As we take our stand knowingly as this conscious Presence that we always already are and reconsider the objects of the body mind and world we find that they do not simply appear to this Presence they appear within it And further exploration reveals that I started reading this book high expectations since Rupert is an amazing teaching and one of the modern lights of contemporary 'nondual' spirituality He has a number of means and methods by which he introduces this teaching to his students in person and in talks and retreats However this books seems to be a collection of writings that have been put together with an overall focus on awareness and the nature of experience as he sees it Read in the right frame of mind such as after a retreat or meditative session it can be really helpful Read in a 'normal' frame of everyday mind it gets repetitive laborious and boring very fast I happened to be reading another of his books 'Essays in Consciousness' at around the same time and I really couldn't tell the difference between either book in any way I prefer his shorter treatise Being Aware of Being Aware which cuts to the point and isn't as long or repetitive I know that RS has many many talks writings and even yoga type audios so I'd advise people to check those out before dumping his work due to this or some of his other bland writings This is really a 'love it or leave it' type of book IMO and not practical in any way whatsoever but serves as a gateway into the sort of experience and taste of 'awareness' that RS is trying to convey in his teachings overall

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The purpose of Rupert's book is to look clearly and simply at the nature of experience without any attempt to change it A series of contemplations lead us gently but The Transparency MOBI #190 directly to see that our essential nature is neither a body nor a mind It is the conscious Presence that is aware of this current experience As such it is nothing that can be Yes it's true I give a lot of nonduality books high ratings but when it comes to this subject my ratings are based on whether the message is what I need at the time of the reading The same book I originally gave 5 stars might warrant only 3 at another point in my searchSpira's book was one in which the message for me was very timely But since I do a lot of research on nonduality books before reading them I'm not surprised that I find what I need just when I need itI'd highly recommend this one for those a reader who has already consumed those marketed in a mainstream channel Excellent pointers

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The Transparency of Things Book ✓ 253 pages Download ¿ Eyltransferservices ↠ ❰Read❯ ➱ The Transparency of Things Author Rupert Spira – The purpose of Rupert's book is to look clearly and simply at the nature of experience without any atteThey do not simply appear within this Presence but as this Presence Finally we are led to see that it is in fact this very Presence itself that takes the shape of our experience from moment to moment whilst always remaining only itself We see that our experience is and has only ever been one seamless totality with no separate entities or objects anywhere to be fou After reading this book I think I get what the author trys to teach The same thing is explained from various angles which I think is reuired for this topicBut I could not distinguish facts from assumptions and ideas which leaves me in a place where I can not decide if the world works like Rupert Spira explains or if some parts of it are sure others not or if it is all nonsense