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kindle ↠ The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books Ö Christopher Columbus read Ù ❰Read❯ ➭ The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books: Christopher Columbus, His Son, and the Quest to Build the World's Greatest Library Author Edward Wilson-Lee – This impeccablErotica news pamphlets almanacs popular images romances fables The loss of part of his collection to another maritime disaster in 1522 set off the final scramble to complete this sublime project a race against time to realize a vision of near impossible perfection Magnificenta thrill on almost every pageThe New York Times Book Review The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books is a window into sixteenth century Europes information revolution and a reflection of the passion and intrigues that lie beneath our own insatiable desires to bring order to the world tod From this distance it's hard to know what made this man so nice to his legit brother despite being kicked in the teeth by him than a couple of times; and though never stated anywhere in the book you're left with the impression it's because he was a really nice guy as opposed to an enabling idiot So Mr Colon started out to put together a library of every book known to the western world and eventually a library to house them he was well on his way at the time he died and on his way he had incredible and fantastic adventures much like we would if we had a dad like CC and a life full of misery and setbacks much as we would if we were dependent on royal patronage and court intrigue As Mr Lee takes us on this voyage we learn a lot of things his library had shelves book collections usually stopped when a the chests they were kept in got full and b exceeded the collectors ability to remember what she had Wait what? No shelves? Anyway you learn a lot about a lost world and get to be entertained too A little long in spots but still and all a great great read about a really sweet guy

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This impeccably researched and adventure packedThe Washington Post account of the obsessive uest by Christopher Columbuss son to create the greatest library in the world is the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters NPR and offers a vivid picture of Europe on the verge of becoming modern At the peak of the Age of Exploration Hernando Coln sailed with his father Christopher Columbus on his final voyage to the New World a journey that ended in disaster bloody mutiny and shipwreck After Columbuss death in 1506 eighteen year old Hernando sought to continueand surp One easily forgets what happened during the late Renaissance or sixteenth century So many things were happening in Western Europe and the Americas and this book brings them together beautifully Not only did Columbus make his voyages to America but St Peter's was being built and the Sistine Chapel ceiling was being painted by Michelangelo Luther Nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Witternberg Cathedral and the recently invented printing press was turning out books and pamphlets galore In the midst of this time Hernando Colon Christopher's illegitimate son was living and travelling in the midst of these things and collecting thousands of books which were eventually brought to Sevilla for his libraryThis was truly the first information age and Hernando attempted to googlize itAlso interesting to me is how many of the names of the first families of Spain have continued for the last 500 years

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The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books Christopher Columbus His Son and the Quest to Build the World's Greatest LibraryAsshis fathers campaign to explore the boundaries of the known world by building a library that would collect everything ever printed a vast holding organized by summaries and catalogues; really the first ever database for the exploding diversity of written matter as the printing press proliferated across Europe Hernando traveled extensively and obsessively amassed his collection based on the groundbreaking conviction that a library of universal knowledge should include all books in all languages and on all subjects even material often dismissed ballads I'm just 60 pages in but so far Edward Wilson Lee's biography of Columbus's crazy ambitious son Hernando and his obsessive uest to build a universal library is a complete knockout Because seems not to have a look in this book feature for this book here's a sample paragraph from an early page describing the library and the amazing combination of super innovative and super bonkers that seems to have been Hernando's hallmark If this book keeps being as good it will be right in the same league as Andrea Wulf's biography The Invention of Nature Alexander von Humboldt's New WorldWill try to remember to report on the rest of the book