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Set in the Norwegian countryside over the course of one summer The Birds tells the story of forty year old Mattis who has mental disabilities and lives in a small house near a lake with his sister Hege who ekes out a modest living knitting sweaters From time to time Hege encourages her brother to find work to ease their financial burdens but Mattis's attempts to work at the surrounding farms always end in failure and disgrace Mattis is keenly aware of the distance between himself and the world around him which often feels hostile the villagers call him Simple Simon Profoundly sensitive to his surr. The world is a hostile place and according to Mattis people don’t mean what they say when they speak A simpleton a weirdo a child imprisoned in the body of an adult man Mattis muses over the factors that separate him from the rest of the small community of the nameless village lost somewhere in a rural area in Norway where he and his sister Hege subsist in a cottage by the lakeCondemned to be permanently out of work due to his slow witted faculties and lack of social skills Mattis is bitterly aware of his inadeuacy and secretly yearns to possess the wisdom and strength of other townsmen while his sister wastes away the remnants of her youth knitting sweaters that will provide some coins to get by without starving Unable to keep his job as a hired hand working the fields of a neighboring farm because “his fingers won’t do as they are told” Mattis creates a world of his own where time dissolves into thin air as soon as the woodcock flies over the cottage leaving a radiant trail of light which precludes the thunder of the upcoming storm before it glides down on the entangled branches of the twin aspens that guard the garden A world where he can articulate witty remarks to flirt with farmgirls find a job as a ferryman shuttling people across the lake meet two playful mermaids trapped in women’s limbs and invent a system to read The birds’ language You are you a voice inside him seemed to be saying at least that was what it sounded to him It was spoken in the language of birds Written in their writing You are you that was what was writtenThe human need to establish bonds that will break down the barriers between individual isolation and collective belonging is written all over Mattis’ actions What transforms the worn out theme of the stereotyped misfit resisting an unyielding society into a beguiling narration that interweaves menacing natural imagery with occasional outsburts of genial writing is Vesaas’ astute tapestry of symbolic and recurrent hints anticipated by an omniscient voice capable of generating a tension as thick as fog which is reflected on the aseptic frozen lake where Mattis rows his dreams longings and fears Nature is as beautiful as it is lethal deadly lightening might fulminate the aspens the wind might whistle lost birdsongs of the ensnared woodcock and Mattis’ boat might bring Jørgen the muscular lumberjack into Hege’s life and destroy the fragile ecosystem that Mattis so assiduously constructed over the years in the blink of an eye but Vesaas’ stark prose and the disturbing blend of tenderness and apprehension that paints the tone of the narration with the colors of a barren landscape will remain long after the last page is turned And the wind will subside and in the lake now a becalmed pool the birds will make a solitary dance and speak through their graceful footprints and you the reader will miraculously understand their language because somewhere in between fable and hapless reality Mattis has become the reader and the reader is now Mattis and when the boat sails the glacial waters of an ominous future you two will walk hand in hand towards the sound of flapping wings and create a cozy nest with sundrenched memories of a long gone but never lost childhood “The bird came bringing with it all those things for which there were no words”Perfect Soundtrack for this book

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Fuglane Author Tarjei VesaIfied of losing her he clings to the familiar and does everything in his power to make Jørgen leave Simultaneously he struggles to find a place for himself in a world that does not seem to want himWith spare simplicity Vesaas's straightforward prose subtly reveals Mattis's perspective and readers will find themselves shifting irrevocably from observers of his experience to participants in it Written by one of Norway's most celebrated and beloved authors The Birds is a deeply nuanced examination of identity and responsibility with abundant narrative suspense and hauntingly beautiful writing besides. Mattis a man with the mind of a child or maybe a boy trapped in the body of an adult male Sensitive still delighted with the surrounding world childishly amazed and ready for a great change Overflowed with unnamed desires tangled thoughts unspeakable words Why are things the way they are Hege his sister and a carer With every day and tired and embittered Her days go on knitting sweaters and difficult care for Mattis Her hair starting to turn gray and she yet had not time to experience life that seems to slowly slip through her fingers Matis and Hege intertwined like aspens growing in their backyard and named after them Mattis and HegePainfully beautiful metaphorical tale with unhurried narration about relation man to other one and man to nature as well Placed in a melancholic Norwegian landscape which reminds me a place I used to spend my summer holidays It’s called Masuria the land of a thousand lakes The last day of my summer stay there I used to going to the lake walking deserted pier listening to the birds There’s always something sad when summer passes something in the air maybe evening mist maybe the wind which makes ripples on the surface of the water and bulrush seems to whisper farewell All Mattises of the world are the same we pass them on the streets meet at the stores Seeing them we roll our eyes sometimes embarrassed sometimes compassionateFarewell Mattis then I wish I could tell you something but the right moment has gone Everybody has to carry on with loneliness on one's own

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Summary ☆ Fuglane Author Tarjei Vesaas Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ❮Read❯ ➮ Fuglane ➲ Author Tarjei Vesaas – Set in the Norwegian countryside over the course of one summer The Birds tells the story of forty year Oundings Mattis spends much of his time in the forest reading its signs and symbols A woodcock begins a daily flight over their house a beautiful bird is waiting for him on the path one day when he returns from the store and one afternoon lighting strikes one of the two withered aspen trees outside the house trees known in the village as Mattis and HegeWhen Mattis decides to employ himself as a ferryman the only passenger he manages to bring across the lake is a lumberjack Jørgen When Jørgen and Hege become lovers Mattis finds he cannot adjust to this new situation Wholly reliant on Hege and terr. Mattis is a man with the mind of a child His elder sister Hege takes care of him knits sweaters constantly in order to support the two of themI can't say I liked this book but it was interesting to see inside the mind of this man child Often selfish in his needs like children usually are he finds solace and understanding in nature uestions why he isn't like everyone else and is often awkward in his phrasing not knowing what to say in different circumstances and is always naïvely innocent He hates changes so when he is confronted with a change he finds unacceptable he is forced to act with disastrous results The prose is spare beautiful at times but always true to the story I liked best Mattis and his wonder with nature the birds that he is sure are trying to communicate with him My feeling after reading this is melancholy and confused I am sure that there is much I just couldn't absorb or understand