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FREE DOC ½ READER The Enchanted April ✓ ´ ELIZABETH VON ARNIM ↠ ➝ [Epub] ❦ The Enchanted April By Elizabeth von Arnim ➧ – A recipe for happiness four women one medieval Italian castle plenty of wisteria and solitude as neededThe women at tA recipe for happiness four women one medieval Italian castle plenty of wisteria and solitude as neededThe women at the center of The Enchanted April are alike only in their dissatisfaction with their everyday lives They find each other and the castle of their dreams through a classified ad in a Lo June 2012Dissatisfied with their respective lots in life four English women divorce their respective husbands get a hefty advance for a book deal and go off to Italy to enjoy the wisteria a kind of pasta I think After a month of wisteria and freesias and syringa pasta the women all go to India where they become spiritual Following that they go to Bali and take handsome exotic Indonesian men as lovers When they return home wiser and enlightened than before they write wise and enlightened booksWait what What was that They don't go to Indonesia Or India They don't take lovers or become prayer tourists They just take a month long vacation in an Italian castle and they don't divorce their respective husbands Their respective husbands later join them on their vacation A WISTERIA IS A KIND OF FLOWER WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BOOK IS THISA very delightful one actually You should read it

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Ndon newspaper one rainy February afternoon The ladies expect a pleasant holiday but they don’t anticipate The Enchanted PDF that the month they spend in Portofino will reintroduce them to their true natures and reacuaint them with joy Now if the same transformation can be worked on their husband This was a delightful little story Four women previously unknown to one another leave a dreary winter in England behind to take a one month April holiday in a small charming Italian castle after responding to an advertisement in a newspaper The descriptions of the landscape are very lush and made me wish that I could make such an escape myself after a seemingly never ending winter “By the end of the week the fig trees were giving shade the plum blossom was out among the olives the modest weigelias appeared in their fresh pink clothes and on the rocks sprawled masses of thick leaved star shaped flowers some vivid purple and some a clear pale lemon”The novel is also sprinkled with humor throughout as the four very different personalities either bluntly clash with one another or surreptitiously try to avoid one or another of the group I often found myself smiling at some of their little antics and remarks Each woman begins with her own struggle discontent and preconceived notions of what is expected of her as a female member of societyLotty Wilkins who is the first to embrace the charms of Italy and is the uintessential transformed spirit in the novel begins her journey as one who really has very little confidence in herself “Her clothes infested by thrift made her practically invisible; her face was non arresting; her conversation was reluctant; she was shy” Rose Arbuthnot the religious and charitable but lonely wife is initially described “Steadfast as the points of the compass to Mrs Arbuthnot were the great four facts of life God Husband Home Duty Frederick had been the kind of husband whose wife betakes herself early to the feet of God From him to them had been a short though painful step”Mrs Fisher the elderly widow who leaves England for Italy with the notion that “Hardly anything was really worth while except the past She had not come away from these friends in London these conversable ripe friends in order to spend her time in Italy chatting with three persons of another generation and defective experience; she had come away merely to avoid the treacheries of a London April”And finally the beautiful unattached Lady Caroline never without a suitor to her own exasperation believes “Worse than jokes in the morning did she hate the idea of husbands” She wishes to be left completely alone and yet she seems to attract everyone to her; and her coldness and biting remarks towards others is unnoticed due to her overwhelming beauty “People were exactly like flies She wished there were nets for keeping them off too She hit at them with words and frowns and like the fly they slipped between her blows and were untouched”Ultimately no one is immune to the enchantments of Italy and companionship and each undergo their own individual transformations They learn the value of friendship and that “Beauty made you love and love made you beautiful”Perhaps one would say that this book was too neat and tidy maybe a bit unrealistic However I felt it was a breath of fresh air and a great reminder that a little respite and new acuaintances can help immensely to renew a dampened spirit

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The Enchanted AprilS and lovers the enchantment will be complete The Enchanted April was a best seller in both England and the United States where it was a Book of the Month Club selection and set off a craze for tourism to Portofino More recently the novel has been the inspiration for a major film and a Broadway pla This was so mesmerizing and lovely I had heard of the movie and knew vaguely what it was about but I didn't realize it was first a book until recently Why Everything that is any good is always first a book Four women seek a vacation in Italy to get away from a dreary soggy London April in Italy sounds like a precious dream and it is Each lady is miserable and alone in their own ways even though two of them are marriedOnce it seems that the dream might become reality they start to awaken to what life could be if they only allow it to be This is a perfect novel funny and sweet and tender hearted about us silly humans