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Darius the Great Is Not Okay doc í 316 pages ´ Adib Khorram ´ ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Darius the Great Is Not Okay By Adib Khorram ➝ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Darius doesn't think he'll ever be enough in America or in IranDarius Kellner speaks better Klingon than Farsi and he knows about HobbAble grandfather his loving grandmother and the rest of his mom's family for the first time And he meets Sohrab the boy next the Great Is MOBI #183 door who changes everythingSohrab makes sure people speak English so Darius can understand what's going on He gets Darius an Iranian National Football Team jersey that makes him feel like a True Persian for the first time And he understands that sometimes best friends don't have to talk Darius has Re read 81120 I loved this book even the second time around and am actually raising my rating from a 4 to a 5 This book is incredible and if you haven't read it yet YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO I am so glad that I have an arc of Darius the Great Deserves Better so that I can dive in IMMEDIATELYOriginal read 82818 WOW OKAY I liked this a heckin’ ton This is the first book I’ve ever read with an Iranian main character and I learned so many things about the culture that I never knew before It was also just really well written and I will without a doubt read everything Khorram publishes in the future So goodTW depression fatphobia disordered eating racism racist slurs suicidal thoughts terminal illness

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Never had a true friend before but now he's spending his days with Sohrab playing soccer eating rosewater ice cream and sitting together for hours in their special place a rooftop overlooking the Yazdi skylineSohrab calls him Darioush the original Persian version of his name and Darius has never felt like himself than he does now that he's Darioush to Sohrab When it's time to go home to America he'll have to find a way to be Darioush on his ow Oh this was so good I got so into it that if anyone had asked me what I was doing this weekend I would've been fully like Yes I am just in Iran with Darius this weekend how about you It was so easy to feel in the story Darius is biracial PersianAmerican and since he's visiting Iran for the first time and he doesn't speak farsi he so often felt lost and outside and like he didn't truly belong So explained the culture and the holidays as he went and it was so easy to be swept up in exploring his heritage with himI heart➸ It also had thoroughly good depression repAbsolute shout out to ownvoices authors who bare their soul on the page because that is not easy ok Darius has been depressed ever since he was a really young teen so this is his life But like he has no reason to be and that chews at him Depression doesn't work that way WE KNOW THAT Darius knows that But as also a depressed person with no reason I just connected with him so hugely He talks about the wild emotional mood swings and the isolation and the anxiety spirals It was just A excellently discussed view spoilerAnd I almost CRIED when his dad was talking about how he nearly killed himself when Darius was about 7 so that's why he pulled away from their relationship afsjdkal Depression is horrible and cruel and scary and I think the book captured that while not being uber dark also hide spoiler

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Darius the Great Is Not OkayDarius doesn't think he'll ever Great Is PDF #205 be enough in America or in IranDarius Kellner speaks better Klingon than Farsi and he knows about Hobbit social cues than Persian ones He's about to take his first ever trip to Iran and it's pretty overwhelming especially when he's also Darius the Kindle dealing with clinical depression a disapproving dad and a chronically anemic social life In Iran he gets to know his ailing but still formid So who else read this title and immediately thought “big mood” also am I the only one getting so many Ari Dante vibes from this book