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Mobi ↠ Rich People Problems 398 pages ✓ Kevin kwan ✓ [KINDLE] ✽ Rich People Problems Author Kevin Kwan – Kevin Kwan bestselling author of Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend is back with an uproarious new novel featuring a family driven by fortune an ex wife drivenD richest man Jack Bing still feels upstaged by her new stepdaughter famous fashionista Colette BingIn this sweeping tale that takes us from the elegantly appointed mansions of Manila to the secluded private islands in the Sulu Sea from a kidnapping at Hong Kong's most elite private school to a surprise marriage proposal at an Indian palace that is caught on camera by the telephoto lenses of paparazzi Kevin Kwan hilariously reveals the long buried secrets of Asia's most privileged families and their rich people problems This was really the perfect ending to this series After China Rich Girlfriend I didn't think it could get any better Boy was I mistaken Intriguing mysterious hilarious and addictive I am sad to let go of these beloved characters and their crazy family drama When Nick's grandmother Su Yi falls ill and it is apparent that she has not much time left all her children and their children and their children descend on Singapore It's been five years since Nick or Rachel have been in Singapore since the events in Crazy Rich Asians Nick hasn't spoken to Su Yi in all that time But Rachel convinces Nick to visit her and to make things right with his grandmother before she dies In this book we learn about Su Yi's younger days Wow it was so interesting to learn about her and Singapore during WWII I listened to the audiobook of Rich People Problems and it was so well read The narrator did every single accent perfectly read Chinese well and even did the footnotes without confusing me I 100% recommend the audio SPOILERS BELOW I WARNED YOU During this whole book I felt so sorry for Astrid and Charlie Obstacle after obstacle was thrown their way and a lot of the times I didn't know how they would make their way out What a shocker it was for me and all of Astrid's fam to find out that Su Yi helped Charlie plan their engagement The best part in this book was when Astrid shoved it in Eddie's face during breakfast But even after all the trials with their families and ex's I am so glad for where they are now Kitty's drama was just as entertaining as everyone else's At first I really thought she was blowing things out of proportion with Collette that snake But after she tried to sabotage that dinner for Carlton who is bae I knew she is most definitely aware of what she is doing Which is scheming of course I was as happy as Kitty when Collette didn't get Tyersall Park MwahahahahaahaaEddison Cheng stole the show for being the craziest rich asian I have never read about a greedy and delusional character like him before The lengths he went to secure his inheritance of Tyersall Park was just ridiculous Lying to his family being extra nice to Su Yi on her death bed was appalling The crying and screaming at her funeral was so over the top I could not stop laughing And let's not forget about bribing his kids to join in on his moronic behaviour This guy deserves an award The mystery of who would inherit what was so nerve wracking I kept second guessing And damn I did not expect it to go like it did Best was that she only left Eddie a pair of cuff links I laughed my ass off during his tantrum In the end I was so sure Nick would end up with the house But I guess it all worked out 😆I was so sure the wedding at the end was Astrid and Charlie's Who would have guessed that Alistair and Peik Lin would get together? I'm so happy for them though and for preggo Rachel Is it strange to hope that Kevin Kwan decides to write another book in this series? Pretty please? 😁 Pre ReadWhat makes you feel better about your own family drama? Reading about someone else's I've got my popcorn ready 😼 💅My reviews forCrazy Rich AsiansChina Rich Girlfriend

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Laim to their matriarch's massive fortune With each family member vying to inherit Tyersall Park a trophy estate on sixty four prime acres in the heart of Singapore Nicholas' childhood home turns into a hotbed of backbiting and intrigue As Su Yi's relatives fight over heirlooms Astrid Leong is at the center of her own storm desperately in love with her old sweetheart Charlie Wu but tormented by her ex husband a man hell bent on destroying Astrid's reputation and relationship Meanwhile Kitty Pong married to China's secon Overall the morbidish topic of inheritance gave me the creeps All the vulturing relatives blechworthyI couldn't help laughing at the scene with Eddie and his toilet cubicle shoe adoration thingy Signing Eddie crying Eddie prostrating Eddie he overdid himself The death scene too sad even for all the pathetic relatives and antics of most of them Astrid and Charlie finally so sweet Even for all the dramaThe ob gyn performance left me in hiccupsEddie fondled the slick plastic badge as if it were a jewel encrusted amulet personally bestowed on him by the God of Davos This badge distinguished him from all the pee ons at the conference He wasn’t some PR hack journalist or one of the common attendees This white plastic badge with the blue line at the bottom meant that he was an official delegate cTaking the seat next to Piya on a velvet Ruhlmann settee he whispered “So I take it you had an IGWEL badge?”Piya was momentarily confused “I’m sorry are your referring to Davos?”“Yes When you were at Davos two years ago what kind of badge did they give you? The white one with the blue line at the bottom or the plain white one with the hologram sticker?”“I’m afraid I can’t remember what it looked like”“What did you do with it?”“I wore it” Piya replied patiently wondering why on earth her husband’s cousin was so weirdly fixated on this badge“I mean what did you do with your badge after the conference?”“ErI must have either thrown it away or left it in the hotel room”Eddie stared at her in disbelief His Davos badge was folded and placed in a special pouch along with his prized Roger W Smith6 watch and his precious sapphire and platinum cuff links He couldn’t wait to get it framed the minute he returned to Hong Kong c“if you aren’t a Christian what do you consider yourself to be?”“I respect every god” she replied softly c“My grandfather Shang Loong Ma’s people were Buddhists Taoists uan Yin worshippers all that mishmash of religionsyou know in that old fashioned Chinese sort of way” c“What a waste of time” Jack muttered under his breath“Waste of time? Do you even know who my friend is?”“Some silly model”“She’s not just a model—she’s the wife of Colin Khoo”“No idea who that is” And now the First Lady is about to arrive—”“And it looks like Mozart came with her”“Oh my God that’s not Mozart that’s Karl Lagerfeld He’s a very very very important man He’s the Kaiser of fashion”“What the fuck does that even mean?”