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Contrary to Two Years PDFEPUB #196 most media reports negative campaigning is actually in decline but our political system is no better off for it Or so believes Washington Post political writer Dana Milbank whose campaign book Smashmouth provides a witty yet ultimately very. The essential formula behind Dana Milbank's Smashmouth is this string together clouded attempts at humor with serious reportage to produce the skeletal outlines of what is still an incoherent non seuitur narrative when needed stick in a paragraph or two to summarize important month long stretches of the campaign the author somehow missed writing about and package it by naming your book after a rock band that most people who salivate over minor shifts in polling data have never heard of While you're at it disregard typos and instances where the writer repeats exactly the same information word for word that he included 30 pages earlier Such are the travails of releasing a book a mere month after the presidency was decidedOther than that you'll have a mildly entertaining series of vignettes that might be of interest to C SPAN junkies who haven't uite yet gotten to reading every word ever written about George W Bush and Al Gore On occasion Smashmouth is worthwhile some of the hard headed reporting on Bush's background and philosophy might even please some of the Republicans in the audience Other times Milbank slips and shows his true colors as a self indulging mouthpiece for an Eastern media establishment that looks in disbelief on any aspiring president whose values have been thus far untouched by Beltway s and sensibilities

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Smash Mouth Two Years In The Gutter With Al Gore And George W Bush Notes From The 2000 Campaign TrailSe let the candidates fight it out Traveling Smash Mouth PDF or by bus plane and motorcade with the candidates Milbank provides an indelible behind Mouth Two Years In The MOBI #190 the scenes look at the brutal skirmishes that made up this century's first presidential campai. This was a very funny look at the 2000 presidential race His book is not a dry blow by blow account of the race that focuses on issues but a fun look at the process from a reports eye view I have read a number of serious books on politics and elections and this book was a nice change of pace If you are looking for a book to take you through the differences in the candidate's issues then this is not the book for you It is a fun look at all the parts of a campaign that the average person would not know aboutThe writing is very humorous interesting and insightful making the book a real joy to read It takes you through two years of debates stump speeches and the story of the day news cycle that seam to define the candidates now We even get a lot of behind the scenes info like how does a pole actually work what is he day like for the reporters and how do the candidates get around I also found that the author gave digs to all the candidates not just the ones that he did not like Overall this was a funny smart book that is a refreshing step away from the serious books in this field

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review É Smash Mouth: Two Years In The Gutter With Al Gore And George W. Bush -- Notes From The 2000 Campaign Trail â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â ❴Read❵ ➯ Smash Mouth: Two Years In The Gutter With Al Gore And GeorgSerious look at the sense and senselessness that occurred during the presidential campaign What matters is not whether a campaign claim is positive or negative but whether the claim is relevant writes Milbank The press should police outright falsehoods of course but otherwi. Well look at us the American constituents What a bunch of knuckleheads we turned out to be allowing ourselves to blindly chase after and faun for some of the biggest moronic toadies to ever hit the campaign trail At least this appears to me to be the message that Milbank is shoving down our throatsMilbank is an extraordinary writer I will give him that much In fact I laughed almost as much at these stories as I did the FIRST time I read them in the Washington Post and the New Republic Rehashed anecdotes and thigh slappers from as many as two and a half years ago purporting to reveal what the candidates are really like when caught off camera and away from the bag of sound bites they so freuently tote along with themMy main gripe with the book is that it IS a rehash and perhaps that is being unfair to giving Milbank only three stars In ten years when I pick the book up again and wipe most of the dried caked on spit from its cover I may actually appreciate what it was that he was trying to tell me That we feed on hateful campaigning that we delight and take no end of glee in the venomous rantings of candidate A after candidate B has let slip a less than flattering bon motI doubt it