“He is so powerful he could simply flare one of his nostrils and have me banned from Chanel forever and I might as well be dead Please please be polite”Jack snorted “I’ll try not to fart in his general direction” c“Why the hell did you have to marry Dad a complete nobody from Hong Kong? Why couldn’t you marry someone else like an Aakara or a Leong? Someone with a respectable surname? Didn’t you think of how it would affect your children? Didn’t you realize how it has fucked up my whole life? YOU’VE NEVER EVEN GIVEN ME A BUTT MASSAGE” c“Oh my God Rachel the president of China has come to pay his respects”Much to their surprise the next person to emerge was a tall lanky college age kid with long messy shoulder length brown hair dressed in tight black jeans steel tipped black boots and a black tuxedo jacket A Chinese man in a pinstripe suit and a blond middle aged lady in a black dress with a pale green shawl draped around her shoulders emerged next followed by a cute fair haired girl of about twelve“Stranger and stranger” сThe Bride of Frankenstein just walked in cGood grief they look like they are in some suicide cult cIt was grand and it was strange The Sultan of Borneo talked about the war and how my great grandfather helped to save his family He spoke in Malay so everything had to be translated by this very perky woman Then my brother spoke and he was so weird and stilted he sounded like the Manchurian Candidate c“You know how invisible I try to be Well I’m wandering the streets of Singapore in nothing but a little linen shift and bedroom sandals and no one’s even noticing me”“I bet you’re wrong I bet every guy on the street is thinking who is that half naked babe?” c She looked in and saw Eddie lying on the floor in a fetal position his head in Fiona’s lap Fiona sat on the floor calm as a pietà stroking his hair as he sobbed uncontrollably like a little boy She looked up at Jiayi and the maid uickly closed the door cIf it made for a slightly schizophrenic menu no one noticed except the in laws c“Well my mum just screamed at me in a way I’ve never heard before and ordered me to leave the country Otherwise life is peachy How has your day been so far?” cThis morning I walked outside into the garden and saw that all the rhododendron trees have bloomed overnight Suddenly they are bursting with flowers in shades of pink I never knew could exist Blooms so thick they brushed against my face as I walked through the garden weeping uncontrollably Ah Jit knew how much I loved these flowers He did this for me I know he did c the first thing she saw was a medical examination table in the middle of the room the kind with raised footrests found in gynecological clinics“You know Rachel I’m an ob gyn in Brisbane and if you have any medical concerns at all about your reproductive system we can address them right now” “Here why don’t you put this on and get on the table and I’ll perform a uick pelvic exam?” “Um I’m uite all right thanks” Rachel began backing away from herReaching into her pocket Jackie pulled out a pair of surgical gloves and began to put them on “This will just take a few minutes Auntie Elle just wants to know how those ovaries of yours are doing” c “You want a prayer? I’ll give you a prayer Dear Lord thank you for getting me the fuck out of here Amen” c“You know it might sound cliché but getting away from it all has been a transformative experience for me I’ve realized that so many of my fears aren’t really my own They’re the fears of my mother my father my grandparents I’ve just unconsciously internalized them and I’ve let these fears affect every decision I make So a few people see me naked on a secluded beach in one of the remotest places on earth Who cares? I’m proud of my body I have nothing to hide But of course some voice in my head would automatically say ‘Astrid put some clothes on It’s not proper You’re a Leong and you’re going to disgrace the family’ And I realize that most of the time it’s my mother’s disapproving voice I hear”“Your mother has always driven you half crazy” cI can acknowledge whenever my mother is reacting out of this fear but the most powerful thing I’ve realized is that I’m not responsible for her pain c

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Rich People ProblemsKevin Kwan bestselling author of Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend is back with an uproarious new novel featuring a family driven by fortune an ex wife driven psychotic with jealousy a battle royal fought through couture gown sabotage and the heir to one of Asia's greatest fortunes locked out of his inheritanceWhen Nicholas Young hears that his grandmother Su Yi is on her deathbed he rushes to be by her bedside but he's not alone The entire Shang Young clan has convened from all corners of the globe to stake c Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan is a 2017 Doubleday publicationHilarity and intrigue merge to create yet another wildly entertaining installment in this fabulous seriesAs with the previous installments a little time has elapsed meaning there have been a few changes since we last touched base with all these zany characters Rachel and Nicholas receive word that his grandmother is suffering from congestive heart failure As the family begins to gather around her Nicholas feels pressured from all sides to return home He finally agrees but in the meantime Eddie is working hard hoping he will be the one to inherit from his grandmother’s will and Astrid is going through a contentious divorce as is her lover Charlie Wu Kitty is still playing all angles working to get all she deserves or thinks she does while engaging in a battle of wills with her step daughter What I enjoyed most about this installment was the background information provided about Su Yi and the surprising turn of events that gives Nicholas the chance to finally understand his grandmother It's poignant insightful and very interesting but the irony OMG Hilarious But never fear all the fabulous clothes food and destination spots are described in vivid details and there is certainly no shortage of dramaThe way everything came together in the end suggests this is the last installment in the series Boo I have really had a lot of fun reading about these insanely rich Asians and all their conniving manipulative shallowness as well as learning about their language slang and traditions But the epic and wonderful love stories were at the heart of everything The characters evolved and changed beautifully most of them finding contentment in one way or the other which is very satisfying I have heard there was a movie in works based on this series so at least I have that to look forward to Overall this third and last book in the series is every bit as entertaining as the first two but with a slight bittersweet tone at times But the divine ending was all I could have asked for 45 stars